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Learn How to Trade Spreads Intra-Day for Lower Risk Trades

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Introducing Saul Knapp - Certified “The Trading Framework®” Coach and Co-founder of Mindful Traders Saul has 20 years Trading and Risk Management experience. Saul started his career on the LIFFE Floor as a runner and progressed through the ranks to become a trader in the 10yr German Government Bonds or the Bunds as they are better known when he was 18 years old. Most Independent Traders are not aware that over 90percent of business for professional prop trading firms in Europe was and to some extant still is trading spreads and NOT outright positions! Until this day there is still NO information on how to trade with Lower Risk and with the strategies of most Professional Traders. Therefore, we are bringing to you the opportunity for you to listen and learn from Saul as he discusses: · What are Inter-Market and Calendar Spreads. · Why Trade Spreads either instead of outrights or alongside them for more steady income versus outright only! · Who is spreading and what the public don’t know and interestingly not disclosed to them! · How Saul is now capitalizing on the opportunities that Energy Market spreads provide. · The Edge of understanding the Energy Curve! · The Specific Strategies that are time tested and still work today for lower risk and more consistent returns as independent traders
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Text Comments (10)
leonmatthew7 (2 years ago)
Just finished. Wow, you are something else mate I'll give you that 😂😂
The Trading Framework (2 years ago)
thanks, ill cut a copy with fart noises every time I speak and that way you wont hear my shit, but just smell it
leonmatthew7 (2 years ago)
Grrr. Again... 47 mins exactly. About to get a decent explanation and boom, in you come blabbing on and on and changing the subject. Let the man get on with it, cause you stop him from doing so just to get your chance to explain how great it is to have him here etc etc. And that's crazy. It is great. He's very very good at explaining thing, so man, just zip it and let him get on with it and stop interrupting his flow
The Trading Framework (2 years ago)
yeah i know, I am annoying! i would hate it if someone did what I did during one of my presentations! LOL!
leonmatthew7 (2 years ago)
Great idea and thank you, because there was some very helpful stuff in there.. as you rightly say, there is not so much information available on trading spreads and I'm about to start trading the wti brent arb. But kam, with all due respect - and I mean that, and hope you just take it as constructive criticism - at many points you were asking some fantastic questions, but then just as Saul was getting to the core of the answer (as an example; when u asked at around 32 mins what signals / indicators you should look for and he was about to demonstrate with a moving average)... you jump in and interrupt him and start going off on a tangent or explaining how you are interpreting something, and then the original question becomes unanswered. When you ask a good question on future vids - even if you know the answer to it! - keep quiet until it's been answered clearly for everybody :)
The Trading Framework (2 years ago)
Then again I built my presence over 10 years and it bought saul to the audience, so i put him our there to share what I know is not taught. as an eager student I also wanted to ask questions and i did like an excited puppy! LOL!
The Trading Framework (2 years ago)
Yeah thats funny, as thats exactly what I said to saul! I was stepping on his feet. Saul actually finished the presentation in 30 mins rather than 60 and said what now, so I had to freestyle it and say look, i will ask you some questions. Admitting its the first time Saul has ever done an online webinar and I have done hundreds, so naturally once i get going i cant shut up as I am very much used to being the presenter. I realised I interrupted him a few times after the fact and said next time its just you or just me. But thanks for the feedback, its much appreciated!
Sandeep Patel (2 years ago)
Good topic.

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