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In Micronesia...What's Possible?

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We hit the streets of Yap, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, to ask Micronesians for their ideas on what’s possible for the island nation’s future. This video is part of a World Bank report series, #PacificPossible, focusing on the challenges and opportunities for the Pacific Islands region in coming decades. Join the discussion in the comments below, at www.worldbank.org/pacificpossible, or with the #PacificPossible hashtag on social media. #Pacific #development #EastAsiaPacific #PacificIslands
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Text Comments (41)
Sandy Bernardi (12 days ago)
Looks like Indonesian
ZSneZhalZ ZSamZsonZ (2 months ago)
I have so much love and respect for people from FSM They're hard working ,educated and honest people
Paul Stone (4 months ago)
Manky teeth betel nuts and obesity are problems in these islands
Black Cat (1 month ago)
Komodo Dragon Biological and social factors plays major key role in these 'problems.' Pacific Islanders in general are fat due to their body's inability to burn fats having being introduced Western high fat food in recent decades. Betel nut chewing may be hard to eradicate due to its cultural significance.
Anjelo Nero Real talk bradah.
Anjelo Nero (1 month ago)
Elijah Rettin they're fucking hypocrites. They wanna judge other people when they, themselves, have major ass problems.
Elijah Rettin (1 month ago)
Anjelo Nero Man, why do people gotta be so judgmental about *EVERYTHING*
Anjelo Nero (1 month ago)
Komodo Dragon you big mad bro? The obesity rate in the US is worse....I wonder why😒😂. With fat fucks like you running around saying shit, I'm pretty sure nobody's scared.
Nofretari (1 year ago)
I would like to move there.
Rhenee Buw (22 days ago)
iam from there
Anjelo Nero (1 month ago)
Well then you gotta be flexible
Georgia Thang (11 months ago)
Just an opinion (1 year ago)
Nofretari dont
I am from Micronesia because my dad is Micronesian so hello.we live in California though
Elijah Rettin (2 months ago)
Camille Noni Lukan (903CamLuka) Kilesou
Suleman Akhtar (10 months ago)
Camille Noni Lukan (903CamLuka) I am Pakistani I want come Micronesia, this impossible?
Monah * (1 year ago)
is possible?
EXTRA (1 year ago)
Wouldn't it be better if these people became part of Indonesia
irish kimberly (17 days ago)
Elijah Rettin (2 months ago)
Love being Micronesian
Newwie Lonzaga (4 months ago)
Atarasingko Lelasip we love Micronesia and her people. We want you to be part of us. We are in the same race. Of course, being a federal state, you will have your own laws, own flag, own identity, own language, own culture, etc.
Atarasingko Lelasip (4 months ago)
Newwie Lonzaga keyword: *was* . Meaning *no longer is* . And also we shouldn’t have to be a part of you guys. You guys didn’t like when the US tried to annex you guys, what makes you think we gonna let you do the same with us? Thanks, but no thanks.
Newwie Lonzaga (5 months ago)
FSM was part of the Spanish East Indies. It should belong to the Philippines and become a federal state!
Martisio Maruame (1 year ago)
Micronesia so small and it good only for tourist or the retirees.not enough for dwelling and child bearing.very soon,will be overpopulated,and what will happen?Now,is the time to move on,if your age is old enough to move on,it is time to move.don't wait until things getting worse,and you looked around you,and you don't know what to say.Good Luck Micronesia.
Tyler Lee (1 month ago)
Think about singapore
Just an opinion (1 year ago)
ege nsedfsa I don't really know.. kinda? Idk I'm a kid but I'm from there, u would get played less. that's what I can tell u
ege nsedfsa (1 year ago)
is it hard to find jobs in a island like this ? im thinking about moving there but i cant afford it without working there
DARK_LXRD (1 year ago)
thats my uncle at 1:11, Paul Ayin, manager of YFA (which he is standing right in front of)
Av Rand (TheAv66) (1 year ago)
I love the fact that FSM is a Federation, marshall islands and palau should have joined while they had the chance
yoshi lorak (1 year ago)
40 years later and still not possible.
Elijah Rettin (2 months ago)
yoshi lorak I’m Micronesian 😒
Jesse Remalmog (1 year ago)
Selvin yesa misiir yaremat.....nunuwanel sheogiu yal possible cabbage kawe laiul Sanis.
LegendLength (1 year ago)
Nice video. Technology and culture can exist side-by-side in my opinion. And I think many western ideals get rejected just because they are western. The west didn't invent those ideals, they just stumbled across some that were good.
Goyim Proud (1 year ago)
With world bank everything is possible! $$$$$$
ChRiS SiGrAh (1 year ago)
AnyThing Is PossiBle! #future #2023
MarKram 33 (1 year ago)
It's kinda possible brrrrr

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