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Double Calendar Spread Option Trading Strategy

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More at http://options-trading-mastery.com/double-calendar-spread.html The double calendar spread is a very safe option strategy which profits consistently - provided you know exactly what to do when price action threatens it.
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Sheshagiri Pai (29 days ago)
Why can't we do it for a Credit. Is there a disadvantage to buying a near month and selling a later month option at the same strike. ?
Siddhesh Tulaskar (10 months ago)
Double Calendar Spreads. Suppose the Call side debit is 3.18 and put side debit is 3.4, so my margin required will be the most money I can lose 3.4 * 100 i.e., 340 usd or it will be 3.18 + 3.4 = 6.58 *100 i.e., 658 usd?
Irene Scott (6 months ago)
Depends on your brokers rules

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