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The fecal smear, a test for worms, giardia, and coccidia

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What vets look for in a fecal smear
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K M (1 month ago)
Basic 101: USE GLOVES!
Rae Cooper (5 months ago)
Thank you Doc Martinez! I'm a licensed wildlife volunteer raising joeys, who often get problems that are apparent in their poop - Coccidia, e-coli, thrush, etc. I recently discovered our vet charges more than the cost of the fecal smear, over $30, to phone us for 30 seconds and tell us the results. They call it a 'telephone consultation'. So I bought a microscope and I'm teaching myself to do them.
WELINK (5 months ago)
Thank you for good informative presentation. Would you mind to mention features of microscope you used please.
zaimah Begum-Diamond (6 months ago)
My professor would kill us and then ban my ghost from the lab if I didn't wear gloves 👀👀👀⚰️
Sunnybunn 62 (6 months ago)
My boyfriends sister is going to college to be a vet and she needed a poop sample from a poket pet so she could test if it had Roundworms and my ferret did so I Decided to see how she did it I think you people do great at your job and I have a question can your pet give it to you somehow and if thay can how can you tell if you have it
Cheers Goodtimes (7 months ago)
I took my worms in😜🐛🐛🐛. The most disgusting display.
Tony MTA (11 months ago)
I got coccidia my doctor said usual is in dog and cat ....and he don't know how I got the parasite, I don't have dog or cat ....
Christopher Long (11 months ago)
Great video! Great sense of humor too! Thank you!
La Rana Design (1 year ago)
Great Video!!! :D As a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, we are also jokey about poop, so your video "speaks my language" in science + love for what you do = fun! As for the glove thing, yeah it's good practice, but you are not serving food and we both know that our skin is an amazing barrier against viruses and bacteria - we are just sure to properly cover wounds and wash our hands before we eat. For all we do (cage cleaning, feeding babies, removing fly eggs, cleaning maggot wounds, etc) the fun attitude and love for what we do is what keeps us all sane. ;)
Janice Winderl (1 year ago)
Wear are your gloves???
Andres Valdes (1 year ago)
Doctor, your passion for your career is invigorating and motivating. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Dreambarks (1 year ago)
Thanks, your video answered some of my questions. My Dobe is currently on Metronidazole, which cleared up his slimy diarrhea in two days. He'd had the problem for weeks, but the lab test came back negative. As a result of the failed lab test, it cost $100 for an internal medicine vet to go over my dog. Still, I feel lucky now that it wasn't a major organ disease. My question is, why would the test--which cost $55--not show the exact flagellate causing the trouble? I specifically asked for giardia testing and all the usual suspects as well. My Dobe has a habit of licking strange urine off the ground--a habit I try to discourage. It's the flehmen response; he likes to know what the girls in his neighbourhood are up to.
Tony Macaroni (1 year ago)
could you refer me to a guide, or book that will help me identify all the things that could be found in a dog fecal using a normal microscope? are ecoli and cryptosporidium things that can be seen or do they need special equiptment? how about micoplasma?
Danny Branderson (1 year ago)
So you are a poop doctor? Your parents must be sooo proud.
allexx123 (2 years ago)
I want to know if the IDEXX SNAP Giardia test is as accurate as looking at the poop sample under a scope as you had done in this video ? I have a stray kitten that showed Giardia, Round Worms and Ova & parasites, Zinc Sulfate Centrifugation, Later used a ELISA test for Giardia Antigen. Vet put the Kitten on Panacur wormer for 6 days . A re- check using the IDEXX Giradia showed Neg. a week later . But I am still giving another round of Panacur again just to be sure. What can you say about the tests ?
Bank It (2 years ago)
Thank you for the Video and information.  I need two canine samples tested for parasites and planned on having you do three tests:  Fecal Flotation, Fecal Smear and Elisa tests.  Are any of these redundant and if not, what could someone expect these costs' to be?
Xenia Valverde (2 years ago)
Hahaha- love it, great job on poop!
Ruedenim2 (2 years ago)
good video, you should make more
TheAngieIshmael (3 years ago)
Thanks Dr. Greg! I'd love to work for you; you are one of the best vets out there!
Laura Z. (1 year ago)
Me too!
Devynn Davis (1 year ago)
Not if he is not wearing gloves and spreading the pathogens/parasites
Surgeon Band (3 years ago)
No shit?
Danty The Devil (3 years ago)
where is your gloves man !?
smssuper (3 years ago)
+Greg Martinez DVM but u might be spreading those cysts and ova all over the work station!!!
Greg Martinez DVM (3 years ago)
+Danty The Devil I'm too tough to get infected
autumn padley (3 years ago)
This video was educational and pooptacular!!!  Thanks
Another great video answering questions and providing detail. 
Victoria Leach (4 years ago)
Fantastic video well presented!  I have a microscope and a 3 chamber mcmaster slide counter for the floatation technique and egg counting, any chance you can do a video of this technique, how to prepare the 3 chamber slide.  I would like to test horses,sheep, cows and chickens any pictures of the parasites from these animals for identification purposes would be great too many thanksxx
TheVideogirl1952 (4 years ago)
What are the treatments you use to treat Giardia? and can you actually get rid of it completely?
TrollMaster300 (3 years ago)
+Greg Martinez DVM you dont heat fix it?
TheVideogirl1952 (4 years ago)
+Greg Martinez DVM Just got back from the Vet and they did a snap Giardia test. He stated that this test is 98% reliable. I was thinking it took several tests to really confirm Giardia. The Vet prescribed Famotidine and Metronidazole, Fortiflora, Purina EN Gastroenteric canned dog food. Now I am in a dilemma. What food is causing the problem. It would of been easier if my dog would of been diagnosed with Giardia. I still have my other two dogs who went through bloody diarrhea 4 years ago, but I changed them from kibble to raw meat and bones and it cleared up within 24 hours. They seem to be able to eat any kind of meat and veggies. I've had this new dog on some really good canned that had no wheat or corn so I thought I was doing the right thing. At least this EN purina canned food is cheaper than the Merrick canned food I was feeding him, but the ingredients are crappy.  I've had dogs for my whole life and never had to deal with this kind of diarrhea. I guess I am lucky that this is a first for me. 
Greg Martinez DVM (4 years ago)
+TheVideogirl1952 Giardia is cleared by the immune system of the dog or cat. Drugs help the immune system do its job by decreasing the amount of parasites the body has to deal with . Metronidazole or panacur can help rid the body of giardia. If the bowel is inflammed from food allergy, it's harder to cure pets. (Diarrhea caused by food intolerance...wheat, beef, dairy, barley, and even chicken)
Gallen Vince Domingo (4 years ago)
I suggest you need to wear gloves for safety precautions though you are already immune to something. People might follow it.
Lauren Bienenfeld (4 years ago)
What objective do you use for direct?  How does this differ from float analysis?  
Greg Martinez DVM (4 years ago)
I like high dry or oil immersion for direct also. I check for clostridium perfringens, overgrowth of bacteria and often see giardia cysts. Float uses a dense liquid to float all the cysts and eggs to the slip fro a larger amount of poop. Better chance of seeing bugs 
andrewchiakongthao (5 years ago)
How do you check for bacterial enteritis? Salmonella/E. Coli/Clostridum Perfrigens? I've got a dog that's been having bloody diarrhea and mucous for 2 months daily.  I've tried worming, sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim, and metronidazole with no success.  Tylan 50 has cleared up the diarrhea to a degree.
Tony Macaroni (1 year ago)
have you checked for cryptosporidium?
Greg Martinez DVM (5 years ago)
Raw diet can contain beef, chicken, pork, fish. May want to feed a canned fish potato/ duck/potato to see if it helps. Many pits are allergic to beef or even chicken
andrewchiakongthao (5 years ago)
+Greg Martinez DVM American Pitbull Terrier, 15 months old, was on a raw diet his entire life and thrived until he came down with vomiting, lethargy, and no appetite...which has been followed by 2 months of bloody diarrhea with mucuous daily...have been to bets 4 times now and $1500 in the hole with no success
Greg Martinez DVM (5 years ago)
Could be food allergy. Breed ? Age? Diet? Treats? Check http://dogdishdiet.com
Greg Martinez DVM (5 years ago)
Thanks for the comments. I value all comments so I can make better vids.
Jwix04 (5 years ago)
When you say "bugs", Im sure many clients are thinking beetles, etc. Much more correct to say parasites. Also, where are your gloves? At least twice in this video your hands came in contact with fecal matter.
Mr Sir (9 months ago)
No crap?
Greg Martinez DVM (5 years ago)
Glad you enjoy it. I have to be careful as some people think I may treat the subject a bit lightly.My goal is to entertain and educate so the kids and everybody else won't find it too boring
Cecylia Wedzicha (1 year ago)
Intersting video
Dun Mill (1 year ago)
Is it possible to detect the worm under the microscope without staining like H&E or diff qucik staining?
Lauren Carlisle (5 years ago)
Love it love it love it! I'm also in a CVT program in Mississippi and I work at a no-kill animal shelter here in Jackson, MS. A lot of people think this profession is easy, I just tell them "No, far from easy but totally worth it!". Your videos are fantastic and so is your down to earth personality. The fact that you still make poop jokes totally won me over :) Keep it up!
yannie calma (5 years ago)
Lennox1492 (5 years ago)
I thank you for this educational video!
Greg Martinez DVM (5 years ago)
Drontal worms, Metronidazole/panacur giardia, Sulfa coccidia. The body usually does it itself except in weak individuals.
thinkagain777 (5 years ago)
what is the bestway to clean the insides from worms/ parasites?
PrettiestPinkGun (5 years ago)
Great video, thank you for making it!!!!!
Spirito g (5 years ago)
Great , very interesting , thanks
kosti4ka (5 years ago)
I couldn't watch the whole video....How can you leave the sample on the desk opened all the time ????Working with parasites and no hygiene at all.....
Linda W108 (5 years ago)
Where the heck are his gloves?????
Greg Martinez DVM (5 years ago)
Coccidia is easily ingested even if a male licked the butt area of a female.
Anny Chen (5 years ago)
I can't believe people talk about the glove thing all the time... I volunteered at an animal hospital and for certain tasks its much easier to do without gloves...
Anny Chen (5 years ago)
Can they get it from outside? Someone mated their female with my male dog and a week after she got home she got coccidia.
BreyersaRS (5 years ago)
Thanks so much! this really helped me do my own tests on my goats
Greg Martinez DVM (5 years ago)
Thanks, I'm glad you like the vids! I started making these for fun. I want to share what our profession does and show that it isn't always easy to do our work. I have received suggestions and some criticism for some techniques or procedures, but have worked long enough to know that you can't please everyone. You're never too old to from suggestions and advice!
Alyssa G (5 years ago)
Your channel is great, I'm almost a cvt soon, waiting to do my test. And going for my classes for dvm. Your brave for showing non-vet personnel what goes on in our clinics. Most people would be afraid of being judged, or adding their two cents into how to do something. But your info in the videos are pretty much spot on, your a very good educator. :)
Chessie Thompson (5 years ago)
Teehee it's not a poop slide, it's a poop platter!
Logan Armstrong (6 years ago)
Raisin oatmeal while watching this video...mmm...
horseplay404 (6 years ago)
haha are you the vet here??? go away....
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
Glad you enjoy the channel. I really want people to see what we do
ChiDirtySouthGul (6 years ago)
I love watching your channel...You give great information to people like myself....to know what your vet should be doing or looking for..I value your channel and videos..;) I wish you were my dogs vet....:)
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
We are real careful about not putting our hands or anything else near our mouth
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
You're right, we need to make sure our results are valid and our techniques are good Thanks
synth3tic (6 years ago)
You're welcome! Like I said, my only worry is cross-contamination from the multi-use oinments. Other than that, no worries!
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
You know, I am getting quite a few comments about gloves, so I will try to don them for all potentially infectious discharges and areas. I am filming and grabbing the camera at the same time. so I often get distracted fitting in the videos amongst my busy day. I like the way you discussed the potential problem more than giocal who was pretty inappropriate and rude.Thanks for the comments.
synth3tic (6 years ago)
While I think that you are a GREAT vet and admire your earthiness to a large degree when handling animals (you're right, gloves aren't a big deal for a lot of stuff), the only thing that bothers me is when you seem to contaminate what *look* to be multi-use ointment bottles by touching them with fingers which have touched wounds, etc. I could be wrong about this, though.
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
I wear gloves for every surgery and for grossly infected wounds and discharges. I do not need to wear gloves for every animal and normal procedures. My clients watch me practice, yes they know about it. In my eyes it is normal practice and in your eyes unsanitary. From what perspective do you watch and judge so harshly?
William Donnelly (7 months ago)
Greg Martinez DVM I would say from the eyes of someone who is a microbiologist and is worried that you could spread those everywhere and infect anyone in your clinic?
Giovanni Calabrese (6 years ago)
No actually I only watched 2, and that was to see if you actually wore gloves with something else. It really came of no surprise that you didn't. And something tells me that you don't btw. I'm not looking to bash you, I only respond because you continue to defend your unsanitary practice. Your clients know about this? I know... your answer will be yes. Yeah..OK sure. Gross
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you watched so many videos. Most of my colleagues practice the same way. Guess people that work with animals have a good immune system. I wash after each patient and after a public restroom visit. Thanks for caring
Giovanni Calabrese (6 years ago)
UMMMM Apparently you don't wear gloves on any animal. Your assistant touched the dogs anus with her fingers WITHOUT gloves... YOU touched a dogs penis in another one of your videos WITHOUT gloves. I'm surprised you wore gloves during the operation. Where do you draw the line? How about when you examine stuff? Do you wash your hands after you pee? Something tells me NO. Glad YOU'RE healthy though.
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
If myself and my staff have been OK for thirty of my practicing years, then it must work. Where's the line? Gloves when handling every animal? Gloves when shaking hands? I'm a healthy professional in a thriving practice. Thanks for your concern!
mzs847 (7 months ago)
Greg Martinez DVM Very well spoken thirty years in nothing happened oh I Definitely know what I’m doing I know that’s right.
More Over (6 years ago)
like hell we don't use gloves. gross.
Giovanni Calabrese (6 years ago)
DUDE are you SERIOUS? (Rhetorical question. Obviously you are). Glad to hear you and your technicians are immune to "MOST" bugs by now. I guess MOST bugs and bacteria die automatically in your hands and on your desk, so that when you shake hands with your clients they don't get E.Coli, Salmonella, and Hepatitis A to name a few. I think it was the bubonic plague that wiped out civilizations because of their ignorance. REALLY?... GROSS. And you're a professional doctor?
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
Vets and technicians don't usually wear gloves for this procedure. We are immune to most bugs by now.
Giovanni Calabrese (6 years ago)
Gloves dude. Gross.
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
They must have coccidia also. That is why you are using the albon. How old are they and how much do they weigh? Puppies should easily rid themselves of most infections. Food allergies can complicate the situation. What do they eat?
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
Do they test positive for giardia? Do they ever have soft stools? Diarrhea? We use metronidazole(14 days) and panacur(febendazole)(3-7 days)
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
@MrJamesJamesJr Even looking at poop can be fun!
MrJamesJamesJr (6 years ago)
"This is a great job." lol.
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
@wmukitty We check for giardia, coccidia, worm eggs. Hope those don't come off my hands!
Kat Norris (6 years ago)
@DrGregDVM You could still potentially contaminate the sample though. With labaratory stuff it's better to be picky than have a false result, in my opinion. I do love your videos though, very informative!
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
@habreezo thanks for the kind words and for watching!
Hania (6 years ago)
You're awesome :)
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
@TheGeliz Thanks for watching and counting
Greg Martinez DVM (6 years ago)
@epcvirus1 Sorry didn't answer this, We use Albon(sulfa drug) for 5-7 days. We see much less coccidiosis than giardia
Angelica Dominguez (6 years ago)
if he had a nickel for everytime he said POOP he would not even need a job
Amy Ng (7 years ago)
I've noticed that most vet clinics use fecal smear to detect parasites. Is the Mcmaster Fecal Egg Count Technique necessary for a practice's in-house laboratory use, or is it just reserved for diagnostic labs or research labs?
Greg Martinez DVM (8 years ago)
@thaichik I use gloves for surgery, but am probably immune to giardia and other bugs. I always wash after collecting and examining poop. I have been doing this since I was 16 and am still ticking.
Sandra H (8 years ago)
you should use gloves!!!!!
Greg Martinez DVM (8 years ago)
@Miah151 Where do you go to school? Glad you like the videos! I enjoy educating and sharing what I see in a day. Good luck!
Greg Martinez DVM (8 years ago)
@Cflynn16 Glad you enjoy them
monkeygurl16 (8 years ago)
@DrGregDVM thanx!! I am a new vet assistant and ur vids of showed me so much I havent seen yet out there!!...including this direct smear!! I have learned alot from u!! love the videos!! :)
Greg Martinez DVM (8 years ago)
@Cflynn16 The direct smear gives people a good idea of what we do
monkeygurl16 (8 years ago)
@DrGregDVM why thank you!! I never saw a direct smear before!! :)
Greg Martinez DVM (8 years ago)
@KendarB You are welcome, hope I explained things a bit
Greg Martinez DVM (8 years ago)
@Cflynn16 I just wanted people to see what is involved in checking the poop out with a quick direct smear
monkeygurl16 (8 years ago)
thanx! I thought u were going to do a fecal float!
Kendra B (8 years ago)
Totally fascinating! Thanks!

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