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How To Be In the Top 10% of Successful Traders 👍🏽

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The 10% of profitable traders - how do they think differently? http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/Making-a-living-spreads.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! What do the top 10% of traders focus on? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! What are they doing that is making them stand out from everybody else? What are they doing- the mindset, process, whatsoever that makes them succeed. If they are profitable they have a trading strategy works but what about their mindset - the psychology or thinking part. What is it about their approach to trading that makes them succeed? What are they focused on? The average trader out there is constantly looking at charts, prices, charts again, markets, patterns, strategies..etc - always looking for the next trade. Profitable traders are focused on their performance - they know that profitable strategies are not difficult to find - its all about putting the right strategies and applying that to the right market conditions. They are focused on their past performance and how they can improve on that. Your mindset, approach and performance are very much more important than looking out for the next best trade.
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Veslanjejezivot (25 days ago)
Really like your advices. Incredible value you're giving for free. Thank you sir
Alessio M (2 months ago)
This is gold.
icyboy771z (3 months ago)
I dont believe only 10% are profitable traders since the markets trend upwards most of the time,
Fernando Costa (4 months ago)
Someone said that the prices in forex market are produced by a mathematic equation, it means there are people ( very few ) that nows the future price of a currency pair. I tend to bellieve in that theory partially. When happens big geopolitc and economic events i think that mathematic equation doesn't work. More i bellieve that exist a formula but that formula is flexible. What i mean is that formula contain the positions and orders of retail investors and others who are not connected with the big players and thieves ( banks, hedge funds and market makers ). So, that formula is flexible to make retail investors and others loose money over and over again, so it's very unlikely make money in the market. If a retail investor open a position the market go against allways, if a retail investor put a order the market fill that order and go against the position allways. How is possible to be wrong more than 90% of the time? Forex market should be forbiden, it have been the ruin of hundred of thousands people around the world, in benefit of thieves who should be put in a court in North Korea.
Jakub Valenta (3 months ago)
Fernando Costa this is nonsense.
fred anderson (4 months ago)
Thank you, Professor. You are such a great teacher!
Chauhan010 (5 months ago)
EL HOUARI Youness (5 months ago)
شكرا على المجهود والمحتوى thank you for your effort and for the contents
Audrius Kubilius (6 months ago)
I think you are idiot.
Mark Carter (6 months ago)
Their doing a good strategy.....That's it..If you have a good reliable strategy and you stick to the rules then you don't need to think... just do.
ess mac (7 months ago)
Brilliant, well said.
Pang Tak (8 months ago)
nick72461 (8 months ago)
Great video always great info. Just wondered what broker you suggest and what platform? Thank you regards Nic
WLL STRT11 (8 months ago)
samthedoor (8 months ago)
What do you think about adhering to absolute numbers? eg. When I am up $ x I will close the trade, or I will only trade from 9:00 am to 12 pm etc. or I won't make more than 3 trades a day, etc.
UKspreadbetting (8 months ago)
We will try to answer this with another video to be published in the future. So subscribe!
Paul C (9 months ago)
Great points...seems obvious but most people don't do this and learn the hard way.
Kiko Castro (9 months ago)
Pedro Martins (9 months ago)
Find 2 or 3 setups good for you, cut losses, and run profits. In sum the oppposite of what most traders do.
kevin walden (5 months ago)
Pedro Martins best comment thus far
Pedro Martins (9 months ago)
Oh, and forget about indicators, trade price action. If you need a moving average to now if the market is trending, you probably shoudn`t be trading, IMO.
qa qa5555 (9 months ago)
Great work, keep it up. would it be possible to do a swing trading lesson on stocks including correct chart setting you would use if you were trading a stock for 2-4 weeks?
Market Open (9 months ago)
good information, great Job !
Elizabeth Ellis (11 months ago)
Top 10 is an A in my book :) thanks for the topic

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