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Trend Strength and Trend Following

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What is Trend Following? How to determine a trend? Francis Hunt a technical analysis trader and coach comments. I'm not a trend follower as such; I'm more a continuation of a trend breakout trader. But how do you determine where to enter a market that is trending? How do you assess the strength of a trend. Would you buy dips in an established trend? Tell us about own developed trading system: 'The Hunt Volatility Funnel' and its significance to longer term trends? What does this system involve? If you've found this video useful, please click the like button and share it with your friends and remember to SUBSCRIBE to remain up-to-date!
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Text Comments (15)
Browne Bull (1 month ago)
Great channel. Lots to learn.
ramesh sharma FB (1 month ago)
Hendrick Abs (4 months ago)
Pleas who is this men ?
Samara R.D (4 months ago)
joe caterman (9 months ago)
Llew Gibson (10 months ago)
I found your channel mate, really love the content. Liked straight away, We should connect!
Ben Brooker (11 months ago)
Great interview. Thanks.
Koketso Mokone (1 year ago)
I knew that he was South African! I could here that South Africa behind the English glaze. Wow! Is our accent that distinct?
davefxfox (1 year ago)
Max Eisenhardt (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Simple Mind (1 year ago)
Mr. Hunt explains the markets like poetry dude and all his videos are very concise & surprisingly most of his approaches are part of my method ..Christ at least I know that I'm on the right path lol
Ian G (1 year ago)
brilliant interviews and epic channel
Stern 00 (3 years ago)
Gregorezzi (3 years ago)
Being quickly wrong to see if the trade works out highly resonates with my methodology. I like this statement.

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