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Oldschool RuneScape | In-Depth Brutal Black Dragons Guide!

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Welcome to my in-depth brutal black dragon killing guide. Brutal black dragons are one of the many new creatures released with the Catacombs of Kourend update. They have extremely good drops, including elite clues, visages, dragon full helms, and the elusive dragon spear. This guide took a while to make so it would be awesome if you guys could rate + comment :) Thanks. Join my CC "NinjahRS" to hang out with some awesome people! :) ▼Intro + Outro Songs▼ Intro: Vanze x Balco x Fransis Derelle - All I Need (feat. Brenton Mattheus) Outro: G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I (No Sleep Remix) ▼Music by OSRS Beatz▼ OSRS Beatz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs1rnF_c_VSg74M5CQ-HKWg ▼Stay Connected!▼ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/NinjahOSRS Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/NinjahRS ▼Want to join Machinima?▼ https://www.machinima.com ▼Want to join Stud Unit?▼ https://www.studunit.com
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Text Comments (146)
Ninjah (2 years ago)
This guide took a while to make so it would be awesome if you guys could leave a like + let me know what I could do better for my next guides :) Thanks for watching
LiftedBuddha (1 year ago)
Good video, I think the dislikes are due to people maybe looking for a money guide sorta video tho lol
Mitchell Vanburen (2 years ago)
Ever notice that other bank closer to the hole where you go down to the dragons.
OSRS Robot (7 days ago)
Good job
Runway runner (1 month ago)
So how we get there? Nice guide..
Ninjah (1 month ago)
It shows you how at 5:20 L2 turn annotations on
SeverinLP (2 months ago)
Need 77 Slayer! ...
JOE FS (2 months ago)
Guys you need 77 slayer for this, just saying.
YBHunted (6 months ago)
Correction, it is not 1/128 to hit the table and then 1/512. It is a 1/128 chance to hit the table and then you get one of those 4 items, making them truly 1/512.
maverick (11 months ago)
wtf not once did you mention you need 70+ slayer just to be able to kill
Muffin Productions (10 months ago)
Ninjah (11 months ago)
Look at the date that the guide was released lmao, the req was added in 2017.
Nick Vasil (1 year ago)
Bought all the supplies for 1m plus but you never say that this requires 77 slayer like wtf
Nick Vasil (1 year ago)
Ninjah would be nice if you add that in here
Ninjah (1 year ago)
The 77 slayer requirement was added like a year after this guide was released lol
99SlayerTab (1 year ago)
Nice guide
PHAT P OSRS (1 year ago)
why they add 77 slayer
Big (1 year ago)
Patrick Kling so noobs can't camp them
Esmae V (1 year ago)
Awesome guide thanks :D
Dwight Brown (1 year ago)
good info video. everything i needed was right here.
AxTenTen (1 year ago)
4:21 Zezima
Cumlord (1 year ago)
You should bring holy wrench too
X E R X E S (1 year ago)
you say hard like the guy from ram ranch
dior canolli (1 year ago)
anyone else see zezima log in?
Zovioh _FGC (1 year ago)
Excellent guide, but you really need to learn the difference between "got" and "have". It's annoying and it makes you sound dumb, which I know you aren't. No hate just some friendly criticism.
Sheeva Kamini (1 year ago)
Isn't it still better to use ava's for any pvm? since it gives you more range atk at the cost of less defense than max cape.
Ninjah (1 year ago)
Yeah untrimmed capes aren't that good, avas would be better in that case.
Sheeva Kamini (1 year ago)
yea fair enough, but that is only the case for the trimmed cape isn't it? untrimmed range cape seems like ass as far as I can tell.
Ninjah (1 year ago)
For brutal black drags, the offensive range bonus of an avas isn't really worth it compared to the prayer bonus on the skillcape. I say this because most people killing brutals mainly do it for money and the prayer bonus will make it so you don't use as many prayer pot doses.
SUCISOUNDS (1 year ago)
you dont need any favours to go in right ??
Ninjah (1 year ago)
Yep, you can go in there with 0% favor in any house.
Torstein Sætre (1 year ago)
4:50 "Is for after my trip so I can go and regenerate my hp and my health"
Thomas Van Giel (1 year ago)
it's for the nardah altar
Zero Seventy Four (1 year ago)
can you do this without its a slayer task?
Ninjah (1 year ago)
OGaardal (1 year ago)
your voice is killing me xD I'm dead
Thomas Br (1 year ago)
'Zezima logged out'
T Color (1 year ago)
I love your voice. So many people are fucking idiots and sound like they're on cocaine, you just explain it nicely, and the sound of it is very nice.
ImAtrolI (1 year ago)
how do u get there tho. i've never gone over to koundred or w/e it's called
Ninjah (1 year ago)
Annotation on screen at 5:21 tells you how :)
Tony dfq (1 year ago)
Hi friend, If I want to have the maximum damage at a ranged and at the same time I want to use it as afk money making you would recommend the second gear? 3:21
Miirakk (1 year ago)
you sound like the bad king guy from jupiter ascending, its helarious.
ronnie tjikoeri (1 year ago)
did zezima just log out
Isai Landell (1 year ago)
never said how to get there im heck late lol
jacob mcguire (1 month ago)
yes,every stupid guide never really explains how to get there.idoits just think everyone knows where to go im thumb downing this vid lame lol
Eyedea Osrs (1 year ago)
i go where he says the hole is but i see nothing?
Epic Epicness (2 years ago)
You need 100% in all houses to come to this place?
FtwChaotics (2 years ago)
no you dont need anything
Steven Rogers (2 years ago)
classic rs player cmb lvl check when that random person popped up lol
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Anderhils (2 years ago)
why dont you need anti fire shield?
Justin Bannister (1 year ago)
Ninjah Does Dfs and extended antifire not block 100% damage anymore??
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Brutal dragons are different than regular dragons in the sense that protecting magic with extended antifire will neglect all of their dragonbeath, so no need for a dfs/anti shield.
A Maple Log (2 years ago)
Snakeskin boots to blessed d hide boots for +7, instead of +3 from snakeskin, so if you can't afford peg boots, use the blessed d hide ones
Ocealot Godfather (2 years ago)
"They can really hit you for hard" Laughed so hard at that man, =] Great guide/vid man! Lol
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Haha thanks man :)
Alan Lambiase (2 years ago)
Hi dude! What are the recommended min. levels to kill these dragons?
Alan Lambiase (2 years ago)
+Ninjah Oooh okok, btw i see many of your videos, so it could be awesome if u put the min level requirements...i know it'ss tedious to do it, but it's just my opinion. Nice guide dude
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Minimum 37 prayer + around 75 ranged. It's advised to have 75 ranged as blowpipe is one of the best weapons to use there.
Kristian Mendoza (2 years ago)
Can do fine w/ 75 range & broad bolts. 2 pray pots, 2 super anti fires. Leave every time w/ a full inv.
Bone Malone (2 years ago)
What prayer level though?
Finesta (2 years ago)
There is no fucking hole?!
Ninjah (2 years ago)
7:04 - 7:29 I explain how to unlock the entrance in Lovakengj house.
Kyle Schueller (2 years ago)
Thanks for the guide bro, subbed and liked. Cant wait to check out your other vids!
Runite Swamp (2 years ago)
Just used this guide thanks :)
supermariiio (2 years ago)
do u need to have black dragons as slayer task to kill them?
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Nope, you can kill them off task as well :)
Wyvern Queen (2 years ago)
Terrible guide l0l
Wyvern Queen (2 years ago)
I think you should've showed the altar, and then used the bank south, it's faster.
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Let's see you do better bud.
Mike Bumstead (2 years ago)
I dont have void or barrows gloves yet but im working on it, so could i just go with blessed dhide, blowpipe, glory,ring of wealth, and avas? im level 80 range.
Saitama O P (2 years ago)
im 99 ranged wit darts should i use
Ninjah (2 years ago)
+MisteryMusicMan123 Thank you :)
Saitama O P (2 years ago)
Thanks for answering bro. Great guide
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Adamant seem to work well and they are fairly cheap.
K (2 years ago)
you're on of those that say H funny
Jayden L (2 years ago)
Would steel darts be okay?
Jayden L (2 years ago)
ty ;)
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Should be fine yeah, if you can afford mithril though definitely go with those.
mirox25 (2 years ago)
what would be the minimum range level you'd recommend?
Kristian Mendoza (2 years ago)
Kill them fine w/ when I had 75 range, brought 2 pray pots, 2 super anti fires, & banked every time w/ a full inv.
biggirlanna (2 years ago)
he said it in the video he said 80 to 85 range
Raw (2 years ago)
is armadyl crossbow better?or still blowpipe
Maxed Whip (2 years ago)
bettr off with duel ring banking! :)
Michael Luc (2 years ago)
A friend said using a rune xbow + ruby bolts(e) is just as good/better than blowpipe. Thoughts ?
Ninjah (2 years ago)
It is a viable way to kill them yeah. Personally I'd still go with the blowpipe for more DPS, but I have seen people use a crossbow. To compare them I don't know as I haven't really given the crossbow method a testing myself.
AJ wang (2 years ago)
Zezima has logged in 4:30 lol
Daniel Romero (1 month ago)
praise our lord
good stuff, helped out alot
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Glad it helped, thanks for watching!
Rob Young (2 years ago)
Use the south bank it is waaay closer.
Hurion (3 months ago)
SohanRS (2 years ago)
Nice guide m8
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Thanks :)
Piksu (2 years ago)
Tbh this was a pretty bad guide. You got quite a many things wrong and you're recommending people to use items you get from Elite diaries. If someone really needs a guide to killing some damn dragons I think they might not yet have those items either..
Ninjah (2 years ago)
I said in the guide if you don't have certain items you can sub them out for lower tier ones.
Walkchaos (2 years ago)
NOICE well made
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Thanks man
Headass (2 years ago)
How do you not have more subs?
Headass (2 years ago)
+rspslastresort lazy.
rspslastresort (2 years ago)
+Christian Ocampo to much effort.
Headass (2 years ago)
+rspslastresort don't need to think about it that much, took me about 3 seconds to get a general idea of what i was gonna say, another 15 to get the facts and like a minute and a half to type
rspslastresort (2 years ago)
+Christian Ocampo just a statment boi, you dont need to think about it that much.
Headass (2 years ago)
+rspslastresort that is inaccurate statement, there are roughly 43k active osrs players and 37k active EOC players (about 80k total) so 20k less players (than you said made videos play the game) and a majority of them don't make videos, an accuracte statement for how many are better than him is probably 6-8 and that is all opinionated, he personally is my favorite rs youtuber but some may disagree, sure he uploads less frequently but he provides much higher quality content in the majority of his vids, he actually puts work in to them unlike people such as sparcmac, chrisarchie and other youtubers (even the ones that actually make there own content) so lets recap, awfully represented fact estimations, opinion that you stated as a fact, your points aren't holding up very well +Ninjah 
Teletubyking (2 years ago)
close to 5k subs bud congrats :)
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Thanks dude :)
Mr Tigg3r (2 years ago)
Cheeky Bastard
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Shelgon (2 years ago)
Instead of karils use God dhide because of the pray bonus, karils only has magic defense over dhide :)
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Thanks for the tip bro, will add it as an annotation :)
Laurence vdb (2 years ago)
Arma cbow is better right?
Vignesh (2 years ago)
+Xzile40 no it doesn't these aren't even that good imo
Xzile40 (2 years ago)
do you think the cost of using a blowpipe for the extra damage outweighs the cheaper cost of a cbow? TBP costs do pile up pretty quick.
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Not really. With these dragons you want more dps, and since you don't take dragonfire damage with blowpipe/mage pray/ext antifire, it's better to use a blowpipe.
A_G_4 Runescape (2 years ago)
Are these the best to kill for the arclight/totem stuff? Or is the drop rate the same for the other monsters?
Ninjah (2 years ago)
As far as I know they are the best, could be wrong though.
Ninjah (2 years ago)
To find out the totem + shard drop rates you have to subtract the monster's HP from 500. So if a monster in there has 100 HP, then it is a 1/400 chance for totem piece/ancient shard.
Dear Sleeper (2 years ago)
Unlike Ninjahrs, make sure to imbue your archers ring....it's free and doubles the stats
Dear Sleeper (2 years ago)
+Ninjah I guessed as much dude :)
Ninjah (2 years ago)
I know xD I just re-bought my archers ring today because haven't been doing much ranged bosses since the hack. I would have imbued it but wanted to get this guide out asap.
Elias Olsson (2 years ago)
Blessed d'hide would be better than Karil's due to the prayer bonus. Attack bonus is the same and you don't need any defensive bonuses while killing these.
Josh Wilkinson (2 years ago)
it was to Elias Olsson, referring to his display picture. Command & Conquer :)
Ninjah (2 years ago)
+Joshua Wilkinson Whats C&C - GDI :o
Josh Wilkinson (2 years ago)
props for old school C&C - GDI though :P
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Good point, will add it as an annotation.
IhustleRunescape (2 years ago)
there's a way quicker bank just south of the brutal black dragon hole
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Didn't notice that, thanks for the tip man!
hiopeer (2 years ago)
what loot from the elite?
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Didn't do it yet :P will let ya know
ZuestTV (2 years ago)
glory and fury have the same range attack bonus would be better to let people know that
Jerk berk 305dade (2 years ago)
+ZuestTV it is.
ZuestTV (2 years ago)
well pray bonus is not the main priority here
mt nguyen (2 years ago)
Not the same pray bonus
Alec (2 years ago)
you also can bank at the mine and nice vid
Ninjah (2 years ago)
Thanks :)
Officer Phill (2 years ago)
you dont bank dragon bones?
Elias Olsson (2 years ago)
For clarification: burying a bone restores one point of prayer.
Ninjah (2 years ago)
You can if you want to. I choose not to though because if you bury bones in the catacombs it restores a bit of your prayer.

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