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Retina Part 1 - An Introduction

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Text Comments (139)
syam kumar (26 days ago)
సుపెర్బ్ సుపెర్బ్ సుపెర్బ్
pooja s (27 days ago)
doctor,ur lecturer is really awesome,i gained more information .thank you so much doctor.
remon ranje (1 month ago)
Sir lungs function and asthma diseases medicine tell me
Maria Thokchom (1 month ago)
Dear sir!! Please make a video on lens
Edmond Muthee (1 month ago)
I felt like I just read 10 books ....and this was only an introduction!! Much love from Kenya sir. You are one of a kind
gayathiri kazil (1 month ago)
kully singh (2 months ago)
Sir - do you have a school where one can attend? I can’t seem to find any information sir . Please advise
aisha khan (2 months ago)
Honourable Sir in future I will follow your teaching methodology. InshAllah. Its super way to deliver lecture.👍🌷 Sir Stay blessed now and forever along me. Ameen suma Ameen
Joao (2 months ago)
Wow... it's very amazing to watch a passionate, competent teacher! It's better than watch any sports! Thanks for sharing!
jeevan Upadhyay (3 months ago)
dear Sir there is nay technology for damage retina replacements & treatments 7509068609
prabhu devendran (3 months ago)
Please do anatomy of cornea, lens and choroid?
吳芷嫻 (3 months ago)
thank you professor !! your video really helps me a lot :)
raj kajania (3 months ago)
I don't understand where is ora sarrata in the eye
pakistan zindabad (3 months ago)
How we can buy sir najeeb's lectures??
Karthik Thiagarajan (4 months ago)
Repetition is at the heart of good teaching. He uses this device beautifully, in a way that doesn't bore the audience, but continuously reinforces the central points of the subject he is teaching. Great job, sir!
Dr S Raja (4 months ago)
Wow.. Great.. Thanks sir
jyotismita sarma (5 months ago)
Sir, ur explanation is wonderful n spectacular.. My basics about retina r very much clear through ur explanation.. hope u give other lectures on other topics about eye too.. Teachers around d world should take inspiration from u... Thanks for ur effort...
vijetha pai (5 months ago)
Thank you so much Dr. For making such videos n making us to understand the concept 😊💖
Saahil Khan (6 months ago)
I feel soo lucky that i born in this era where Dr najeeb exists ,this living legend is my inspiration ,i love u sir from india God bless u
Areeba Jameel (6 months ago)
You are such a blessing for medical students we really love you soo much Jazakallah for your lectures ❤
Jabanita Roy (6 months ago)
Sir l am a big fan of you. But l don't know how to sign up your channel.
Farah Quadri (6 months ago)
Epic explanation sir! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
GILANG SEKARFITRI (6 months ago)
I respect of your lecture, sir. It's interactive. I appreciate when u give an open question like "am i clear? " or "any question after these? " thx Sir, u made the eye anatomy easy to learn. God bless u.
Arooj Kanwal (6 months ago)
Thank you so much
subu (7 months ago)
Hats off to u sir.... U make medical students who can't afford a tuition / classes to understand easily...
subu (6 months ago)
Thank you sir for liking
Smruti Ranjan swain (7 months ago)
Sir... You are the best.....
mohwwwxxammad ashfaque (7 months ago)
Thank you sir Your vedios is most important 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Syl Shoemaker (7 months ago)
Can somebody please write down why the optic nerve shouldn't be called as a nerve? It's a part from the brain, ok, but it's still a brain nerve? Please help 😊 Because of the axons from the retina?
It is not part of the PNS like ither nerves and is not myelinated by Schwan cells. It is an extension of the CNS and Diencephalon.
Mehrnaz Razzazan (7 months ago)
Thanks alot
Bandari Rajadharma reddy (8 months ago)
Sir your lectures are awesome. But I have a doubt why rods and cones are added only behind the ciliary body and why not in the double layer surrounding the ciliary body. Waiting for your answer.
Roopchand Makhija (8 months ago)
Please Explain in Hinđi also
Aqib Javed (8 months ago)
v. good teaching
Patel Hkg (8 months ago)
sorry to say but it is little costly for nurses and other medical student other than doctor but the lecture are worthy ...... thanx to dr najeeb but sir kindly give some more concession in festival time so that poor people like me can also get access to your valuable lecture..sorry to say but it is little costly for nurses and other medical student other than doctor but the lecture are worthy ...... thanx to dr najeeb but sir kindly give some more concession in festival time so that poor people like me can also get access to your valuable lecture..v
Mohamed Monem (8 months ago)
شكرا جزيل great thanks from egypt
Rochellane Mariano (8 months ago)
hey, if anyone else wants to learn about online courses for anatomy and physiology try Letza Simple Anatomy Lessons ( search on google)? I've heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.
Tajudeen Abidat (9 months ago)
the lecture is super good, thank u DOC
Geetha J (9 months ago)
Sir u r osm sir .....
All in One (10 months ago)
Any vedio of glaucoma ?? Like this vedio?
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Yuvakshi singh (10 months ago)
sir...u just made it so simple nd easy....ur knowledge is just unexplainable...thnks alot fr uploadng such lectures...... !! again salute to ur efforts 😇😇
Nitesh Chaudhary (10 months ago)
Very good about of retina thanks for you
Dr Mohamed Ahmed (11 months ago)
sir dr najeeb thank you for understanding teaching
Admasu Diga (11 months ago)
Your lecture is very nice, keep it up!
Arslan Amjad (11 months ago)
Retina coloboma thek hu skta hy sir
Mahima pandey (11 months ago)
Sir, thank you It is better for become intelligent
Hari Gopal (11 months ago)
Excellent explanation sir thank you
Hajir Hameed (11 months ago)
Great creator sobhan allah And amazing explanation
Deepak Pathak (1 year ago)
Thank you so much sir dr deepak pathak MS shalakya Patanjali bharitya ayurvigyan Institute haridwar
Sachin Yadav (1 year ago)
HafiZur RaHmaan (1 year ago)
Great lecture..I love it..
Rajesh Bang (1 year ago)
Sir, Dr told me that your retina is week and suggest for retinal laser, so i took laser treatment, but i have problem now, some black dots comes while in bright light outside generally, and some pain in eye, would u help me.
Aswineen Tennakoon (1 year ago)
Fun and learning.
Maria Clarita Asong (1 year ago)
awesome professor!
deepak verma (1 year ago)
Sir seriously you are great...god bless u always
Alok Singh (1 year ago)
sir plzz give us a full lecture of error and refraction and eye disease.
Sony Sweety (1 year ago)
Dr.najeeb sir please upload uveal tract,lens anatomy and about uveitis, cataract..
Sujitha Paidipamula (1 year ago)
all I can say is thanq so much from bottom of my heart sir
tING tONY (1 year ago)
Dear Sir, thank you so much for these videos. Words cannot express my gratitude.
Bernard Tsegaw (1 year ago)
great thank for Dr Najeeb. He is really the wisest professor.....
prashanth potharaj (1 year ago)
13:26 someone asked,"what is the function of retinal pigmented epithelium?" The main functions of the RPE are (1) Transport of nutrients, ions, and water (2) absorption of light and protection against photooxidation, (3) reisomerization of all-trans-retinalinto 11-cis-retinal, which is a key element of the visual cycle, (4) phagocytosis of shed photoreceptor membranes..... Thank u sir Dr. Najeeb ....😊 ur vedios made me quite easy n excited.....😊
kausar ramzan (1 year ago)
excellent lectures
تعلم الطب (1 year ago)
l ask my god to bless your wife
Anjali Jadhav (1 year ago)
sir your vidio is awesome but i wants vidio on pain and bones plz make some vidio on this topic please sir....,thanku
Eagle Eye (1 year ago)
from bangladesh ,, thnx sir. mujhe usmle karneko maan karta hai.. par kya karuh pata nehi hai. maine intern kar raha hu sir..
El Patron (1 year ago)
is it really saclera?
Jeevitha raghu (1 year ago)
thank you soo much sir ur lectures are very clear and understandable
Deli Vulcanescu (1 year ago)
Great lectures Dr.Najeeb!Keep up the good work!
you sir are my hero!
Nelly Hoffman (1 year ago)
Thank you dr najeeb for simply being the best lecturer ,,, Keep up the great work !
Mansha Nasir (1 year ago)
Finally It's all clear in my head. thank you so much !!
Mandeeq Mohamed (1 year ago)
thank u so much dr najeeb. may Allah grant u jannah
misab ismail (1 year ago)
Sir over all ur lecture is very much knowledgable every one will understand easily but if u include word by word meanings of names it will b superior to every one
Sohel T (2 years ago)
Dr. Najeeb, your lectures are very informative and make conceptual understanding very easier. I hope that your videos reach at all four corners of the Earth
imen derardja (2 years ago)
Kiran Jaggal (2 years ago)
thnku so much sir... no one can teach like u thnku soo kuch
TUBECIOSO (2 years ago)
27:05 minute You said macula lutea is 5 to 6 cm, (Is mm not cm) thank you this lecture help me so much.
Louis Cloete (11 months ago)
Please provide more information on coloboma: especially part called : cat eyes
Ibrahim Atif (11 months ago)
the whole eye ball is approximately 2 cms in diameter from inside 😂 It's just a slip of the tongue, even before the summary I didn't think it was a big deal
ruplekha ghosh (1 year ago)
Sohel T (2 years ago)
marwa khaliq he's a very committed teacher.
TUBECIOSO (2 years ago)
+marwa khaliq Yes I noticed the correction after my comment. thanks
بسمة امل (2 years ago)
thank you docter this video is very useful
GARIMA Thapa (2 years ago)
thnk yuh 😊😊
Saurav Raut (3 months ago)
Are you from Nepal?
GARIMA Thapa (1 year ago)
Dr. Najeeb Lectures thank yuh much sir....your vdeos are really really helpful..Infact I attended my test only by watchng ur vdeos and I got really good marks😊😊
ashwin reddy (2 years ago)
Thank u Sir!!! This was very useful.Thanks a lot.
Mohammed Alaa (2 years ago)
thank you doctor you always make it clear
Laszlo Kaizer (2 years ago)
What makes his lectures very impressive is the depth of knowledge, the combination of manual skills and the amount of information behind. Though I am also a medical professional teaching essentially pathologyI think these type of lectures are much superior to most of our ppt presentations. Great thanks and congratulation from Hungary
sacad Axmed (10 months ago)
Laszlo Kaize
Shaz Ghulam (1 year ago)
Indeed..couldn't agree more.. Congrats on the very superb job...n Thank you...
Feimata Yokie (2 years ago)
thanks for imparting knowledge in me about the eye.
Shiwani Sharma (2 years ago)
sir thanku soo much yours lectures are too gud
Great doctor 💫thanks alot
Yash Pratap (2 years ago)
Sir I am wondering is there any method to print 3D fully functioning eye. how do image received at ratina converted into brain sensitive signal.
Sara20 (2 years ago)
Thanx dr. This video so benefits to me 😄😄
Talib E Dua (2 years ago)
its a sea of knowledge not a lecture so impressive ,,,,,,,,
tom halevy (2 years ago)
Dr. Najeeb thank you very much, your lectures are amazing. Just one question, as I got confused. I thought that in fundoscopy the optic disc will look yellow/bright and the Fovea (macula) will look darker. But in the video you say the opposite. Can you please clarify it. Thank you
pritam kumar mondal (2 years ago)
thank you sir......
ALI MD (2 years ago)
thank you Dr. Najeeb
akanksha jaswal (2 years ago)
Thankyou sir. I've never had such a clear understanding of Retina before this :)
Arun John (2 years ago)
u r awesome sir no words to describe ur greatness and work truly amazing
JR (2 years ago)
Doc I have a question my cousin 15 years old when to a trip and when she came back she could not see anything from one eye she did not have any light perception they did the OCT and visual test and she fail she end up having a retina detachment why please help the doc did surgery she can now see blurry anyways she did nit have any trauma or no complaints before it happen from one day to the next thanks
Saahil Khan (6 months ago)
JR if ur cousin is suffering from retinal detachment sorry to say that she cant see on the rest of her life coz RD is treated only in the intial stage where pt can easily see and if blindness happens that meanz RD is fully developed which is not cured at all
Omar Saleem (2 years ago)
No words can describe what a gigantic and beautiful work you produced.
Khaled Mutwally (2 years ago)
extremely awesome.. u always the best... hats off to u dr Najeeb
Nassy h (2 years ago)
i love youuu!
The Prince20 (2 years ago)
Such a great Dr, I hope that teachers all around the world learn from you! Much respect
srivani sri (11 months ago)
The Prince20 lgswsz,, me
Sathya Gowda (2 years ago)
respected sir the living legend of medicine i wanted to tell you my own feelings and experience,CNS system which never entered to my (CNS) brain - you made it so simple to understand difficult system. hats off to you in fact i wanted to join live lecture. where is these are conducted i am working at present in Oman
pei broker (2 years ago)
great, thanks...
AKILAN SAKTHIVEL (2 years ago)
Thanks sir
Hemant Rana (2 years ago)
Thank u Dr.Najeeb.You make our concepts strong.
Hemant Rana (2 years ago)
Thank u Dr.Najeeb.You make our concepts strong.

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