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Best Practice for iPhone: diagnosis decision support

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http://itunes.apple.com/app/best-practice-decision-support/id378368562 Have confidence in your clinical decisions! Check guidelines and evidence, consult expert opinion, brush up on rare conditions, and confirm that you are taking the correct course of action. Download the free Best Practice app from the App Store Quick, easy access is ideal for clinicians, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners and trainers. Authoritative information (from the world-renowned BMJ Evidence Centre) is structured around the patient consultation, providing quick answers to questions about diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention. An instant second opinion, without the need for checking multiple resources. The Best Practice app includes 20 free sample topics with in-app upgrades to add content across a range of specialties. "Very impressive resource." Declan Byrne, SpR, Geriatric Medicine, Ireland "The app was well-made and very useful." Thomas Timothy, Medical Student, UK Finding answers • Browse or search across a wide range of symptoms or diseases • Sort results by category or frequency (common / uncommon) • Browse alphabetically, by category, or programme your own specialty • Zoom into images Making decisions • Rapidly review action-orientated information to support quick, evidence-based decision making • Drill down and navigate easily through information including: - summary and overview - basics including definition, epidemiology, aetiology, pathophysiology and classification - key diagnostic steps, tests and guidelines - treatment approaches and guidelines - prevention guidance - complications, prognosis and follow-up recommendations - evidence and reference links • Bookmark, annotate or email any page • Trustworthy, Comprehensive • Authoritative, peer-reviewed information • Multiple sign-off editorial process • Unrivalled breadth and depth of coverage (over 10,000 diagnoses) • Comprehensively referenced including links to cited full text articles • Integrated evidence links including evidence level scores • Embedded PDF guidelines Free topics Your app download includes 20 sample topics: • Acne rosacea • Adenocarcinoma of unknown origin • Amyloidosis • Asthma in adults • Atrial septal defects • Barrett's oesophagus • Blepharitis • Coeliac disease • Cryptosporidiosis • Dystonias • Evaluation of abdominal pain in children • Evaluation of anemia • Evaluation of aphasia • Evaluation of respiratory acidosis • Hemochromatosis • Oral leukoplakia • Orbital fractures • Polycystic kidneys • Retinoblastoma • Type 1 diabetes Easy in-app upgrades To get the best out of the Best Practice app, purchase annual subscriptions to extra content packages from within the app to meet your specific information needs: • Ophthalmology and ENT • Psychiatry • Urology and Nephrology • Rheumatology • Dermatology • General surgery and Orthopaedics • Endocrinology and metabolic disorders • Neurology and Neurosurgery • Haematology and Oncology • Cardiovascular disorders and surgery • Gastroenterology and Nutrition • Respiratory, Allergy and immunology • Geriatric medicine • Infectious diseases • Emergency and Critical care medicine • Maternal, child health and Genetics Content packages range in price from £9.99 to £59.99 for the entire content set. For size reasons, initial content package downloads exclude images. Images can be viewed when the app is online, or downloaded separately (free) for offline use.
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