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News Corner | More Intel 14nm CPUs, AMD Launches Epic 3-Game GPU Bundle

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Support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/hardwareunboxed News Topics: 00:23 - Intel Server Roadmap Shows More 14nm 01:47 - Intel 15W Whiskey Lake-U Specs Revealed 03:07 - Intel Launches Crimson Canyon NUCs with AMD dGPU 04:10 - Intel SSD 660p with QLC NAND 05:06 - AMD Launches New GPU Game Bundle 05:57 - JapanNext Launches 200Hz Curved Ultrawide Monitor 06:57 - AMD Creates New Zen SoC for Chinese Console 08:15 - Fallout 76 Won’t Be Sold on Steam 08:39 - Discord is Launching Game Store Sources: https://www.anandtech.com/show/13194/intel-shows-xeon-2018-2019-roadmap-cooper-lakesp-and-ice-lakesp-confirmed https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-whiskey-lake-cpu-specifications,37568.html https://liliputing.com/2018/08/intel-crimson-canyon-nuc-with-cannon-lake-cpu-amd-graphics-coming-in-september.html https://www.pcper.com/reviews/Storage/Intel-SSD-660p-1TB-SSD-Review-QLC-Goes-Mainstream/Conclusion-Pricing-and-Final-Thoug https://www.amd.com/en/gaming/raise-the-game https://www.anandtech.com/show/13161/japannext-launches-35inch-uwhd-curved-lcd https://www.anandtech.com/show/13153/amd-creates-quad-core-zen-soc-with-24-vega-cus-for-chinese-consoles https://www.kitguru.net/gaming/matthew-wilson/fallout-76-wont-be-on-steam/ https://www.techspot.com/news/75896-discord-wants-take-steam-own-app-storefront.html News Corner 23 | More Intel 14nm CPUs, AMD Launches Epic 3-Game GPU Bundle FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/hardwareunboxed Facebook - http://facebook.com/hardwareunboxed Google Plus - http://goo.gl/xx14Uj Instagram - https://goo.gl/8lhprr Music By: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
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Text Comments (319)
Kim Perks (3 days ago)
Raise the game is not in Australia?? Argh!!
Davide Perini (3 days ago)
I know that it does not have a lot of sense in testing a CPU at 4K but it does not have a lot of sense in testing a 1080 Ti at 1080P neither. In the next CPU tests please do some tests at 4K just to inform us if our CPU is good for 4K or not.
siveron (4 days ago)
Yeah, I won't buy it. I do not want another game service on my system. I am happy with steam. I think Bethesda will eventually yield and release on steam. Bethesda just doesn't want to give up a 30% cut for their game. Though a big release and publisher like Bethesda can likely negotiate better terms than 30%. They're just being greedy.
Eric Cruz (6 days ago)
did u say " twenty dollars per gigabyte"?
Redowan Nafi (7 days ago)
oDieseLz (7 days ago)
More 14nm CPU's but, still significantly better IPC.
Captain Soban (8 days ago)
why are these new mobile CPUs turboing to 4.7GHz? There is no way they will be able to substain that kind of performance over a resonable amount of time. I think what Intel needs to do is get rid of Base Clock speeds and turn it into Substained Clock speeds (Thst would a messerment of the Frequency of the Processer Under a stress test) Thst will also give us a quick peak at the cooler performance of a laptop or tablet!
Rodney James (9 days ago)
14nm... no big deal for Intel, after all AMD was stuck on 28nm for yrs... so TOUGH LUCK INTEL!
Kaihekoa (9 days ago)
Steam needs to stop being greedy with their 30% cuts so we don't have to deal with this DRM fragmentation crap from all the publishers.
TtH Assassin (9 days ago)
i am not really interested in the fallout genre but having to install a new launcher besides steam (or origin) is cancer and immidiately shifts my decision to a pass
Anuj Gupta (9 days ago)
looks like intel's 10nm blueprints got drowned in some BS lake
TheGyuuula (9 days ago)
I'm sure I heard Koopa Lake!
M7AMD (10 days ago)
Whiskey Lake? really?
Oscar Cooke-Abbott (10 days ago)
*20 cents per gigabyte
Peter Thomsen (10 days ago)
Havent seen a 2560x1080 160hz+ va monitor yet that doesnt smear way to much. I highly doubt this JapanNext monitor will actually be able to drive the pixels at 200hz.
Eternal Damnation (10 days ago)
Fallout 76 not on steam. No buy. I'm not installing yet another fuckin drm.
Hugo Balbino (10 days ago)
was a joke. Because the sticker on PCs "Intel inside" now this AMD its inside of Intel... Igpu.
Samira Peri (10 days ago)
"What the hell is Geforce MX130? Oh, they're not even telling what core it is." I know MX150 is equivalent to GT1030 and there's nothing lower than that in the Maxwell lineup, so... rebranded previous gen?
High Desert Piper (10 days ago)
If it's not on steam and can't be downloaded directly that game has made a serious mistake.
Chris Hansen (10 days ago)
14nm infinite coming soon!
Chris Hansen (10 days ago)
Intel first announced 10nm in 2015 didn't they🤔
Lucian Andries (10 days ago)
Cascade Lake? Is this a reference to them crying? Still, we have to agree that, Intel managed to perfect the 14nm process, at least... XD
Nick Chapman (10 days ago)
the disapproving head shake at the monitor model #!!!
oobligah (10 days ago)
Intel in 2050: "NEW 14+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ nm"
Fred Zlotnick (10 days ago)
Most people in the know say the foundry naming is quite an exaggeration. Intel 10 nm may be comparable to TSMC 7 nm. Time will tell
mjc0961 (10 days ago)
Hell yeah! It's just awesome that Valve loses out on another big game! The less games Valve has at this point, the better. They're so big that they think their shit doesn't stink, so anyone going their own way is fine by me. I'll install all the goddamn clients if it means Valve loses even just a little grip on their stranglehold of the PC gaming market.
mjc0961 (10 days ago)
Also I've used the Windows Store for 2 games so far and have had 0 issues. I'm perfectly fine buying more games on the Windows Store.
Moslin (10 days ago)
Lithography is being used as a marketing tactic keep in mind. I'm not expecting Ryzen 7nm to beat Intel 14nm in gaming in 2019. It will be close and the reviewers will suggest AMD is the better buy if you do anything other than play games. I already have a Z370 board it would be too expensive to switch to ryzen with a new AM4 Board. So all I'm going to do is update UEFI Asus and buy an i5 9600k.
TouchyBanana (10 days ago)
Junko - Ruining everyone's lives with her bullshit. Okina backdoored your camera. Also everyone you fought was a dream version of themselves except for Okina and Doremy
nightna (10 days ago)
I honestly feel like these "accidental leaks" or "accidental publishing info" are just an another way of advertising the product without spending money lol
Roberto (10 days ago)
Intel has no chance in servers and they know it: https://semiaccurate.com/2018/08/07/intel-has-no-chance-in-servers-and-they-know-it/
Matthewv1998 (10 days ago)
I already have orgin and steam. So adding bethesda launcher honestly isnt painful. I’ve already pre ordered it, yeah it sucks its not on steam, i’m just thankful that every single game doesn’t have a dedicated launcher. Just seems really childish to complain massively about it to me.
Rockdent (10 days ago)
14nm++++++ *Sponsored by Intel*
Appleton Mccool (10 days ago)
I was already on the fence with 76, now I'll wait for reviews and such. I'm just happy they called it something other the Fallout 5. Branching a big name like Fallout off into a different naming scheme to try things is great, hopefully it means Fallout 5 will stay true to it's lineage and be single player greatness, with mods, many many mods.
DANI MADRID (10 days ago)
*Whiskey Lake-U ? whats next ? Redbull Lake-U ?!!!*
prerunnerwannabe (10 days ago)
4:54 $20 per gigabyte, huh?
TheJohdu (10 days ago)
the subor GPU will have 4TFlops of raw power. thats much closer to ps4pro than to a ps4...
HickoryDickory86 (10 days ago)
We already have Steam, GOG Galaxy, Origin, and Battle. net. No one needs _yet another_ gaming client. Please, Bethesda, try _not_ be dicks about this.
joshcogaming (10 days ago)
i was mildly interested in F76 before, now i wont even get it if its free
TsunTzu (10 days ago)
I mean, I wasn't going to get Fallout 76 anyway, so, if anything, this only validates my decision.
Bobzillaaaful (10 days ago)
2021....lake lake cpu's
Sir Longbollox (10 days ago)
Sandy Bridge Plus Plus Plus Plus - The Saga Continues
AG/Gamer (10 days ago)
Wait, intel hasn’t done 12 nm yet?? Damn
On Air (10 days ago)
Tim got a haircut. I like it.
James Mastroianni (10 days ago)
Of course there would be a full PCper review and it would get their "editors choice award", Ryan Shrout is a hardcore Intel shill...
Jaguh90 (10 days ago)
Mind if I suggest you guys add some sort of cue in when changing topic, like what GN do. Getting kinda lost sometimes as i'm not a good listener :P Btw who else click the description to open when AMD news start lol
Marc-André B (10 days ago)
20¢ per gigabyte***
AndyMutz (10 days ago)
"there won't be any GTX 1180 rumors in this one" nooooo, I want the RTX 2080 rumors!
Scherzkeks123 (10 days ago)
Got my coupon today, even though I bought my Vega 64 on the 6th of August. Props to the reseller :)
CazadorDeWulf (10 days ago)
Bethesda has a platform? LOL. No. Never. Never using it.
Jordan prusak (10 days ago)
Got 8gb rx580 nitro for 249 with the bundle on newegg then it went up 30 dollars the next day?
LopsidedEdits (10 days ago)
It's pretty annoying Bethesda would do that, everyone uses steam to get their games in one platform. Bad move Bethesda, rip to many sales of the game
THE_DEAD_FURY ANGLE (10 days ago)
That monitor name look of disapproval! HAHA
selohcin (8 days ago)
Can someone please GIF that?
stephen schneider (10 days ago)
So ridiculous lol.
Ordered an rx 580 a day before the bundle it's kinda bs :/
surfingsuicune (10 days ago)
Intel is looking pretty sickly at this point. They're looking like 2011-2016 era AMD.
Ben Willock (10 days ago)
$20 per GB O_o
Michael Young (10 days ago)
Well I was excited for fall out 76
Paul Mccaw (10 days ago)
"$20 per gigabyte, very competitive" https://youtu.be/5jqmhwmX0uE?t=294
Zeit (10 days ago)
Skylake for the 3rd time, how exciting....
Vyor (10 days ago)
zionlee1004 (10 days ago)
20 dollars per gigabyte... hmmm sounds very very competetive
grlmgor (10 days ago)
7 years ago I payed $2.23 per GB.
Gavin Wardrope (10 days ago)
I don't mind dev's choosing not to go with steam, why should every game have to be on steam? I have plenty of games that are independently published and I also have GOG, UPlay, Origin and Battlenet portals. NP.
Jack_Dangerous (10 days ago)
All i can think about are the shirts for sale on the start of the video, you two should start wearing them on the news corner
ulamss5 (10 days ago)
Why'd you even bother mentioning the monitor lol. That's relatively 'crapware' tier, there are already Chinese and Korean brands with better products and prices.
Erics email (10 days ago)
screw steam!!
kistuszek (10 days ago)
Was not interested in fallout. Was not crazy for bethesda since eso. Might just be they go on my boycott list just like ea-origin if they going to enforce their platform. If they go totally drm free then all is well i just not use their client. I can understand publishers dont want to pay valve or gog. Fine go on self publish, but you have to be drm free at that point! Steam i tolerate since it makes up for most of the problems it brings, but why would i want new problems when clearly they dont bring benefit. And they cant bring, because it would mean beating steam in its own game while it has 10 years of head start. Merely copying steam does not provide any benefit to us since we already have it on steam. Its worth is 0. But any feature they leave out is a strike against them.
LogicFreedom (10 days ago)
I'll most likely wait for Fallout 76 to go on sale on Steam before I purchase it. If, however, it actually has a single player campaign.
TheGladiator 2212 (10 days ago)
1:10 Leadership Performance Intel don't make a fool of yourself, at least not this much...
Martijn ter Haar (10 days ago)
Nothing wrong with the content as usual, but there is a sort of lightning problem with this video. My first thought: "Whoah, Tim's looking mighty unhealthy", but then he moved his head and it turned out to be some sickly green-yellowish reflection coming from somewhere.
Michael C (10 days ago)
Vote with your wallet guys. Intel has gotten too comfortable
Michael C (10 days ago)
Intel definitely lost the naming competition. Those names are terrible
Bong DeLonge (10 days ago)
It's a real bum move from Bethesda. Steam isn't just the biggest pc game client, but also the biggest advertising platform for pc gaming. Every time I turn on my pc to game I automatically log into steam and get hit up by the front page, and I'm sure I'm not the only PC gamer that does this. I don't know a single solo that will regularly hit up the Bethesda client to see what's going on.
Captain Soban (8 days ago)
ahh I see. There are a lot of games out there that are not very good. Thats why I'm subed to a few youtubers that focus on new and upcoming Indie games (Splater Cat Gaming and YKY Mr.Falcon are my 2 favs) They based thier channels on going through all the new indie games and presenting the best ones they like with a video or 2. Mr. Falcon focuses on Survival, Story based, or Zombie games while Splater Cat does a little bit of everything!
desertfish74 (8 days ago)
since steam Greenlight and more recently , Steam Direct, it's almost all bad asset flips, silly dlc or cheap Japanese 'graphic' adventures on there. It's become a real quest to find the good , new games. I only use the store now to buy a game I already know I want to have upfront.
Captain Soban (8 days ago)
not sure what your talking about. If I get curious about a game that pops up in steam, I google it, watch a few epoisodes of it on youtube, If I still like it, I buy it. Whats not to like about that?
desertfish74 (10 days ago)
Bong DeLonge too bad the steam store has been a festering pile of shit for the last two years at least
Trim Hits (10 days ago)
Tim is a real true OG player and a pimp.
akarna69 (10 days ago)
4:54 $20 per gigabyte? That would be $10,240 for a 512gb SSD. 😄
JR Captain (10 days ago)
Not buying fallout 76, if its not on steam I'm not playing it. I have a key for quake arena but refuse to install it.
hoofed (10 days ago)
No Steam no sale.
gary slatter (10 days ago)
Well done #Intel have higher boost clock that will clock back very quickly.....
FDMtech (10 days ago)
Congrats on 250K subs!
That head shake at the end of the monitor's name, EPIC 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Huiyun Li (10 days ago)
Thanks Timmy&Dave, Any chance for some Diablo 4 news? Cheers mate!
Jonathan Ellis (10 days ago)
Wont be buying fallout then, im not having 5 or 6 diffrent launchers on my system, plus 5 or 6 diffrent ways for my details to be leaked. If its not on steam or gog i wont buy it!
Loki (10 days ago)
in 2021 Intel will release 6nm NeonSchnapsLake complete with Addressable RGB built in
NDogg15 (10 days ago)
You're underestimating Whiskey Lake a bit lol
NDogg15 (10 days ago)
The current series is 14nm+. These are 14nm++. They'll be slightly faster within the same thermal envelope.
Vyor (10 days ago)
not really, it's what the current u series does
Rugby187 (10 days ago)
So $20,000 for the 1Tb version? It might be tough but I think I should be able to find something slightly cheaper if I shop around
Allen Mathew (11 days ago)
4:57 20$ per gigabyte? That's insanely expensive... That's 2000$ per terabyte...Are you sure you didn't get that wrong?
Rugby187 (10 days ago)
You mean $20,000. 1000Gb in a Tb
ThaBadayuss (11 days ago)
Those shirts look pretty cool...
GC (11 days ago)
Since you asked: Farewell Fallout 76. Will be the first Fallout I don't buy.
kian moiny (11 days ago)
Ho ho ho... intel’s screwed
lamboUK (11 days ago)
When will the 9600k be released??? Great video 👍
low q (11 days ago)
Intel 14nm is So confusing. So many lake
Jesus McBeth (11 days ago)
Discord isn't an authoritarian platform
Vyor (10 days ago)
neither is GOG
Jesus McBeth (11 days ago)
Windows store is love Windows store is life
Jesus McBeth (11 days ago)
This week seems full of hardware news!
Jesus McBeth (11 days ago)
Great monitors naming schemes! Gotta love them!!!
Jesus McBeth (11 days ago)
In the website's description in the vid it says 20¢ per gig
Jesus McBeth (11 days ago)
I hope some might stick a whiskey lake in a beefier chassis
Gul Dukat (11 days ago)
Taking the Piss Lake.
star of duty (10 days ago)
3800Tech (11 days ago)
That's got to be the worst brand name I have ever heard "Japan Next"
Kento Wakai (11 days ago)
Please just want a straight discount, no game bundles that I will never play, or mail in rebates. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AMD.
JonatDonat (11 days ago)
Is it just me or is Tim's neck extremely pale?
Trim Hits (10 days ago)
JonatDonat Tim gets laid a lot.
smcha4 (11 days ago)
Lookin' sharp bro
Mujtaba Zahidi (11 days ago)
Wasn't it 20cent per gig?

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