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Rob Speer of Luminoso Discusses Natural Language Processing

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Rob Speer is the chief scientist at Luminoso. He is an alumnus of the MIT Media Lab, where he worked on the ConceptNet project, an open, multilingual semantic network. With ConceptNet as a foundation, he developed a system that analyzes natural language text and represents its word meanings as embeddings in a vector space, which would become the foundation of Luminoso. At Luminoso, he directs the NLP research and data science that improves the effectiveness of Luminoso's software and makes new techniques possible in text understanding. He supports Luminoso's contributions to open-source software, including "ftfy", a tool for fixing Unicode errors that has been recommended by the Awesome Python list (http://awesome.re). He continues to develop and support ConceptNet, and uses it to produce state-of-the-art multilingual word representations, which perform better than popular systems such as word2vec at matching human intuitions about word meanings
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