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Drones Deliver Lifesaving Blood, Job Possibilities in Rwanda

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Join World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim as he tests out a drone that delivers blood to 21 hospitals across rural Rwanda. Dr. Kim explains how this technology can save lives, and also create job opportunities. And for one farmer, receiving a blood transfusion from the sky seemed like a miracle.
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semana bosco (1 year ago)
Rwanda you are the best therefore, H.E Kagame must come. Plz Rwandans/Rwandese save the date August 4th, 2017 we will bring him back H.E is able until we make Rwanda a place our children will want and desire
Pocki (1 year ago)
This is awesome! I remember when I was in need for Blood here in Germany and I waited for 2weeks! So i would hope that every country uses this technology for this lifesaving purpose instead of delivering Pizza.
John O (1 year ago)
Dipak Sheth (1 year ago)
John O 8q

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