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Futures Spread Trade Setup - In 5 Minutes

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Futures Spread Trade Setup shows a Calendar Spread setup example, with eurodollar futures. Spread trading reduces systemic risk and margin requirements. Tracking the spread as it hits support and resistance provides setup points. Risk management is important, as the trader can get lulled into a predictable pattern.
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Ron Johnson (8 months ago)
Can you trade spreads with the same month. Example trading ZN ZB in the bond market.
Kay P (8 months ago)
Sure, thats the well known NOB-Spread, Notes Over Bonds.
Hi Peter. We can't/don't recommend brokers. However, I can point you to a broker that is very knowledgeable in spread trading . Craig Turner at Daniels Trading is at [email protected] You can Google him and see some of his thoughts. Good luck!
Peter Chen (1 year ago)
hello, which broker is best for spreads trading? how much is the commissions? thank you.
Glenn Weinstein (1 year ago)
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