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5 Settings For Mining Cryptocurrency On Windows 10

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How to configure Windows 10 for your Mining Rig to get the best hashrate in ethereum and more. Parts: MSI Pro Series Z270a: http://amzn.to/2sHVqNX Intel Pentium G4400: http://amzn.to/2tKvsJu Killawatt: http://amzn.to/2sOxNP8 Crucial Value Ram: http://amzn.to/2tKtAjQ Corsair HX1200i: http://amzn.to/2tNXqng Donate: My ETH Wallet: 0x916a3833606e67a2b072cf58539c2ed06cde6e8e My BTC Wallet: 15u5BKyr26HN9vCuShxnaGVcHBBjvc2thM USA Miner Depot Affiliate: http://bit.ly/2wVcZaW Amazon Affiliate Link https://www.amazon.com/?ie=UTF8&rw_us... Twitter https://twitter.com/SonOfATech Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Son-Of-A-Tec... Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sonofatech/
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Text Comments (254)
Peter Vanden Eynde (15 days ago)
Great video, thank you. Where can I find thé video on making the changes in the bios settings? Cheers!
mudassir abdul (16 days ago)
Need legal windows?
ankur jain (20 days ago)
Hi after desable/ stop window update setting it will automatically enable after 2 to 3 days what we do 😨
Son of a Tech (18 days ago)
You can do a couple tweaks. But it's all registry. Keeping a 1709 build around can help too.
Mukesh Kumar (24 days ago)
son of paste ....hahah
Son of a Tech (18 days ago)
thermal paste?
Adrien Willis (25 days ago)
going really fast
Son of a Tech (18 days ago)
you can slow speed down in player if you need.
Tojsiab Channel (28 days ago)
Can you help me, the gpu hangs in openCL call, exit how to fix this problem
Son of a Tech (18 days ago)
event logs?
ankur jain (29 days ago)
I am facing a problem my Windows enable settings automatically enable after restart rig eachtime I disable windows update in services and apply
mora kelvin (1 month ago)
for 2 years, i have been searching for a way to make money off cryptocurrency and i got too frustrated until i met mr crow who makes me about $2600 every week with his mining software based on my investment. his email is cryptocrow800(at)gmail. com
banai stone (1 month ago)
i never knew i could mine 0.5btc in five days and 1.8btc in three weeks till last Month
Carl Hilary (1 month ago)
been making about $500 every week from his software
Durl Tyson (1 month ago)
I really hope more people get into this. My wife invested some of our savings into it earlier this year. And it's been a good year.
rhyno M (1 month ago)
thinking of starting off with $5000 tomorrow
Aminlv (1 month ago)
good tips, thou can you help and make a video on troubleshooting crashing rig, mine keep crashing randomly i thought it might be a risers but couldn't find it is there any best practice to find the issue such as this?
Half Man Half Cat (1 month ago)
you the man!
Aboubaker Dihbaouri (1 month ago)
Thanks bro 👍
pankaj bhambhani (2 months ago)
Hey cud u help me with the issue i m getting on 2 nvidia Gpu's. It says insufficient system resources exist to complete the api -error code 10. I try to reinstall clean install everything but still my 2 cards shows this error
Airdrop Addict (2 months ago)
life saver
Foxtrot Oscar (2 months ago)
Awesome...tooooo fast lol
wardy mann (3 months ago)
i missed the bios link
Wounded Warr1or (3 months ago)
Good stuff Brah; but if suggestions do not trigger you then it would have been a good idea to make it "Six" steps, and add "netplwiz" then once you do the last step and put in shell:startup, once you start your miner then it will enter the password too and be in an endless loop until you hit Ctrl+C. Just a suggestion .. just say'in bra. Very Respectfully, WX2 Addendum: I guess you cover the power state setting in the bios in the next vid you mentioned; for it to turn back on after power loss. I was referencing a reboot from like a watchdog or gpu hang; or one of windows other full tilt boogies.
Okk Okk (3 months ago)
son of tech i need you help pal i have MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC GDDR5 Graphics Card but they dont have any power plugs on the cards will i be able to use the will i be able to use VGA G+ to power the risers aswell as the sata cable? also on just testing it out on windows it dont pick up all my 6 gpu only 4 using gigabyte z270p d3 updated the bois files aswell for mining but cant see the mining mode to enable
James Noy (3 months ago)
After I have done all setting .My EthDcrMiner64.exe has stopped working on Window. do you know any problem?
Gabriel Pita (3 months ago)
Thanks, good tips.
Normalkazu MC (3 months ago)
Where is my start.bat
E Money (3 months ago)
After download Amd nicehash software, my antivirus find virus in niceshash software. Kindly suggest or send the right software link. My gpu (asus rx 570 and motherboard b 250 fintech gigabyte and os win. 10) . Kindly suggest the right way.
Ed Fulke (4 months ago)
unfortunately my windows 10 pro antivirus is NEVER letting me download the miner software, i have tried claymore,ethereum miner , and others. anyone know how to be successful?
Bills (4 months ago)
Simple mining is better for mining than windows 10
Bills (4 months ago)
Mod the bios on each video can increase the gpu speeds
Bills (4 months ago)
Windows defender might see the mining software as a virus so its needs to be excluded
Bills (4 months ago)
No you don’t have to register win 10 pro it works anyway
Bills (4 months ago)
VM is set at 16000 as this helps the mining
Bills (4 months ago)
Updates is disabled as the gpu drivers need to stay there for mining
Patrick Libby (4 months ago)
Man - you are frustrating! You did that last step so fast and did not explain even half of what you did! You said "... and you have to copy your miner bat file into your startup so you bring up run and type shell:start..." then you copied the whole contents of this one folder into another folder without saying anything about it. I've been working on windows PC's for many years and I watched it over and over. Stopping, then replaying it over and over - SLOW DOWN MAN! SH*T! All I can see is a flash of claymore. Anyone new is never going to be able to follow you going that fast and not explaining half of what you are doing. I'm just sayin' . Still give you thumbs up and subscribed though (-:
Son of a Tech (4 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback
ramesh behera (4 months ago)
can u plz help me my rx460 keep on hanging fan stop and i need to restart can u plz tell me how can i fix this problem i am using windows 10 and 6 rx460 mining on nicehash
jamesky (4 months ago)
hei , i just build my first mining rig , but now i dont know ow to set them up , can you help me out with this ? we can do timeviewer if you like thank you ,
Flintlock Le Roux (4 months ago)
Well done Son, your settings and advice added value to my rig.
Crypto Jini (4 months ago)
Just registered to their whitelist. Excited to see what GIG9 has in store.
Computer Aid (4 months ago)
You can also try gpedit.msc & Set reservable bandwith in QoS under Network to 100% to increase download speed
Joshua Freeman (4 months ago)
Please help me. I have a gpu rig running fine on smos. But i have a desktop comouter that came with a amd rx570 gpu inside i want to mine with it when i dont use the pc is this ok? I tried doing a guide on ethereum but everytime i click the .bat the window opens some stuff scrolls and then it closes.. And ever since i did this youtube glitches and my streaming videos and so forth is horrible now. Im wondering if i should have my monitor hooled to the mother board hdmi ajd leave the amd card free? But can you suggest anything please.
Red Star (5 months ago)
Activate Windows... :D
Nappa TV (5 months ago)
I didn't see you cover windows defender. You have to put the mining software into exclusions of scans because it will delete the miners if you don't do this when it scans.
ajareti (5 months ago)
Awesome, thanks very much! I'm not a big Windows user, I had to setup auto login to get the miner software to auto start on reboot.
ZePlaya (5 months ago)
cookytrix (5 months ago)
best vid ive seen from you to date. NO one has put all this info in one vid or spot. at least not easily found. im baby fresh new to win10 and been having lots of mysterious "crashes" and/or restarts. fingers crossed this will fix that. im not kidding when i say ive been looking for all this info in one spot for weeks. one vid i watched and followed walked me through turning off updates... i followed this and the first step... update was running! thank you
Raayna ryn (5 months ago)
Hi. You forgot to suggest c++ run-time before start mining. I suggested this to everyone who wants to start mining. http://how-to-mine.com/softwares/runtimes/Microsoft_C++_Runtime.zip i hope this can solve any problems.
SidYt (5 months ago)
I have 4 1070 8gb and 2 1060 3 gb how much virtual memory need for those? 😇plz reply
Litecoin Lucky (5 months ago)
Son of a Tech what is better for mining, Win10 Home or Pro?
Litecoin Lucky (5 months ago)
Cool thanks bro, just on amazon and not sure what windows 10 key I should buy and download fro a 6 x 1080 build that I will add more to overtime on a 12 slot B250 Fintech mother board. I wonder If I can get away with using a free trail version of Win10 pro for a while...
Son of a Tech (5 months ago)
Pyro Maniac714 (5 months ago)
this gave my 2 gtx 1070's a little bump
《《 Om 》》 (5 months ago)
I have Oc gtx 780 with 18 mhs benchmark but mines 2mhs on eth miner on awesomeminer and micehash
Aurimas Didziulis (5 months ago)
Good tips ! thanks
Donald Walter (5 months ago)
You didn’t mention how to disable a required password when restarting. And worse yet Windows 10 now makes you set up a PIN to log in which makes it harder to disable.
Son of a Tech (5 months ago)
Last one I did just made an offline. No pin required.
Brian Price (5 months ago)
Way too fast to be able to follow along.
mybitcoinlinks.com (5 months ago)
Great video... The little details matter
Corullo TJ (5 months ago)
Nice tips! Great Channel bro!
Nathaniel Smith (5 months ago)
Also uninstall all the windows apps and xbox apps and store apps
CHANGO ROCKS! (5 months ago)
Not sure if anyone else on windows got slammed recently, but noticed even though I had updates shut down completely in services, windows found a way back in. They just can't stand not to add their latest money making scams to the OS. Screwed up everything. Finally found a way to disable it's ability to connect to the server via gpedit settings... There is also a setting that makes sure it will never install any drivers either. (which is how they hosed me).. That was not a good week! lol
Son of a Tech (5 months ago)
Move to smos
Liber 8 (5 months ago)
WoW!! Does this really work??? I didn't think it was possible to turn off updates in Windows 10??? If this really works I will be SOOOOOOOOO happy!! Their constant updates are so irritating its been driving me crazy!!
Canada Ottawa (6 months ago)
son of a bitch
Kanapong Chenkittipas (6 months ago)
Really nice video, able to solve the issue on CPU at high usage as well.
mike 조번개 cho (6 months ago)
Love your channel. I watching over and over. Tks.
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
+mike cho thanks!
Thank you
Chao Li (6 months ago)
Where do u set up more than 8 gpu setting?
Jonathan Rizo (6 months ago)
Can u speed things up? you go to slow.
Scorpion (6 months ago)
Jonathan Rizo video only 4 minutes dude calm down
Hömma (6 months ago)
how to do this Enable the Lock Pages in Memory ? i cant get it to work :/ can any1 make a video on it ?
Nico Lay (6 months ago)
Tdr failure! I upgraded 1 of my GPU. In total I'm using 7 gpu with all 10 series nvidia. And then i keep getting tdr failure on windows 10. Tried to reinstall driver with and without ddu. Uninstalled in safemode, and reinstall newest driver or even older driver, same thing. Tried tdrdelay regedit thingy. So far same thing keep happening within a minute or 2 of mining. Same thing happening with zcash, excavator, or even nicehash. Power supply is more than enough (1250w). Last resort is to reinstall windows 10. Help?
Michel Plante (6 months ago)
Thank you for this, it really helps when we get started. I'm using Claymore and just can't connect to the ethermine pool. The same rig connect without problem to dwarfpool. Any suggestions that you can think of or links to articles or people who have solved that? I tried to disable my router's firewall for a few minutes: same results. thank again for your great tips in the meantime
Kennys RC Channel (6 months ago)
I appreciate your videos and your taking tie to help the beginner... Just one thing... PLEASE slow down on your instructions!! You click and type so fast that it's very hard to follow you.... On this video, the last step with Run, Shell, Startup... I keep getting an error that windows cant find it... you went through it so fast that I've watched it 20 times and still cant get it to work... Please explain that last part... I almost have it... Thank you in advance
Joshua Ashley (6 months ago)
followed all setting, Some how i guess chaining ram settings used hard drive space. also lost about 10% hash rate
MoneyMindMusic (6 months ago)
Made things less h/s for me
Not Your Ex (6 months ago)
if my memory pc have 8gb ddr4, it's ok change VM to 16000?
Fluffy Mad Squirrel (6 months ago)
Great job and thanks :)
Ronnel Razon (6 months ago)
subscribed! very useful.
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
+Ronnel Razon thanks!
Jason M (6 months ago)
any ideas why suddenly a rig with 3 of the same cards, 1 of the cards is doing 10 mh/s instead of 30?
Nathan Tiemeier (6 months ago)
Good tips, I wonder though, why windows updates? Constant updates are good, just not driver changes.
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
+Nathan Tiemeier so you can manually run them.
Rajesh Chandravanshi (6 months ago)
Hey please help me I am setting my rig with 1050 ti msi kindly tell me best overclocking settings etc please
Arunkumar Achuthan (6 months ago)
MY RX 570 4GB RIG with 6 crads running. GPU 0 always giving 0.00 mhs while other cards produce 27mhs on claymore ETHEREUM. I am using Asus Z270p all mobo have this issue . GPU 0 mining @0. Please help
RRooooooNNNN (6 months ago)
Hopefully your windows 10 updates stay off. We've had issues with windows 10 that windows update service continually enables itself when previously disabled.
BTC EARN (6 months ago)
very helpful tips for mining dear Sir
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
addisonblck102 (6 months ago)
Boobie miner here. I appreciate your vids man. I am curious though. What is the main objective for these changes? The how to was very informative, but I was left wondering what all this was for. And would you suggest this for a gaming/mining rig?
addisonblck102 (6 months ago)
Hahaha boobie. Newbie*
anthony mikhael (6 months ago)
can i mine on windows with 10 gpu ?
ricardo becerra (6 months ago)
What up son!! Yo been viewing ALL your vids and doing the live stream. Good one today by the way. But the vape was annoying LOL. Quick question. I just put my rig together and (newbie) had no idea i had to load drivers. Yup im a FNG. I just loaded the LAN drivers. Should i DL and load any others?? TY so much for your help.
Hassan Sultan (6 months ago)
i need plastic surgery but can't afford it plz help me..my btc wallet 1EkJD5QzpM8nkA6ZPLF7Fy19RMWVu1iPTQ
Pavel Jelínek (6 months ago)
You did not set 16GB pagefile.. 16GB pagefile equals to 16384MB! 16MB RAM (remember the old days back there?) used to equal to 16384kB , 32=32768kB, 64=65536kB etc etc.. That's why our 1TB disc shows 931GB in windows.. Yeah, that's how this thing works..
Pavel Jelínek (6 months ago)
Yup it changes every day.. (Un)fortunately there is so many coins to mine.. I decided to stick up with BCN, mines veeery easily and fast (low diff at pool i mine now) and hopefully one day it will boom up like several years ago with BTC..
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
+Pavel Jelínek for sure. I do realize I need to redo this vid. The game moves so fast
Pavel Jelínek (6 months ago)
Yes, thank you son
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
+Pavel Jelínek hope all that makes sense
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
+Pavel Jelínek claymore was originally designed to load the dag for each card into virtual memory before sending it to the gpus. Regardless of installed memory amount.
Nate (6 months ago)
Thomas Zuidam (6 months ago)
Hello + Son of a tech I'm not a master with computers. With your video I cannot hear the last step, what are you saying?
Kennys RC Channel (6 months ago)
same problem for me....
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
For the startup folder?
DividedShark (7 months ago)
Mine Electroneum it's low power and growing fast!
Chris Lillemoen (7 months ago)
I built a 7 amd rig on Asus Z270A board and now my windows tab won’t work. Had no issues with the asrock h81 rig. Suggestions?
Chris Lillemoen (7 months ago)
Christopher Migliore the issue seems to be related to the rx 580 card rigs. No issues with the rx 470 rigs.
Christopher Migliore (7 months ago)
Press CNTRL-ALT-DEL and click on logoff when logged back in your start menu should work, now right click the start menu and click device manager and disable all sound devices.Reboot and start menu should work.
Son of a Tech (7 months ago)
+Chris Lillemoen that's been a win 10 bug for a while. A quick Google should have some info for you.
Chris Lillemoen (7 months ago)
Son of a Tech when I click on the windows flag to open up the windows menu, it won’t do anything. So I can open anything or restart it
Son of a Tech (7 months ago)
+Chris Lillemoen Windows tab?
J G (7 months ago)
This was extremely helpful for me and my rig, thank you.
Son of a Tech (7 months ago)
glad to hear!
shahbaj randhawa (7 months ago)
Your video is very helpful for my mining setup
Son of a Tech (7 months ago)
+shahbaj randhawa glad to hear!
Marlon Sales (7 months ago)
Can you do a Review Building on Mining Rig: Biostar BT250-Pro Pentium G4560 3pcs 1070ti asus strix A8G Windows 10 Kingston 120gb ssd Thank You.
lazo babic (7 months ago)
Another one very good video especially for beginners ...guys WATCH THIS VIDEO -this is lesson No_1 ...thanks pale...regards from Republic of Srpska.
Milos (7 months ago)
Guys, would it be possible to connect 2 Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070 's to Asrock h55m-le motherboard. Also, I have Intel core i3 530 CPU and 4GB RAM. I'm going to make a starter ethereum mining rig. Sorry for the newbie question but I have to start learning from somewhere.
Son of a Tech (7 months ago)
+Somixer Aprile yes with risers no problem.
Rami Hasan (7 months ago)
You are awesome man. Many thanks.
Son of a Tech (7 months ago)
+Rami Hasan thank you!
jeremy b (7 months ago)
cool tips but u go way to fast with it..
Half Man Half Cat (1 month ago)
paused it about 20 times but rather that to someone who goes really slow only to find out they not telling you what you need to know
Mike Frobisher (1 month ago)
It was just the right speed. I am sick of those very long boring YouTube videos. This was perfect, I paused it where I needed to and it went great.
Rylu (3 months ago)
Just slow down video.. 0.5x speed
Milt (5 months ago)
I am with you, I can not keep up.
Moe Krypto (7 months ago)
Awesome Video! Thanks for the tips.
G33KAPATHiO (7 months ago)
Turing updates is a huge mistake as updates patch vulnerabilities, why would you stop it?
Dennis Shows (5 months ago)
I mine on all of my families computers and don't have a dedicated mining machine so I will never turn of updates.
Verne's Misadventures (6 months ago)
Son of a Tech , Great tips! I opted to pause updates on my rigs. This will force you to update monthly because you will not be able to pause again until updates are installed. This method requires less research and attention because it is automated. The downside is that you need to pause updates again every month. I guess it depends upon how well-organized a person is whether your suggestion or this one would be preferable.
Son of a Tech (7 months ago)
+GeeK APATHiO so you can manually patch and avoid unwanted downtime from reboots
Divyesh Mittal (7 months ago)
How to stop windows 10 from crashing ?
saleen235 (6 months ago)
Install some brakes on it.
Son of a Tech (7 months ago)
install linux rofl
Jaan Hurditch (7 months ago)
Great vid! Cheers for the tips and wondering if you could comment on my build please - I went ahead and built a rig with 2x 1070Ti's and 2x RX580's as I wanted to be able to mine different coins according to their profitability... 3 days of ball-ache later and I'm very much regretting my decision to mix card types.. Installed latest drivers specifically to the cards through device manager but even with the RX580's completely unplugged the system is super unstable. Used DDU to uninstall all GPU drivers and just installed Nvidia through device manager - still super unstable and crashing windows 10 + 100% loading my CPU when trying to mine - getting 0 hashrate.... wtf.. So I used DDU to uninstall drivers and reinstalled nvidia drivers using the .exe program from nvidia. Everything working fine now for the 1070's - hashing about 29Mh/s ea on ETH - stable. Can you think of anything that would be causing the issues? I'm pretty sure its GPU drivers but I'm no expert.... You mentioned adjusting PCIE gen settings in the BIOS? MB is a ASUS STRIX Z270E. Should I just sell the 580's and get another couple of 1070Ti's? Will adding 1060's or 1080's be OK? I'm assuming they would be but want to make sure.. Cheers man and thanks again for the videos!
ZISHAN TALUKDER (7 months ago)
Its very helpful. I am new in mining. But your tutorial make it easier
Prodaja Pasa Online (7 months ago)
There is another important item that you left out to say, in the task manager "ethdceminer64.exe" set CPU priority on "High".
John Davis (7 months ago)
But what about for linux?
vatch (7 months ago)
put some little delay in your start up bat. It might fire up before afterburner.. timeout /t 20 where 20 is the seconds before it starts the actual miner - u can change it.
BradM273 (7 months ago)
Any idea why a 3rd GPU would randomly disappear from device manager on windows 10? It will boot and show all 3 but maybe an hour later just be gone. I have followed these steps and it still does it.
Alessandro Varotto (7 months ago)
Thanks dude! Helpful video!
Son of a Tech (7 months ago)
+Alessandro Varotto anytime

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