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How to : Install-Update-Download AMD graphics driver 2018

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Tutorial on how to cleanly uninstall and driver and update graphics card to 18.xx version so that you can switch from Intel graphics to AMD Radeon graphics and play games at max settings. [2019 version] How to clean install and update AMD grahics card to latest version : https://goo.gl/vkHhHs [Latest Video] No More Switchable Graphics option do it without AMD/NVIDIA software: https://youtu.be/ZGPNiV9iyRo Playlists ►How To : https://goo.gl/ZY1Ci7 My More Videos ►How TO Make A Logo: https://goo.gl/25ggrd ►How to Switch from intel to amd : https://goo.gl/XnXEvR ►How to use FP to take selfie https://goo.gl/nQspuK ►Truth About Indian Carders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY2fE6BRtOU How To Install Amd Graphics Driver In Windows 10 (32-64 bits) Hey guys, what's up!? It's Gorbix here and in today's video I thought I would make a vAMDo on How To Install AMD Graphics Driver In),ndows 10 (32-64 bits), While watching this video, you'll hear me cover how to improve youGPUc fps which has AMD gpu,it's so easy just follow thI steps,and at the end I want to say thanks for 205 subscribers..and I wish this number will grow in the near future,#gorbix. Windows 10,How-to (Website Category),Computer,Update,Device Driver (Software Genre),Laptop,Gameplay,Ati,Install,Download,AMD,Graphics card,Windows All,Better Performance,AMD drivers,Games,AMD Radeon,Free And Open-source Graphics Device Driver,Ram,Missing Drivers,Hardware Store (Industry),Hardware,Latest Update,How to : Install-Update-Download AMD graphics driver in Windows 10,step by step,??? ?????????? ??????????,????????? ??????? AMD ??????? ? Windows 10 How to : Install-Update-Download AMD graphics driver in Windows 10 (step by step) How to install AMD Graphics Driver Nicolas11x12,Technology,Nicolas11x12TECHX,How to install AMD Graphics Driver,How to install AMD Graphics Drivers,How to install ATI Graphics Driver,How to install AMD Graphics Card Driver,How to install AMD Graphics Card Drivers,How to install AMD Display Driver,How to install AMD Video Card Driver,How to uninstall,AMD Radeon R9,AMD Radeon R7,AMD Radeon HD,How to remove,Tutorial,Guide,Instruction,Instructions,Step by Step Guide,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1 How to Install AMD Graphics Driver in your Dell, HP ,demographics graphics. AMWindowsics,graphics card,Windowsovo,setting,dell,hp,Lenovo,officAMD site how to fix no amd graphics driver is installed error -solved! ,AMD GRAPHIC ERROR How to Install AMD Graphics Drivers in Windows 10 YouTube AMD Radeon Fix problem for Windows 10 - Problem solved AMD Radeon Fix problem for Windows 10 - Problem solved,عدم توافق AMD Wibdows 10,عدم توافق AMD Radeon وندوز 10,عدم توافق AMD وندوز 10,AMD Radeon Fixing for Windows 10 - Problem solved,AMD Radeon Fix problem for Windows 10,AMD problem for Windows 10 - Problem solved,AMD,AMD Radeon Windows 10,AMD Radeon,AMD Radeon Windows,AMD Problem How to Clean install/re-install AMD+Nvidia GPU drivers + software LtRoyalShrimp,Lt,Royal,Shrimp,AMD,Nvidia,How to re-install,How to clean install,How to uninstall graphics driver,uninstall AMD,Uninstall Nvidia A Beginners Guide: Graphics Card Drivers - How to Uninstall Old Drivers & Install New Drivers beginners,how to,diy,graphics card drivers,gpu,video card,GPU,graphics card,uninstall drivers,install drivers,beginners guide,AMD,Nvidia,GeForce,GTX,Radeon,walk thru,walk through,thru,tutorial Install/Update AMD Catalyst Driver | Windows 10 (Black Screen Fix) Microsoft Windows (Operating System),Advanced Micro Devices (Venture Funded Company),AMD Catalyst (Software),Device Driver (Software Genre),Installation (Award-Winning Work),Windows 10,Preview,How-to (Website Category),Computer,Laptop,Software (Industry),Ati,Black Screen,Catalyst,AMD,Technology (Industry),Gameplay,Update,Nvidia,Windows,Drivers,New,Gaming,Game,Gamer,PC,Beta,Driver,Fix,Error,How To,15.6,15.5 ATI Catalyst Control Center and Switchable Graphics fix for windows 7, 8 8.1, + win10 (Step by step) AMD Catalyst (Software),laptop,computer,dell,Windows 7 (Operating System),windows 8,windows 8.1,ATI Technologies (Business Operation),drivers,fix,gaming,switchable graphics,crash,amd gaming evolved,ati fix,amd fix,HP,Lenovo (Computer Manufacturer\/Brand),package failure,windows 10,catalyst control center Amd Graphics Drivers Windows 7 Amd Graphics Drivers Windows
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Text Comments (257)
GalaxyPhoenix Gaming (13 days ago)
You can go to device manager and right click on it and hit update
TechGeeker (12 days ago)
Then it will show, You already have the latest version
Wasssup Bro (14 days ago)
My computer just says AMD Radeon 7 graphics it doesn’t have a model number
TechGeeker (12 days ago)
Maybe Its r7 version.
Rizip pokharel (19 days ago)
Tutorial for downloading and installing GTA 5
Taimour Baig (22 days ago)
brroooooo!!!!!! please help me i have unistall the driver but when i am installing it is giving me the (TEMP FOLDER IS INVALID ERROR) please help me my whole computer is fucked!
Moh Riz (25 days ago)
Thanks dude👏
ALL IN ONE VIDEOS (1 month ago)
Black screen and video error how to fix
TheHamster 767 (1 month ago)
ALL IN ONE VIDEOS Restart your computer Simple If it still doesn’t work, search it up.
Goated Just (1 month ago)
Barely understood
Alexander the Great (2 months ago)
Right click on desktop, click AMD Radeon Settings, it doesn't even open... xD
HariKrishnan VK (2 months ago)
thanks a lot
Tadhg (2 months ago)
bad mic btw
spoofy sonu (2 months ago)
Music used in the intro?
realsecrets1 (2 months ago)
I got triggered HARD when you tried to search for google in google.
Araik miner400 (2 months ago)
Bute just one game witch is fortnit when i go afther 2 or 4 matches it give me grapice driver filed to start
Araik miner400 (2 months ago)
I updet it and it worck for all of my games
tiktok musically (3 months ago)
I have amd r7 250 but he dnt show full memory
2for the gamers (3 months ago)
كوس امك يا بن البو الجهاز باظظظظ
antonioamgo (3 months ago)
Dear you, you must edit your sound la. Try edit in Vegas and setting the volume because your phone like a jump scare
Mitul Jani (3 months ago)
My pc stucks at amd driver installation part
Saber YT (3 months ago)
If I downloaded the adrenalin 2019 version and the software is 19.1.2 it means I have downloaded the drivers right????
Hacker Joule (3 months ago)
where are relive, video and display ???
Hayden H (3 months ago)
8:10 and 10:04 Lol
Dexter (2 months ago)
Hayden H ears = raped
Psycho Ghoul (3 months ago)
Please can somebody help me? i have to install latest driver of my amd radeon hd 4200 but its with money can i download the latest version for free ,its a 2016 version but i have 2013 ??? helpp
Psycho Ghoul (3 months ago)
+TechGeeker yeah but where? in the official site there is no 2016 driver version . idk where to download that version
TechGeeker (3 months ago)
Ofcourse you can download drivers for free..And no company charge you for drivers.
Al Dian (4 months ago)
How to fix error 1603 when install amd graphic driver
សាកីរា KkOO (2 months ago)
Nacho Abrigo (4 months ago)
tu mama
rum0Ur _ (4 months ago)
Noice you have the same intro as Creepers Edge
Eldricson 10 (4 months ago)
I have finish to update but cannot install AMD
TOOKI (4 months ago)
You are speaking spanish or what? (your english is too bad)
TOOKI (4 months ago)
+TechGeeker And are you from Greece?
TOOKI (4 months ago)
+TechGeeker How da fuck you can speak in a language :D
TechGeeker (4 months ago)
Ya, maybe in your country you speak on a language, In my country, we speak in a language, not on a language. 😇
TOOKI (4 months ago)
+TechGeeker And dude, its on English not in English :D
TOOKI (4 months ago)
+TechGeeker Sorry, my brother wrote this. He's 10 years old ...
IncoBro (4 months ago)
how to fix error 182 - amd installer cannot properly identify the amd graphic hardware. can you make video for this how to fix
IncoBro (4 months ago)
what is ATI Technologies Inc. its no have graphic card????? helppp
Hyp1xOfficial (4 months ago)
of course ur indian
cebzcity (4 months ago)
when i right click i dont have the option to click "radeon settings" and i tried searching it up on my computer and tried clicking it but it says "Missing Shortcut" any help? this literally just happened right after i tried updating it to the latest driver..
Dexter (2 months ago)
cebzcity same
JON BON JOVI (4 months ago)
Thank you very much....
Ink Pizza Here Boi (5 months ago)
weird intro but ok
new link for catlyst https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-15-7-1
Asgod playz (5 months ago)
ElectraHood (6 months ago)
I cant find ati radon hd 4600 series?
iAm Stiles (6 months ago)
Intro Song? :c
Norman Lacdao (6 months ago)
its okay for no graphics user ???
Awais Saif (6 months ago)
i have amd radeon 8750M Graphic but where i find setting amd there is only intel graphic setting
Tristan Mungal (5 months ago)
+Awais Saif alright.......thanks for the help
Awais Saif (5 months ago)
+Tristan Mungal Yes Bro Now i have win 8.1 and amd working Good
Tristan Mungal (5 months ago)
+Awais Saif Are you sure this the only way because i dont want to lose my installed programs
Awais Saif (5 months ago)
+Tristan Mungal Instal Win 8.1 Then Update Win 8.1 They Automatically Instal AMD Graphic Driver Then Go To Your Laptop Company Website Then Download Driver From There and instal it and you Get AMD Control Centre
Awais Saif (5 months ago)
+Tristan Mungal Yes But On Window 8.1
Nikhil Thakur (6 months ago)
I have a raedon 560x but i am unable to install the drivers. it always shows some error while installation. please help☹️
Monty Bea (4 months ago)
Nikhil Thakur me too someone help
Sebastian Zapata (6 months ago)
1V1QWERTY -___- (7 months ago)
he is text support.
Laimis Laurin (7 months ago)
Hi, I want to tell you about the problem that I am experiencing these days with AMD drivers. I have AMD Radeon R9 290X GDDR5 4GB (512bit) video card (including additional Radeon card). I like to play video games and most of the time, they run smoothly on high settings. When Forza Horizon 4 came out, I bought the game. When I tried to launch it, the table popped up saying that I need to update my AMD drivers. When I did it, the game started and it runs smoothly now. But every time I restart or turn off my PC, Windows does not load. I get the black screen and nothing else happens. I cannot login to my account. So I have to use safe mode to load the Windows and then uninstall the drivers. I used Win10 64Bit Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.9.3 Sept26. I tried many things (including DDU tool, some other apps, suggestions from various posts and many forums) concerning these and some previous driver versions, but nothing helps. I also tried custom install, express install, but those steps also do not help. So it means that in order to play Forza Horizon 4, I have to install the latest AMD drivers and after finishing to play it, uninstall it. Otherwise, I will not load my Windows because this black screen appears. So my question is, what do I have to do in order to play the games without every time reinstalling the drivers? BTW, some older games were running with AMD 17.7.2 drivers and I didn't have any problems. I tried launching Forza Horizon 4 with this version, but the game does not load (after long waiting I get the game menu settings, but after pressing 'play' I see a constant loading screen...
Does Matter, Matter? (4 months ago)
Having the same issue. I can't even figure out how to boot into windows now.
Rudolph Tokaryev (7 months ago)
This new version lastest working the program required microsoft visual сс+2017.it is not excluded оthey call a error for running.This link has a 100% working software https://yadi.sk/d/KYY2D1Uy3KF5JV
Lorna Poole (7 months ago)
anime_ virus (7 months ago)
i just installed windows 7 on my pc cuz i dont like win10 i tryed to install nvidia graphics card on my pc but it didnt work does it work on win7 too?
Mayank Keshil (6 months ago)
I think yes all NVIDIA drivers work on Windows 7. At least i have NVIDIA on my PC so it should be able to work.
Ernests (8 months ago)
Péter Dobos (3 months ago)
he's house zombie
Aydin Norozi (8 months ago)
please someone help i downloaded adrenalin driver and i get black screen when i starting my pc i can't doing anything
Megah_ (8 months ago)
when I installed the amd driver the cursor continues to freeze
Abraham Laplante (8 months ago)
did it sed photoshop
Obelawe (8 months ago)
Sorry, this file is infected with a virus Only the owner is allowed to download infected files. what the fuck man hope you get black listed you force people to sub thumb down reported
TechGeeker (8 months ago)
I'm not a sadist or any kind of that. Please check yourself before commenting on anything. You can check whether the file contains a virus or not by using this website: https://www.virustotal.com/ (or any antivirus) don't always believe those stupid google chrome. One more thing, I'm not forcing anyone to subscribe, There are two links given in the description and clearly, I mentioned that one is direct and another one is subscribed to unlock link. Old google chrome won't download the file due to some bug. Try with Mozilla or any other browser. Don't shout without knowing completely.
Manish Verma (8 months ago)
I have uninstalled my amd graphics card driver because of you and now I am not getting how to install amd radeon r4 graphics for win 10 32 bit version , its all your fault I have disliked your video . you are chutiya
Manish Verma (8 months ago)
I will work on it and reply you soon
TechGeeker (8 months ago)
If you uninstalled your Graphics driver and not able to install then simply reboot your system instead of disliking the video And using bad words . Your default driver will be installed automatically
Awesomedjd (8 months ago)
this isn't how you do it. you right-click your desktop screen, and click AMD radeon settings. click the home button then click updates. click check for updates and then download the newest one.
Yiff God (8 months ago)
Dont fall for it it its fake
Masik All (9 months ago)
Poor 2D performance on Radeon drivers version 15.7 - 18.7.1. "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" works 10-50 times faster, than the RADEON driver on Windows 7. This is absurd! Unfortunately, the bug low 2D performance is present on RADEON drivers only. http://www.overclock.net/forum/70-ati-drivers-overclocking-software/1704016-fall-fps-10-50-times-after-radeon-driver-installation.html https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/114492-poor-2d-performance-new-graphics-cards.html
Maristel Sanchez (9 months ago)
Guys Need Help, can't see the Additional Radeon Settings anymore. I need it for Dual Grahics. :( anyone knows?
Dank Finn (9 months ago)
it's taking me to support page?
el youtuber noob (9 months ago)
Anchit Singh (9 months ago)
Buddy where is Display option in your settings?
M7m4dX3z (9 months ago)
I can't control the brightness after installing AMD Radeon HD 7640g
Super Cool (8 months ago)
Bad driver restore to older older version of that driver
Tomii Gameplays (9 months ago)
Aura Grind25 (9 months ago)
I have a intel 630 i want a higher one know how
Sypticle (8 months ago)
WolfGamingYT lel, real website is .com but it has a virus and i dont want anyone to download that :/
Chqdyy (8 months ago)
you got me, its a joke web lol
Sypticle (9 months ago)
go here DownloadMoreRam.net
iPhoneixStrike (9 months ago)
bro help me i have laptop and it has amd radeon r5 m430 but when i install a driver from amd S official site i am openin device manager display adapter in there it shows amd radeon r5 m330 how can solve it ?
Faris Chamoun (9 months ago)
Seach device manager and click you grahics card and driver update
Rocketdcp (9 months ago)
Thanks soo much this helped me fix my computer after countless hours of trying to figure it out.
Void Dark (9 months ago)
Rocketdcp did it work
Myth of Cupid (9 months ago)
can someone help me my amd radeon settings is missing please i dont have money to repair my laptop
Myth of Cupid (9 months ago)
TechGeeker after i installed radeon settings with ver. 18.7 after i restart my laptop got black screen and i dont know how to fix this😢😢 now i need money to repair it
TechGeeker (9 months ago)
+Myth of Cupid you don't have to spent any money bro. It maybe you haven't installed amd radeon catalyst control center..
Sadeek Chalise (9 months ago)
Madurchod pele nai bata nai sakta tha ki update kar sakte heh!! Pura uninstall karne ke baad pata chala
Golden Undead (10 months ago)
Mayank Keshil (6 months ago)
Why are you chatting? Get a new un-chatter.
Bosnian ProEF (10 months ago)
if you have amd just type in windows search amd and click "amd radeon settings" then check for updates if you have updates just install it
Krunzys (10 months ago)
chupa me a piça
Welp-Help (10 months ago)
loud ass intro shitty mic
Mark Kalahnikov (10 months ago)
пиздец пиздяцкий ! Он и в жизни этак все усложняет !
brother please help me ...actually i m going to download amd drivers for the first tym in my pc ( intel i3 processor) so which amd series i am able to download plzz tell me
Faris Chamoun (9 months ago)
THE WRESTLEMANIA KINGDOM amd is not intel xd
POHi (10 months ago)
hello, i followed your guide step by step but after doing everything and trying to open AMD settings i still get an error saying "radeon settings and driver versions do not match. please try again after updating to the latest version(s)" and my AMD settings dont open. I previously had nvidia 630 gt graphics card and now i went for radeon rx 550 because my nvidia graphics card fried up. its the second day im struggling to find a solution how to fix this so I could maximaze my fps instead of having 60 fps. tried doing the same thing couple times now but still no changes and im still getting the error.
JD Raiganj (10 months ago)
fake video
Faris Chamoun (9 months ago)
😂😂😂ok why is this fake fuck amd Software i will play zelda
AzureSkull (9 months ago)
JD Raiganj ur fake
TechGeeker (10 months ago)
+JD Raiganj what's fake in this?...This is a tutorial video
TheLonewolfx97YT (11 months ago)
My screen has bad quality now that i uninstalled my graphics driver please help!!!
1anPH (10 months ago)
its obvious that the loading screen has high fps...its because no frames are really running or you are not really doing anything to lower the fps...try and look up and don't do anything when in game, you will see that the fps is increasing or stabilizing.
TheLonewolfx97YT (11 months ago)
TechGeeker what game? Fortnite? Yes, but it just has really low frames per second. Usually Fortnite gets 0-4 fps for me. The loading screens get up to 15-40 fps. I dont know why the fps is so high for the loading screens.
TechGeeker (11 months ago)
+TheLonewolfx97 are you able to play the game?
TheLonewolfx97YT (11 months ago)
Nvm it fixed
TheLonewolfx97YT (11 months ago)
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! i dont even have amd radeon settings. the reason im here is cuz when i try to play fortnite on my windows 10, it says the amd graphics driver has known issues, and that it needs to be updated. this is what it says: The installed version of the AMD graphics diver has known issues. Please update to the latest version. ATI Radeon HD 4200 Installed: 8.970.100.9001 Recomended: 16.60.2711.0 IF somebody can leave a link i would be happy! Plz help. fortnite gets 3-0 fps for me.
PatQap (3 months ago)
+Hayden H we'll be happy bcz fortnite died so it's ok
Hayden H (3 months ago)
I used to have Radeon hd 4200 in my p6653w but i built a new pc. It’s not going to run Fortnite *ever.*
PatQap (5 months ago)
I fix it u have to download amd settings OMG I did it it's so ez
Whyohwhy900 (8 months ago)
TheLonewolfx97YT (9 months ago)
nathan bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh
Mahesh Borra (11 months ago)
It works for my device thanks a lot
EzMeck (11 months ago)
TechGeeker (11 months ago)
Sorry ..I will try to improve
Dhananjay Kewate (11 months ago)
I'm getting black screen... On installing amd drivers on Windows 10
Browsing (3 months ago)
i still have this problem
Master YT (4 months ago)
Guys help i went to clean uninstall utillity and i restarted my pc and i got black screen i can't see nothing even my mouse pls help
Tariq sab (6 months ago)
+Gaming Adventures how to fix it
WavyRicanBoy (7 months ago)
Couldn't have said it any better haha nice channel TechGeeker!
TechGeeker (7 months ago)
Shutdown your pc and boot it in safe mode then go to device manager and uninstall the amd gpu driver and and catalyst control center. Then restart the windows
Ikhwanul Hakim (11 months ago)
anyone got shocked by his phone notif?
motorbiker46 (1 month ago)
+Flopptartz Thought I might as well find it for you - 10:04
Flopptartz (1 month ago)
When was it
motorbiker46 (4 months ago)
Almost freaking shat myself.
Raden Dimas Perdana Imam (5 months ago)
me too lol
alpha bah (11 months ago)
I did what you said i download the amd But Everytime download it.It says'' Error 175-AMD installer cannot continue Due to Unsupported AMD Graphics Hardware HELP ME SOMEONE PLEASE
EllaRblx (5 months ago)
alpha bah same
TechGeeker (11 months ago)
Are you sure you have a amd graphics card in your PC?
Bacano (1 year ago)
I have the same problem i did all the steps. i dont have additional settings but i have the version 18.4.1 can u help me?
Bacano (1 year ago)
i need to do this: For AMD video card: Open your AMD Catalyst Control Center. At point "Properties (Digital Flat-Panel)" (found under "Desktops and Displays" > "My Digital Flat-Panels") needs the hooks to be removed at "Show only TV resolutions".
Bacano (1 year ago)
i have the same grafics card that u have and i needed catalyst control center how can i get it?
john jackson (1 year ago)
when i go in controll panel display adapters dont come
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Okey skip that part and go to AMD website and download the software and install
Janji (1 year ago)
Christopher Jacobs (1 year ago)
Bro i do not kno what happened but i watched a video â i s Told me to go in device manager and elete ur amd and redownload it but it not work everytime i load the download it telling me already downloaded and i tried fortnitr and its telling me get version or summ so hellpl plzzz
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Are you trying to download amd driver by using auto installer?..Try to download mannully according to your model no: ....if you still face problem, Then reboot your PC it will install older driver then try to update it without uninstalling it
Love Anime (1 year ago)
I am confuse I did everything it AMD Software said I have 16.50.2011 but when I try to load a game it said I have the 13
Thomas Brandt (1 year ago)
Thomas Brandt (1 year ago)
Let me tell you, recent updates of Windows and new AMD drivers like Adrenalin ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. If you have a working rig DO NOT UPDATE IT as Microsoft and AMD do not work with each other in making each others products compatible. You the user are left to get screwed and they both could care less. I now have had two computers corrupted because of this issue and from the looks of it online, many thousands more are having the same issues. Until AMD and Microsoft get their act together, buy Nvidia , use Ubuntu and don't look back.
Splash (2 months ago)
Rachmad Kurniawan pls tell me that works
Raged Clasher (2 months ago)
+Drop Dead i have the same problem and same graphics card, did you figure it out? If you did please share it with me.
MrBochie Da2nd (3 months ago)
I7 3770. I threw in my R7 360 oc instead. I think once I get an aftermarket motherboard I'll be able to use my rx 560. Could also be my card bugging out. I've seen people use 570's and 80's.
PichuGamer YT (3 months ago)
Good thing i read comments before watching..
MrBochie Da2nd (3 months ago)
+Drop Dead what processor do you have?
DJ SkellexX (1 year ago)
Because theres empty files
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Which are?
DJ SkellexX (1 year ago)
It wont let me add fortnite
DJ SkellexX (1 year ago)
How do u put fortnite on this settings
AAMANDA GAMING (1 year ago)
this will surely help you who stiil get additional settting problem....https://youtu.be/nzmCC4T0N-k
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
It's not additional settings bro.Its Switchable gpu ...There is already a video about that in my channel https://youtu.be/bEVeVOyMb3c Gud job :)
Dis Demon (1 year ago)
You the best of the sh!t but you better thanks man
Isaac Don't worry (1 year ago)
Help So i update and then the screen goes black and after a while it completely turns of so i turn it back on go and check and it says it has updated but i go to the device manager and see an exclamation mark next to the display and now it takes long for my laptop to boot up. And it doesn't even show the sign in screen And i still have R6
Isaac Don't worry (1 year ago)
TechGeeker thank you for the help someone else is currently in use of the laptop so as soon as i get it back i will take your tip and see how it goes Thank you
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Sure, it's my pleasure to help you... You try to reset the driver by clean uninstalling it (use AMD official uninstaller)....Then restart your PC....note your amd gpu and try to download correct driver from their website
Isaac Don't worry (1 year ago)
TechGeeker i did the auto detect one And thanks for getting back for me so quik
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Did you downloaded the correct version of driver.I recommend you to uninstall the current amd driver and software(like shown in the video)...After you completely remove the driver and software just restart you PC then you default driver will be restored....
Despina Marantidou (1 year ago)
When i restarted my pc all the icons were bigger.How can i reset it?
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Right click on the desktop and select views=>small/medium icon
Maťo (1 year ago)
Thank You so much. Awesome. :)
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Sure bro, Don't forget to subscribe for more videos
iDoTrade Gaming (1 year ago)
I dont geeet it! I do it but it says its up to date and its in the version of 13.???.??? but I wanna play fortnite that needs 16.???.??? (/._.)/
FightingDJ95 (11 months ago)
iDoTrade GT me too brooo
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Try this : http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/amd-radeon-adrenalin-edition-18-3-4-driver-download.html
Papa Emeritus (1 year ago)
i have that same 16 thing problem
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
You done a clean install?
Leon Safal (1 year ago)
I have graphics r7 m440 but after installation it shows r7 m340 what tp do?
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
No problem. m440 is the upgraded version of m340, Both of them use same hardware and so both m440 and m340 have same driver. Your gpu is working perfectly fine..
John Oliver Caporal (1 year ago)
ive tried so many thing but this is the only thing that works in my laptop Thank you bro this is big help
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Glad to hear that...
yeswanth yeswanth (1 year ago)
Thanks bro,its working
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Welcome bro
lemuhnn (1 year ago)
my AMD Radeon Settings wont open
TechGeeker (1 year ago)
Makusu's Stuff bro this is a usual problem...Try clean uninstall and then install the software as I shown in the video

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