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ZEAH HYPE! Predictions, JonWilSenze, Series?

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Happy New Year, I hope Zeah isn't a flop Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/marasaur If u like cats follow me/Scottwilson/Senze(we share a twitter): https://twitter.com/JonWilSenze
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Text Comments (13)
Nicholas Kufrin (2 years ago)
do a series mane :D (y)
Rens RS (2 years ago)
ingenuity Tomo (2 years ago)
I think you should do an osbuddy settings video.
Phantom (2 years ago)
They've said everything will be low to mid level content in this first expansion.
Phantom (2 years ago)
+JackOscar Because the Jmods told us this...
JackOscarRS (2 years ago)
+Phantom What makes you so sure?
Phantom (2 years ago)
+JackOscar Runecrafting is the only high requirement.
JackOscarRS (2 years ago)
+Phantom Yeah, that's clearly evident by the 90+ RC req lmao fuck are you on about?
Jez OldschoolPK (2 years ago)
dclaws or riot
Linquistic (2 years ago)
really nice
Afrie (2 years ago)
Series please.
MsLadyMila (2 years ago)
Those pink rocks are for blast mining i think.
Zulu (2 years ago)
+MsLadyMila Can't wait to find out what blast mining really is

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