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[OSRS] Dragon Slayer 2 quest guide

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Full item list picture: https://embed.gyazo.com/45341aada3c5eeb6c97a56c6f84787db.png Part 1: The start (1:10) - 1 teleport to Myth's guild, Musa point, any bank - any pickaxe - full graceful + 1 stamina potion - weapon to kill a cb 100 (melee protect ezpz) Part 2: puzzle + finding the dragon door (5:30) - 2 teleports to Fossil island and 1 to Any bank - 8 oak planks - 10 swamp paste - 12+ nails - hammer, saw, 7+ empty inventory slots Part 3: Finding out about dragon key (18:54) - catspeak amulet (e) - seal of passage - 1 astral rune, hammer, pestel and mortar - tinderbox - full graceful + 1 stamina potion - 1 teleport to Trollheim, Bob the cat, Sophanem, Lunar isle Fighting Robert the Strong (29:04) - Tinderbox, dream potion - melee only weapons (weak to crush) - defensive gear against ranged attacks - 1 super cb pot, 1 prayer pot - 3x vengeance + DWH or BGS - Good food + karambwans Part 4: Vorkath 's key piece (34:28) - ranged gear - 5x crumble undead spell - 1 anti-venom (4), 1 ranging (4) - 2 prayer (4) - 1 super anti-fire (4) or 1 extended anti-fire(1) + DFS - DWH or BGS - Salve amulet (ei) - 1 Teleport to Rellekka and afterwards 1 to any bank - Good food + karambwans Part 5: Kharazi jungle key piece (42:30) - full graceful + 2 stamina potions - machete + axe - 1 teleport to Kharazi jungle and to any bank - 1 prayer potion - rest of inventory: decent food Part 6: Shazien key piece (48:08) - tank gear + 3 stamina potions - lightsource - 1 teleport to any bank and 1 to Shazien bank - 1 prayer potion - rest of invent: decent food Part 7: Morytania key piece (55:53) - full graceful + 1 stamina potion - ghostspeak amulet - dragonstone - 2 molten glass, spade, chisel, glassblowing pipe Teleports: --- 3 Varrock, 1 Port Phasmatys, 1 Draynor manor, 1 Mort Myre Swamp, 1 fossil island, 1 Falador, 1 Ardougne, 1 Rellekka, 1 any bank - rest of invent: decent food Part 8: forging the dragon key and rounding up leaders (1:02:55) - full graceful + 1 stamina potion - 3x fire wave spells - hammer - DFS + antifire potion or Super anti-fire potion - 4 dragon key pieces + ancient key 1 teleport to: - ancient cavern, any bank, Fossil island, Ardougne, Rellekka, Falador - rest of invent: decent food Part 9.1: fixing the ship and killing 10 dragons (1:12:50) -4 emtpy inventory slots - Food, armour, weapon and potions to kill 10 various dragons 1v1 - 1 Teleport to Rellakka and 1 to any bank Part 9.2: Killing a mithril, adamant and rune dragon (1:31:00) - antidote - insulated boots - Food, armor, weapon and potions to kill a mithril, adamant and rune dragon - 1 teleport to Rellakka and 1 to any bank Part 9.3: killing Galvek (1:38:05) - food, armor, weapon and potions to kill Galvek = -- Tanky ranged gear + DFS + Anti-fire potion -- DWH or BGS -- ruby bolts (e) + diamond bolts (e) -- good food + karambwans -- 1 teleport to Rellekka and 1 to any bank Phase 1: fire (1:39:23) Phase 2: air (1:40:28) Phase 3 water (1:42:09) Phase 4 earth (1:43:24) Twitter: https://twitter.com/Slayermusiq1 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/slayermusiq1
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Text Comments (875)
Anarchya (17 hours ago)
EquilibriumCA (23 hours ago)
Bruh, where can I donate you money man. I feel like I've leached 210 quest points for free..
Miguel Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Thanks bro, was actually a very good guide. Im glad you make videos for us.
Sideways N (2 days ago)
Can the mining, agility, and thieving reqs be boosted to for the quest?
Raymond Dam (3 days ago)
THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME I HEAR "Hi, and welcome to my guide" ALSO "k, thx, BYE" I couldn't wait to finish these quests.. Now it kinda hurts.
fukn aye mate (3 days ago)
thanks so much man, this was the last quest i needed to do for my quest point cape. Thanks for all the help, every quest...
MRGEORGIOU (4 days ago)
i think i messed up the quest 3 kids weren't following me at 16:51
Kaytee Munster (4 days ago)
I have yet to actually put my thanks on a video of yours Slayer. You are a god among men and I thank you for your effort\time into making every quest guide. I have not done a single quest w\o your videos and you are the only reason for me achieving my quest cape today. I've been playing RS for about 12 years now and this is my first quest cape. You inspired me. Thanks so much again man! <3
Nick Mason (4 days ago)
First time I think I've ever heard you get tilted while recording a guide. lol
Yab (5 days ago)
Je tijdstamps hebben me ge-red man.. zonder et in delen te doen had ik er nooit aan begonnen, ik ben nu bij 1:26:38 / 1:51:05 klaar om het laatste deel te doen, dan heb ik voor het eerst in me leven een Questcape. Ik weet niet hoe je echt heet, maar er staat me iets van bij dat je nu in Azie aan het studeren bent ofzo - 私の深い感謝 Friend, i thank you for what you've done for the Runescape community. ありがとう
daniel rodulfo (6 days ago)
es buenisimo este bideo
warryen (8 days ago)
teleport tabs to Draynor are cheap and right outside of the building itself.
endrit selmoni (8 days ago)
1:04 i cant jupm ito the water it takes me down why ?
Jas Singh (7 days ago)
You have to do the barbarian activity(Making fire with your bow) by talking to Otto on the hill. After doing that you need to proceed to step 2 and he'll unlock that spot for you.
BenJee (8 days ago)
I got the same puzzle as you but I can't be bothered working out. thanks for not showing how you solved it.
miles reeves (9 days ago)
really really good guide
neopker (9 days ago)
all these youtube comments gassing u up and im here struggling from the beginning of your guide figuring out how the fuck do i get to myths guild. sigh on to osrs wiki i go.
neopker (9 days ago)
@skayermusiq1 u need to be more specific on your guides smh
Lakhdeep Singh (10 days ago)
best guide ever!
David Kristen (11 days ago)
God bless your guides. You're owing=)
AHerosLegacy (12 days ago)
Thanks so much man! Finally finished this quest and got my Quest Cape, all thanks to you! You're the best! Kthxbye
Darren Li (13 days ago)
you are truly the best quest guide maker ever.
One and Only (13 days ago)
@3:07 Who else didn't know the location and felt like a noob?
As Mandarinčik (13 days ago)
u can use karamja gloves for shillo village lol
Justin Haskin (14 days ago)
43:55 holy shit. Thank you so much for teaching me that route. The amount of walking saved.
Th3Diab0lu5 (14 days ago)
Maxed account with rune crossbow, dfs, veracs helm, and karils at Vorkath? What the fuck? Why not elite void? The boss fight gear setups in this video are worthless, I had to look up other guides for the proper gear setups but other than that the rest of the guide was good. Just not understanding the gear setups in this guide at all..... very strange and make no sense.
AudiAddict (14 days ago)
the three dragon head structures are not there at 1:05:38 can someone help?
AudiAddict (14 days ago)
at 1:05:38 those dragon heads are not in there for me. can anyone help?
AudiAddict (14 days ago)
at 105:38 those dragon heads are not in there for me. can anyone help?
Mitchell Grimm (14 days ago)
where tf did your z hasta come from at 1:25:59
Mitchell Grimm (14 days ago)
rwt talk at 1:20 . shit guide btw slayer musiq
João Gabriel Zacché (15 days ago)
In 53:45 use this method: * "The one from [Location] sat at the north of the table": Place this statue north. * "Opposite the one with [Weapon]": Place this statue south. * "The one with [Weapon] asked the .....": Place this statue west Is too more easy to solve this puzzle using this method :D Thanks for the guide, you are the best
dr hoff (16 days ago)
lol 1:45:30 that victory yes, i feel you man
yogev tmax (16 days ago)
this fucking last boss dude.... i wont say anything about how i died 7 times.. woops =/ rip 700k
Julian de Brouwer (17 days ago)
Poor bob
Julian de Brouwer (17 days ago)
1:43:10 looks like Skylanders
Cheeto O (17 days ago)
People running alongside you during this quest like African children whenever a white man visits their village 😂
Dennis (2 days ago)
Yeah so cringy especially that addict c who is just waiting, ready to press enter just so we can facepalm
Andrew Garcia (19 days ago)
can the skills be boosted?
will Russell (19 days ago)
holy shit i did that maze 1st try without directions lucky guess's hahahaha
morsk89 (19 days ago)
dude we dont all have max cape
MuseOrigin (21 days ago)
Best quest guide maker in the history of quest guide makers, you sir deserve a medal. Great guide, loved the ending, showed me I wasn't the only who struggled LUL
GodleyX (21 days ago)
you teleported so quickly after the final scene, no heart. i was stuck at that grave for a good 5 minutes before i left. and then i went back later... it's so sad, i loved bob.
Pastor Gains (21 days ago)
Killed it first time with 4 hp to spare holy fuck LOL. Thank you ruby bolts e!!! Thanks for the awesome guide
OSRS Gods (24 days ago)
I owe you my quest cape 😭😭😭❤️
idontwannakilly (3 days ago)
I did it with: 77 attack, 78 str, 79 hp, 72 def, 76 range. Gear: Ancient dhide, rune crossbow, fury, bandos dhide boots, ruby and diamond bolts e, no ring, and helm of neiz: Inv: almost the same as slayermusiqs gear. But with 1 range pot less, with 1 stamina. No bgs/dhammer. NOTE: WE TRADED. I KILLED IT THEN I DIED BUT I GOT LUCKY AND I GOT TO REGEN 1 HP DURING CUTSCENE. NOTE 2: VOKAITH was honestly harder for me than the finally boss lol. Edit: *NOTE 3: stamina pot wasn't needed but nice to avoid the fireball and the waves.* Edit2: *NOTE4* the guy from the dream slammed me so hard. He killed me once and made me run out of food. But I did forget my dh set. So if you're planning to kill him. For your own safety bring a dh set ... and maybe drink your pots before going in to get some food
Delta (28 days ago)
you english has improved over the years i used some of your old guides and this is much clearer! keep up the great work!
Floyd ; (28 days ago)
Thanks slayermusiq1 for my qp cape on my ironman, couldnt have done it without you!
jacob thralow (28 days ago)
can you boost any of the stats?
SuperMoepsi (29 days ago)
Alright ... I'm cb 98 and my range level is 64. I did everything with melee. Died 7 times at Vorkath and 11 times at Galvek Overall tries at Vorkath around 17, at Galvek around 26. I bought myself a Dragonfire shield against Galvek, died and hadnt even enough money to retrieve the items (lol). Nice guide bro, thanks a lot 1:38:25 scared the shit out of me btw..
pommy pom (29 days ago)
2 out of 9 btw -__________________-
de Mol (29 days ago)
not everybody has a max cape to tp...
Jessica de Jong (1 month ago)
it sux that its done on a max account :c
Jon Lawrence (1 month ago)
wow I was actually heart broken at the end when bob died lol! finally bothered to get quest cape thanks to you, you deserve runescape hall of fame! your one hell of a guy slayer thanks!
Dan Craig (1 month ago)
I love you slayermusiq <3 thanks for all the time you put into the guides. Such a huge help!
Trackmania Ragle (1 month ago)
Tyler Neisinger (1 month ago)
makes me anxious just watching this prepairing for it O_o.....
Jake Chadburn (1 month ago)
lul (1 month ago)
Dude I love you from the bottom of my heart. I used every single guide of yours even your spreadsheet I can't tell you how much I appreciate you making those awesome guides. Finally got my Quest-cape, thank you ;)
Teague jelinek (1 month ago)
hi and welcome to my guide!
coco cornflake (1 month ago)
1:06:37 lmao
KhaledTKU (1 month ago)
Is the puzzle random or same for everybody?
EDEZY (1 month ago)
1:06:32 lol
Peter Albanese (1 month ago)
Who the hell let bob wander all the way to draynor manor?
Krafty (1 month ago)
I wanted to do this quest....then I saw how long this video was hahaha I hate quest
Jack Bedford-Harman (1 month ago)
Grr, got to the end of the purple maze and died.
Jack Bedford-Harman (1 month ago)
finallyyyy. Slayer, thank you so much. Never would've been able to get 200qp, do rfd, mm2, or ds2 without you. You're the real MVP.
Jack Bedford-Harman (1 month ago)
And now I just died when Galvek was on 6 HP. Getting sick of the close calls D:
Daniel Romero (1 month ago)
thanks for reminding to bring 200 gp for carpet ride
Daniel Romero (1 month ago)
thanks for teleing with xerics talisman and not telling me I need to complete architectural alliance before I can
Joey L (1 month ago)
Yo!!! Pray mage phase 1,2, and 4. Pray *range* on *Phase 3*. Trust me!! 70 defense, 85 range, 87 hp; iron man with torag helm and shit lol You guys can do this,
Casey Adams (1 month ago)
again ur guide sucks u dont need a warhammer
judlemin (1 month ago)
hey dumbass u need bolts for vorkath and u didnt even say to grab any
judlemin (1 month ago)
amazing how fking stupid u are bro just wasted half hour cuz u forgot to say bolts u dummmmmmmbb fukkkkk
Villanelle (1 month ago)
That guy (1:50:28) predicted the end of the video LUL
Flfx (1 month ago)
Am i the only one that gets aggravated when he teles with max cape?
chris vdw (1 month ago)
take stamina pot for boss fight because this retard forgot to mention it, it will make ur boss fight 10x easier
killerjerick mcjerick (1 month ago)
Few parts where it could have been better but I cannot complain, thank you, I finally got my questcape back (I got it on MM2 release, but DS2 came out and I basically quit OSRS for a while, came back and noticed a few new quests, thanks again!
univercle (1 month ago)
Lmao I noticed one of this puzle clues was same as mine but it was to late >.>
Kevin Feng (1 month ago)
I noticed that he used his maxed ironman for this quest Is it possible to do it with: 75 attack 80 strength 75 defense 81 hitpoints 87 magic 71 prayer 80 ranged
Pastor Gains (21 days ago)
yes if you havent already
Mound'N (1 month ago)
All those muppets running arround you becuz ur recording a video are so annoying.
Nathan shore (1 month ago)
anyone have advice on what lvls i should have for this combat wise, im a 101 but still scared to do it lmao
Wiresh Franke (1 month ago)
Thank-you my friend. Unpleasantly I have to say, our journey came to an end. As I have reached the maximum questpoints, thus questcape. You do deserve more respect for the community and more views for your guides. I hope you will get those with the new players coming to Runescape.
Michael Montague-bron (1 month ago)
pay vorkath 1oo k to retrieve you items
Michael Mccloud (1 month ago)
Helped alot, thanks bud.
Veritas (1 month ago)
That was way easier than I had expected. Died just twice during the whole quest. First one was during mithril dragon, forgot about the fire bomb and second time was in the third phase against the water wave. Awesome guide, really helped a lot. Good gedaan en dankje. Ik kijk altijd eerst naar je guides voor ik met quests begin.
Bee RokkMan (1 month ago)
Love your guides man. Maybe someday we can boss together. Schnocks
Louis Wallington (1 month ago)
your my hero musiq <3
ZephorianTheGreat (1 month ago)
this guide was really sloppy
brandon stuart (1 month ago)
freaked out when I searched "goatweed" in the bank... because I knew I grabbed one. It's "goutweed" hehe. :D
Nightmares 2Night (1 month ago)
can a level 98 do it ?
Duelz (1 month ago)
Fuck my life, I absolutely love you dude. This quest was legit so damn fun but hard. Guys my stats are 86 combat, 50 defence, 61 atk, 83 str, 84 range, 85 range, 54 prayer. Let me tell you it's do able. Just FOCUS and LEARN the patterns how to beat the bosses especially the prick at the end. You need to be good on clicks, what i did was spam click so i never stood still (thank you league of legends). This bloke did an excellent guide. Well done man.
Master shake (1 month ago)
47:58 LMAOOO
LMR5878 (1 month ago)
lol Shout out to Agile Ducky, I practically see them in every segment of the video lol!
uzimakiking (1 month ago)
Thanks for guide, rewards dont seem worth it imo but oh well, when I get back to rs ill have to do the quest
Souls Borne (1 month ago)
"he's actually very easy" comes in with max combat stats and max 100+m gear... no shit
Nick Hogle (1 month ago)
If you're booty like me at pvm, using Dharok against Robert the Strong helped super well and hiding behind the pillars when he does his special attack.
LEX (2 months ago)
This quest was actually easy compared to the annoyance of mm2 lol if you good at pvm this quest is nothing
J Smith (2 months ago)
need stam pot for boat part my boat was getting torched because out of run
mikko huhtala (2 months ago)
guys to find bob, go to varrock and smithing house near bank, and switch worlds and bob found there, time saver.
Aaron Vyse (2 months ago)
This quest would have been completely impossible or at least taken me weeks to complete but because of you i completed it in just under 2 1\2 hours i use your guides for all my quests and there all 5 stars you deserve amd award brother your amazing
Andrew Van Horn (2 months ago)
Hey, do you have a max cape and an excessive ammount of money lying around? Then this is the guide for you!
garrett urnowey (2 months ago)
the dragon heas arent spawned in the room with the orb. my quest log even shows that im suppose to go to the cavern and use my key on the door yet when i did that, no dragon heads spawned in the orb room. PLEASE SEND HELP
Cobostriker (2 months ago)
Just got my quest cape. Thanks so much for all the guides <3
George Harvey (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Wim Terminator (2 months ago)
this boss looks to much like a shiny rayquaza from pokemon
Bill Asiamah (2 months ago)
Thanks man, got my first ever quest cape thanks to you xd

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