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Let Africa Trade With Africa

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In Africa, non-tariff trade barriers raise transaction costs and limit the movement of goods, services, people and capital across borders. To further development, African governments must embrace regional integration, break down these barriers and help Africans trade with each other.
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Text Comments (53)
Mohamed Hassan (2 days ago)
Wake up Africa
Hub tv (2 months ago)
It's because Africans are thief's
cujoe Mblakka (2 months ago)
You need trains, to reduce cost, increase tonnage, then use trucks / lorries for local distribution. Famine should be a thing of the past.
we must import and export from one another instead of importing from Asia and Europe so that we can serculat our economy
Lesley Kramer (15 days ago)
Finally, a comment from someone with common sense!
GGGF GGGH (5 months ago)
Good for us
Made Men (5 months ago)
Trade in your own currency
Ayuba John (8 months ago)
Go Africa
Deon Van der Westhuizen (9 months ago)
The lack of infrastructure is not the biggest barrier to intra Africa trade. The corrupt officials at the borders are. And the corrupt government's refusal to tackle this problem. It takes transport truckers more than 5 days to cross the Congo border.
Criss Jackson (9 months ago)
Improvement of infrastructure first
nat turner (9 months ago)
get the white man out
75 86 (2 months ago)
Kill all damn evil albino mistaken krackers.
out out out
sulaak (11 months ago)
Where are the infrastructures to support inter-Africa trade? How can Nigeria integrate its trade with the 15 francophone African that uses the CFA and France central bank?
Anthony Boateng (19 days ago)
We need one currency first
Adetunji Adeoba III (1 year ago)
It took 6 six years but Africa is making tremendous strides towards the free movement of goods and services!
all the info is in Pretoria south Africa
i am a level 2 bee status its all in datta base in Pretoria data base treasury in Pretoria
my 3 devotions are logistics and gardning and office cleaning
Eltipoquevisteayer (1 year ago)
((((World Bank)))
WallStreet Review (1 year ago)
Traceability is also a serious challenge to know the true origin of the goods coming through close borders. Yes EU countries trade up to 65% within the block however it is easy to trace the origin of the goods and there is also a quota to protect local industries for certain products particularly food dumped on their markets .
stephen frank (1 year ago)
Good documentary
Loyd Nagao (3 years ago)
In order to increase the development of the country's economy, it should be started inside, in trading, this is the best thing to do to maximize the resources, and this is where the country will find out what is lacking in order for them to provide, and through this, they will need an enough manpower to support the activities. that's what i think, idk
Falla Lamin (5 years ago)
This is a good video  which African Leaders should have the gut to watch and take bold steeps to transform Africa. Thank you World Bank for producing this Video.
Rebekah Maroon (5 years ago)
Thank you WorldBank for posting this video, i love to see positive images of Africa as oppoesed to the usual slums and hunger were shown via the media. I can see on the side bar that you have others that i know i'm just gonna love; i'm subscribing!!!
ZUn ZuN (5 years ago)
HAHAH nobody in Africa wants World Bank money, everyone search for real traders, from real private companies.
Patrick Gin (5 years ago)
What kind of non-tariff barriers are we talking?
royzen2 (5 years ago)
The system has been designed so we can all be slaves to oil companies. Oil companies have bought out patents to technologies that would make it very cheap to transport goods across our borders. On the other hand you have greedy black leaders and their friends who think only of their pockets. Then they waste the money they stole cuz they lack money management skills. Sad!
Abba Gerard (5 years ago)
When World Banks pokes its nose somewhere it does not sound good. Beware, Africans! The Masai warrior - TMW -
Kalydosos (1 year ago)
*Abba Gerard* Absolutely agree with you.....
collins dion (5 years ago)
this should spread accross africansT.V can help
bichecarabiche (5 years ago)
African leaders cannot do this because they consider their countries as private propriety!!!
annabelle7123 (5 years ago)
I was not in love with free trade idea, but this, intra-African trade in food crops, removing trade barriers, reducing transaction costs... seems like a GREAT IDEA :)
Juma Ochola (6 years ago)
good site!! non like this!!
Jonas Ilole (6 years ago)
Try to forcus on positive Africa and fight corruption among leaders.. They are the one who's keeping Africa behind.. Africa right now is making good progress big time.. Pay attantion to her.. She will eventually win.. I love Africa.. Africa is the future for all backs around the world today.. Just pay attation to her..
umar ismail (6 years ago)
let there be free access to the passage of business via border to border
umar ismail (6 years ago)
one instantaneous means business could trive/boom in africa is to let border countries trade with each other without extensive trade disturbance from d borders.
champ4sho1 (6 years ago)
The first move would be to start FTA's in regions and not just open boarders for the entire continent. Southern African can open its boarders among countries Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia..... this means free trade, workforce and business being done freely with less regulations and fees.
Bitch Chocker (2 years ago)
champ4sho1 why leave out SD, Mozambique, Lesotho, Namibia or Angola as well
md2v4 (6 years ago)
Your the ones in power and you know the problem and how to fix it, then fix it.
gibson21ful (6 years ago)
This sounds so good but will it happen. I am totally for this I hope our African leaders will see and be able to react as quickly as possible. This better not be a political way to get people back.
Mensi Menkam (6 years ago)
The world bank? ha ha ha hano please
Rusty Rifle (6 years ago)
i'm giving myself 3 more years im tired of being called this and that.
md2v4 (6 years ago)
You dont have the power to make it happen.
safia1114 (7 years ago)
This has to happen now!
BetterGlobeTrees.com (7 years ago)
Very interesting report and I hope that this situation will be improved shortly. It will help African countries develop their economies significantly, but maybe more importantly; provide jobs and make more food available at lower prices.
Daniel Macharia (7 years ago)
This is very interesting observa
mrbigisking boelie (7 years ago)
yes now
hvm85 (7 years ago)
@choosebju You better stay where you are...never those are just political rhetoric
David Brew (7 years ago)
Liberalizing trade is good.
Africaunite2020 (7 years ago)
Great show...spread the word please

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