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Travelling Australia - Mining in the Gem Fields Queensland

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In this video we visit my Uncle Andy on his mining claim in the Gem Fields Queensland. We had a fabulous time and hope you enjoy this video :)
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Julie Auld (1 year ago)
do you ho to rubyvale gem fields
Wren Williams (2 years ago)
You know what's kinda creepy? My names Laura and I have an uncle Andy too haha :) Love your videos, can't wait for more!
Freedom Followers (2 years ago)
Great name ! That is so funny :)
Rob Rosengreen (2 years ago)
love your videos guy's. when do we get an update?
Freedom Followers (2 years ago)
Hi Robert , We will be posting another video soon. We ended up landing a job managing a caravan park so we've been very busy finally got some time off so keep an eye out for more videos :)

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