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RX 580 & 570 Review - AMD Strikes Back... at AMD???

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No, Vega is not here yet... but we do have some pretty slick new Polaris cards from AMD. Should you pick one up? Tunnelbear sponsor link: Try Tunnelbear for free at https://www.tunnelbear.com/LTT and save 10% Feenix sponsor link: Feenix Autore Backlit keyboard: http://geni.us/KXorN Buy Radeon RX 580 on Amazon: http://geni.us/KMQxH Buy Radeon RX 570 on Amazon: http://geni.us/vakc6M Discuss on the forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/768300-rx-580-and-570-review/ Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/75969-linus-tech-tips-affiliates-referral-programs-and-sponsors Linus Tech Tips Merchandise: http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/LinusTechTips/ Linus Tech Tips Posters: http://crowdmade.com/linustechtips https://twitter.com/linustech http://www.facebook.com/LinusTech Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712 Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana Sound effects provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/
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Text Comments (4869)
NOMEDIA (5 days ago)
Disliked for bad puns
jack chester (6 days ago)
just replaced my 1050ti cerberus with strix rx 580 i'm really impressed i'm getting 60 fps on ultra 1080p for 300 aussy dollars that's incredibe doubt i'll be going back to nvidia any time soon.
Pradyumna Deadman (6 days ago)
Is Linus pro Nvidia?
alejandro khalifato (8 days ago)
i just want the rx 570 cuz is better than the gtx 1050 ti xd
Lincoln (9 days ago)
I am a fourth grader.. and have been saving for ages.. but I am building my first Gaming Computer and I got the 570 for fortnite, Battle Grounds, Overwatch, Battlefield 1 etc, etc. Anyway this was a great review!
Dilanatha Sandaruwan (10 days ago)
Fx6300 and Red Devils RX570 in my pc
Steve Dvernichuk (11 days ago)
Hell of a mining card that rx 580
Would I be able to play VR with an AMD R9 380?
Warzed Arcanist (14 days ago)
5:52 thew rx 580 performed better than a 1070 whatth efuck ???!
Professor Autismo (14 days ago)
i have a 560 lol
Ahsan Farooq (19 days ago)
how much FPS would i get on AC-Origins with these i5 -3470 RX 570 8GB RAM
John Johnson (22 days ago)
this card is shit xfx r580 dont buy cant stream and play at the same time and some times just shut down while playing always saying a problem with mantel i had r9 270 and it did fine im done with amd cards going with the green guys asap
Siegbert schnösel (24 days ago)
No overclock no me. 1060 is still superior.
Toast Huawei (28 days ago)
RX 580 + i5 6600K will there be any bottlenecking?
Jacob Leyhe (29 days ago)
my soul left my body when Linus laughed.
Cooki3 Cutt3r - (1 month ago)
Pfft, nothing compared to my laptops intel HD 620 integrated godlike gaming graphics. It has 500000gb Of VRAM and DDR67
Sushovan Sarkar (1 month ago)
i never able to buy any high-end graphic card but your reviews are very good help me lot (this is my first comment so sorry if i say anything wrong)
D4SALAD (1 month ago)
Hey Linus where can I get that jacket?
MadScientist (1 month ago)
I have the RX580 8GB Laptop version in my dell all-in-one with a ryzen 5. I can actually play Warthunder or ESO at high 4k resolution 32" computer Monitor and even Star citizen at high on 1080p no problem; all at 60FPS. However I like using radeon chill (45-60fps) so my m-type GPU doesn't over heat in the all-in-one, give it time to cool down during less intense gaming. Plus i can't see the diff in 45/60 with games play.
MadScientist (1 month ago)
Wish I could work with you Linus :P
RED REBEL (1 month ago)
liked the video before it started because ik its gonna be a banger
Litch The Shinigami (2 months ago)
Here i am with the 570 and a monitor that can’t handle it at all so you end up having whay seems like lagg.. oh also i’m rocking an i3 cuz i’m a rebel 😂
TheBonerJamz03 (2 months ago)
im trying to get a used rx 580 8gb used for $150 or less i feel is like my personal I WIN situation
SilverDragon Gaming (2 months ago)
How long do you think this graphics card would last
Luis Madrigal (2 months ago)
When will 1060s go down to 220 again 😤
NathzzZ05 (2 months ago)
Gtx 1050 ti $134???? I paid $250
NotNok (2 months ago)
his hands are yellow...
Alpha-X_ Endeavor (2 months ago)
I have a 240 it runs fortnite at 30 FPS low settings can’t wait to get the 580 or 570
Josee (2 months ago)
Great question.......
Vito Scaletta (3 months ago)
Slightly better than a 1060
altiktik101 (3 months ago)
이섹히 꼬라지는왤캐보기실냐
jason lynch (3 months ago)
hes such a green team fanboy....this was a AMD video, but of course he brings out the green cards....
Light 5bolt (3 months ago)
lel the screen tearing tho
tonkatoytruck (3 months ago)
Would this card run Premiere Pro satisfactorily or should I spend more for video editing?
Hicham Gouchida (3 months ago)
Give me RX580 please. thanks
Hicham Gouchida (3 months ago)
Give me RX580 please. thanks
Yoshi (3 months ago)
3:51 1337 hp, lol.
Brown Trout (4 months ago)
think you can run thru comparison chart a little faster next time lol
Ian Escher (4 months ago)
Rx 580 at launch: 229$ Rx 580 now: 360$ I f****** love bitcoins
Cornee (4 months ago)
580 still works fine, how many titles can take full advantage of newer cards =/
hokiturmix (4 months ago)
HEAT IS !!! thermal throthrthrthtrellling is grrrrrrrrrr Best xfx rx580 here
BLC (4 months ago)
This guy is terrible. The channel curates great content but the host is so hard to watch, he's so damned corny!
Johnson M (4 months ago)
Sir I have a question can i attach asus rx580 dual oc edition of 2 graphic cards on gigabyte aorus x470 gaming 5 Reply me sir
Arik Ahmed (4 months ago)
Welll nvidea is gonna launch the 1100 versions
LikeIwould (4 months ago)
Amd 1700(or 2700) + Rx580 = my new Pc
Lucas Peterson (4 months ago)
Over a year later seeing a 1060 6gb for 200$ makes me cry
UncommonGaming (4 months ago)
Amd, dma, dam, *MAD* Also going with gtx 1060 6gb.
TheUwaisPatel (4 months ago)
Shame they didn't test Radeon chill
Vincent Bok (4 months ago)
Got a feeling this is gonna be all star wars Jokes....
TGRC (5 months ago)
What I should buy with my Ryzen 7 1700..GTX 1060 or Rx580 ???? Plz someone tell me!!!
kaptinsaveaho3 (5 months ago)
fire pooer made me subscribe to the channel
BIOSHOCKFOXX (5 months ago)
when AMD doesn't have anyone to strike back at but itself.
Sir Phantasmic (5 months ago)
ΛVX (5 months ago)
5:57 how the hell did the 1060 3gb variant beat the 6gb variant... not only does the 1060 3gb have less vram, its also a weaker gpu!
Madhav Trivedi (6 months ago)
4:17 well that was something amd btw
Hicham Gouchida (6 months ago)
give me one please
MemeSong TV (6 months ago)
Looks like 1060 3gb who's cost like iphone. Better buy this and enjoy
Aiden Parsons (6 months ago)
I overclocked my 580
Thisura Yapa (6 months ago)
Nice intro man😂👍
I don’t know whether to go with 1060 or 580 please help
Beau FFA (6 months ago)
i bought the rx 580 can i run withcer 3 wild unt
Mitchell M. (6 months ago)
...those prices... PLEASE give me those prices back 😭😭😭
romeoguitar (6 months ago)
what would be best card for Pes 2018 or FIFA 2018 @ 1080p or even 4K ? Rx 580 8gb or GTX 1060 6gb ? thanks again love ur channel
stevin47 (6 months ago)
next build im thru with amd. no more bs
MR, ILLUSION (6 months ago)
The reason i prefer nvidia is because the names are simple
Mazuar (6 months ago)
I am a gamer who plays cs:go a lot and I want to know, will it play cs on high settings. I’m certain it will but I want to be sure before I get that.
Clint-Excalibur71 (7 months ago)
Does anyone have linus's phone number? the RX 500X series are coming to laptops
Kevin Gelinas (7 months ago)
2:44 Love seeing these MSRPs in 2018.
Danish9248 (6 months ago)
Ikr. 580s are going for 600 dollars
Mo (7 months ago)
I love your channel
Cmdr Unkownkiller (7 months ago)
rip pc prices >={ FUCK MINERS!!!!
Cmdr Unkownkiller (7 months ago)
linus doesnt even regret his joke
netronet (7 months ago)
Would be nice if you could find any of these RX 580's at the prices or close to the prices listed in the video. Is the hike in price just due to bitmining?
FlyingPenguins (8 months ago)
I might get amd because free sync.
TheNotSoSerious Dude (8 months ago)
4:19 when a cockroach lands on u
LetsTalkStudios (8 months ago)
Nice video
test 2 (8 months ago)
lol their marketing campaigns are like communist soviet propoganda
Lee Bakker (8 months ago)
RIP GPU pricing
M4TT YN (8 months ago)
damn when *570's & 580's* were in price reach fuck m8
funkierfawn budgie (8 months ago)
Linus pls explain 5:52
Carlos Caraballo (8 months ago)
I wish those prices still existed
ratzikratzi (9 months ago)
GPU prices before Mining. :( makes me sad. because I like blockchain. But also hate GPU prices now. And who wants to buy a used GPU that has been running 24/7 for 3-12 month?
Magolor (9 months ago)
4:19 lil pump laugh right there
Harrison Hobs (9 months ago)
The best deals online for graphics cards everyone has been talking about.. https://btcincome.xyz?raf=ref0773439 You will be glad you saw this.. Just got my GTX 1080Ti and it’s a beast.. Thank me later.
QuantumS1ngularity (9 months ago)
5:52 ... WTF is happening with GTA V ? Did Linus really think the scores at 5:52 and 5:55 don't need any further explanation ? Especially with what is maybe the most populat game from all listed ? 25% change just from switching the platforms (AMD to Intel) is kind of a big thing. Just look at the scores at 5:52 and than 5:55. Such big anomaly isn't normal.
Sonu03785 (9 months ago)
fuck AMD
The Wrecktangle (9 months ago)
Why does he stop for laughs when no one is laughing?
ThatOneUglyKid (9 months ago)
How the hell does a rx 580 beat the gtx 1070 on GTA V
Milos Kljajic (9 months ago)
this is so funny in early 2018 lol
Zsavage1 (9 months ago)
what is greatly Exaggerated is the nvidia performance over AMD, how can you base your info on generic benchmarks and especially NON stock cards sent from Asus and Nvidia.. who are known very well for tweeking cards for benchmarks ... but hey what do I know, I've only read this kind of foul play by nvidia, for the last 20 years.. if you want to really level the field try making sure the cards are all set the SAME as in LOD settings and so on.. if I remember correctly Nvidia sets theirs factory LOCKED to 0.00 where as AMD is -1.0 can make a big difference when benching and also the graphic quality drops on nvidia at the cost of giving them about a 10% boost in FPS... if your going to compare.. at least do it realistically
Kuntal Ghosh (9 months ago)
but now the cards cost +500$ for rx570 because of all the fucking miners!
silverbullet (10 months ago)
@ 4:20 should we tell him about ravenridge? In notebooks? Lol
Duncan Firth (10 months ago)
When paired amd 580 and a free sync monitor it seems to be much cheaper than getting nvidia and a g sync monitor. What u think?
Duncan Firth (10 months ago)
Was an amd ryzen cpu performance better than with i5 or i7 paired with 580?
John Daman (10 months ago)
I miss the low prices in this video.
Jan Rosovic (10 months ago)
Why you guys test overclocked cards when most people dont overclock?
CreeshOfficial (10 months ago)
I wanted to buy an AMD card to support them, but the performance for the price is terribble
Derek Jonez (10 months ago)
I'm still waiting on Vega. Can't find one near MSRP anywhere. Newegg and Amazon stopped even listing RX 56's at all for a few weeks. They are back, but out of stock or from third party sources at $1300 and more.
ZCG Ignitor (10 months ago)
What's in the canister? ... I could tell ya. But then i'd have to kill ya...
David McGroarty (10 months ago)
I wish AMD would stop being retarded and release something that's actually competitive. Seriously AMD you are giving me no choice but to get Nvidia gpu's which I dont mind but still! I wish I had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better options to choose from. -_-
Nitzan Amihai (10 months ago)
In israel the rx 580 4gb costs less than the 1060 3gb!
FenderBender _ (10 months ago)
Radeon chill sounds unnecessary most esports games like csgo and tf2 already have an in game max fps setting.

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