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Options trading strategy | Calendar spread options strategy

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This is calendar spread strategy can be use to implement on regular market and expiry day, best options expiry day strategy for banknifty ,nifty, and stock options. this strategy can be use for intraday and positional trading. if you apply this strategy properly it gives you very good returns and no loss. if market is range bound then it works very good due to time decay theta effect. if sudden move then spread protect you from any uncertain, unpredictable loss. it is very good strategy for stock market beginners. If you want to join my Learn and Earn Class Program for Mutual funds, stock market, Options and Futures Advance Learning. It is telephonic one to one and desktop screen sharing based class. Class duration is 10 days for complete course, and for futures and options it is 6 days. One hour per day class, for busy professionals there is weekend class. For fees and others details. please mail me on [email protected] whatsapp me on 7772961533 FREE DEMAT ACCOUNT IN Upstox.......................... Equity and Commodity, forex Save 520/- rupees. One of the Best discount broker of india equity delivery is free, Intraday, options, futures 20/- rs per order. whatsapp me if interested 7772961533 http://upstox.com/open-account/?f=ZO0Y If you want to open demat account in zerodha please click on below link and open your account with aadhar in just 10 minute. best broker india, lowest brokerage only 20 rs / transaction on intraday, delivery is free & high margin Broker . https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=zmpvkz
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Text Comments (117)
Ranadheer Guggilam (8 days ago)
Hi, i accept your strategy will work,however there are costs involved for every trade and on subtracting the costs incurred to take the trade ROI is very minimal,Pls correct me if i am wrong
Robert Joseph (1 month ago)
How much fund is required to trade calendar spread
Robert Joseph (1 month ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh thanks
Versatile Ashutosh (1 month ago)
apptox 80k
Chuck Harkes (2 months ago)
No habla ingles?
Sanjay Prasad Singh (3 months ago)
very good strategy, thanks. one question is " when loss may occur?"
Irafan Mansuri (3 months ago)
IF market close at 10571 then 10600 put will be 29 not 3 ....so making loss of 17 * 2 = 34 point loss
Madhavan Pb (3 months ago)
very good explanation bhai
Versatile Ashutosh (3 months ago)
shiyas mk (3 months ago)
after all this - comes the brokerage and taxes . in this case it should be ranging somwhere like 750-1000 rs [ 160 minimum brokerage + taxes]. . So we left with 2300 rs profit. Now how much capital was used. sell four lots of nifty !! -> u need big money for that in the demat. overall this may be safe / but - not pratical for a retail trader. And therefore nobody does these kind of complicated trades.
cicdsatish satish (3 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh (3 months ago)
Rishikesh Singh (3 months ago)
If market moves more than 200 points eitherway than we can see huge loss in this strategy.because puts are double.
Arindam Chattopadhyaya (3 months ago)
this same put option strategy is sold by one guru as "rare loss option strategy" at a cost of 7500.
rakesh harsh (3 months ago)
7500 में कौन है वो गुरु स्ट्रेटेजी वाले
Arindam Chattopadhyaya (3 months ago)
+KK 47 ..Yes put option spread strategy works.
KK 47 (3 months ago)
Does it work?
Manish Deshmane (4 months ago)
Thanks Sir!! Great strategy
pvasn rao (5 months ago)
Banknidty weekly option expiry me kam karega kya? pl reply
D. mainra (5 months ago)
22g sub kush theek ha but margn kitna lgega
Yash Rathore (5 months ago)
Is That strategy is work in currency ?????
Yash Rathore (5 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh thank u
Versatile Ashutosh (5 months ago)
it is option trading strategy, can be use for currency
nipendra chauhan (6 months ago)
Sir heavy momment main kya hoga please guide me kyonki joh hamne 2lot short kiye hai unka premiums bahut fast badega or far month ka one lot
Pradipta Chakraborty (6 months ago)
App ka ph no kya hai
Ashish kumar (6 months ago)
10600 ki put sold ki to 6 points milenge and not 18 as mentioned
jayanarayan patel (6 months ago)
Sir! Where is your HQ to take class room training & what is your course fee for 10 days.
Versatile Ashutosh (6 months ago)
Whatsapp me for details, see the number in video description
Ganesh Sen (6 months ago)
Sir, 75 amount common kese aya
Sheshagiri Pai (3 months ago)
That is Nifty lot size. Premium gain/loss*qty
Raju Pandit (6 months ago)
Bhai brokege bhi hoti hai..4 lot brokege 2800rs ho gye
Sheshagiri Pai (3 months ago)
Who is your broker? Rs7 per lot *2 (buy/sell) *4 lots = 56. Discount broker for such small lots costs more it will be 20*2*4 = 160. You cannot place an order for all strikes together.
Versatile Ashutosh (6 months ago)
use discount broker, 20/- per order. only
Option-Advantage (7 months ago)
Ran a backtest on Put Calendars using SPX data, selling the front month and buying the back month. 1996 - 2016 https://youtu.be/KKQsqy7kVmg
vishal padekar (7 months ago)
Sir call put writing combination kaise banaye plz sir replay me
Mohit Kohli (7 months ago)
I have an opposite observation ... Short far month and buy current month .. same strike and same quantity .. exit only the profit position and keep the losing position .. you can trade opposite to losing position next day .. either your new position will yield profit or older losing position will be in profit ... This always ends up in profit and try to short position 45 days away and buy nearer then 45 days ... This allows you to rollover safely ...
Ur strategies are awesome, Thanks, I am using Vwap, i liked that most..
Versatile Ashutosh (7 months ago)
Viren Shah (7 months ago)
Brokerage and Exchange transaction taxes will not make this strategy profitable for a low 4-5 points strategy.
Pawan kumar (9 months ago)
Nice video sir i request you to please make new video same strategy for bank nifty because it expires weekly.
Ashok Misra (9 months ago)
How can we place all the four legs of this orders at the same time and more importantly how can we exit from all 4 legs simultaneously. Is there any such option in Zerodha.
Saket Thirani (8 months ago)
Ashok Misra basket order
Ashok Misra (9 months ago)
Please confirm whether I have understood it clearly . in case of regular days : If Nifty is at 11000, we can Short one lot of 11100 Call option near month and buy one lot of 11100 Call option far month. At the same time, we should Short one lot of 10900 Put option near month and buy one lot of 10900 Put option far month. In case of expiry days, the only change will be that on both the Call and Put option of near month, we have to short 2 lots instead of 1.
ramesh jain (9 months ago)
Slippage , brokerage aur expenses dekhengey tho kya bachega
Moin Sayed (9 months ago)
Sir is strategy ki accuracy kesi hai
mrinmoy panja (9 months ago)
Thank you for this nice video. One doubt, if this strategy give this nice return why eveone is not using this including big players. As this is quite old double calender spread. But this double calender is rarely used.
sandeep gandhi (9 months ago)
Sir u r too confuse in the video
anshuman sharma (9 months ago)
Ashutosh sir amazing strategy, please answer my query, what if this strategy is applied on banknifty weekly i.e sell near week call and buy next week put same strike price, will it work the same?? Also the second part of expiry day strategy, can we use it on banknifty weekly expiry too?? Please do answer sir.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
anshuman sharma yes you can use on banknifty also, but do paper trade, because bn is very volatile
Kalpesh patel (9 months ago)
Sir please contact number
Nayan Kumar Dutta (9 months ago)
excellent video
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Nayan Dutta thanks
mani madhav (9 months ago)
Thank you Ashutoshji. All your videos are superb. Easy to understand. Could u pls inform how much margin to maintained with broker to execute this strategy and Rate of return on our capital. Tx in advance.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
mani madhav 2.5 lakh because we are holding it, return 1.5 to 2% , in just 1 day,, if you do it on intraday then 1.5lakh needed.
Rahul Gupta (9 months ago)
very nice explanation sirji, very good strategy..................thanks
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Rahul Gupta thanks
Umesh Chandra Mishra (9 months ago)
Really Sir ji thanks
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Umesh Chandra Mishra welcome
Srinivas H (9 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this strategy. Your strategies are unique and works well.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Srinivas H thanks
M S (9 months ago)
good effort
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
S M thanks
Vishal Hawale (9 months ago)
Sir for this strategy we have to invest 2-2.5 lacks or less plz explain
PERUMAL P (9 months ago)
pls provide Option Strategies (Short strangle, straddles, debit spread ratio, calendar spread) videos in english sir
PERUMAL P (9 months ago)
thanks for your reply sir
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
PERUMAL P sure , i got many request for video in english,
PERUMAL P (9 months ago)
great sir....
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
PERUMAL P thanks
Viren Shah (9 months ago)
Can we initiate calendar spread in Currency options and crude options?
anas jabir (9 months ago)
for this we want to invest around 2 lakhs,after tax and brok we will get only around 2500 only 1 percentage profit...
Swapnil Gaikwad (8 months ago)
Sourav Bose (9 months ago)
2lakh invest karkay agar 3-4 days mey 1% kama letay hai, to kaye bura hai and that too with very limited risk. FD karogay to intna nahi mileyga, na hi Mutual Fund sey
Deepak Korgaonkar (9 months ago)
Currency mein kaam krega kya..?
dr aksh dubey (9 months ago)
Bhai I love your genuine serious but simple strategies in this world of lies. Many congratulations
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
thank you very much
Money RS (9 months ago)
Liked the vedio, but plz clear that.. Does it work all the time during day before expiry??
shrikrishna sawant (4 months ago)
If nifty sharply up or down approximately 200 pts or more it will give you loss.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Hari Darshan (9 months ago)
you tube pr sudarshan sukhani ka adaptive trading ka ek video hai. iske bare me kuchh bataiye kya indicator ki kuchh nai setting ke bare me bataya gya hai. app jitna jante ho bata dijiye. agar intresting topic ho to aapki traf se ek video bhi expected hai.
Umesh J (9 months ago)
How to decide whether to go for put or call and how to choose the strike price?
Jagriti Medical (9 months ago)
Sir, Please review your video voice. Many time you have told rongly buy instead of short and there on. It creat confusition please doub it correctly once again.
WAI WONG (5 months ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh, do you explain your premium to pay or premium received and risk in your video?
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Jagriti Medical ok thanks , will sure take care in next video,
Anil Bhasein (9 months ago)
calendar call for this month if i sell 11000 call this month at 80.70 and buy next month 11000 call for 199 and hold till expiry ,, for this strategy to be successful nifty will have to close between 10945 and 11055 or else total loss ...
Best & Most (9 months ago)
Short June pe 10600 agar 3 se 18 Hui to profit kahan hua.. Loss hua..... Check ur calculation
NHN (9 months ago)
Ashutosh Bhayya Kitna Capital Lagega iss strategy ko Use Karne Keliye,aur Profit hua to Brokerage ke baad kitna Profit hoga.....Ek Chota sa video banaega pls
Anil Bhasein (9 months ago)
u r shorting near month 10600 and next month 10750 ,, |??? where is the same strike price
Pawan kumar (9 months ago)
OTM bhai
RAJAN80000 (9 months ago)
Do we need to short ITM or OTM ?
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
dear plz watch video once again, i short near month , PE 10600 and CE 10750, and buy far month PE 10600 and CE 10700.
Chaitubookey Bookey (9 months ago)
Good strategy bro..Tq
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Chaitubookey Bookey thanks
Surendra Rege (9 months ago)
Sir I just viewd ur bodeo on Calendar Spread with example of Nifty. Very Well explained . If I use this strategy for Banknifty or stocks and on days other than expiry time , then can v hold as positional or have to exit next day only ? Also can it b used for Banknifty and stocks also. ?
Surendra Rege (9 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh Thanks sir for the prompt reply.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
this strategy can be use for stocks, banknifty, nifty, but i prefer nifty and stocks. do this 2-3 days before expiry due to faster time decay of near month option or on expiry day, can be use when you think market range bound.
prakash pandey (9 months ago)
Ashutosh ji plz will you tell me how can i make loss with these strategy.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
prakash pandey if u make call spread, and market constant down trending, then till your near month call premium which you sold, if near month premium becomes zero then far month premium start decreasing , loss.......
Mahendra Bhanushali (9 months ago)
Sirji hame lot short karna matlab full margin lagega aur option buy me premium lagega.spread me brokerage aur tax add kare to kuch hath me nahi aayega
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Mahendra Bhanushali hi dear paper trade it, it gives very good profit, use discount brokerage 20/- per transaction, brokerage is not an issue.
Atin Ganatra (9 months ago)
I think your calculations samthing wrong figar we are sale put @11.50 close @3 how to profit RS.18
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Deepak Wagh (9 months ago)
You always come with good strategies...realy hats off 👍
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Atin Ganatra on expire day we sold two lot and buy one lot in spread due to sharp time decay, one lot profit is 9 point then for two lot 18 point
Ankit Kumar (9 months ago)
Nice strategy
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Ankit Kumar thanks
Atin Ganatra (9 months ago)
Supeb STRETEGY sir But one canfution in the money options sale karenge to brokreg jyada nahi lagega ??
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
one of reason condition of lose :-if you make call spread, and market continuously in down trend, then your near month short call position premium becomes zero , which protected you from lose, now further decreasing your far month call buying premium go down, start lose......
Ankit Kumar (9 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh but u not told about any loss condition
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Atin Ganatra thanks bro, i dont give strategy where fake claim huge profit but reality is different, in options people want to become carorapati overnight.
Atin Ganatra (9 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh STRETEGY is supeb sir no question for your STRETEGY Supeb sharing sir
Suneel Prabhakar (9 months ago)
How much capital we need to initiate this strategy...........pl clarify
Suneel Prabhakar (9 months ago)
Ok sir, thank you..Anyway nice strategy............keep it up
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Suneel Prabhakar not much nifty option writing need less capital than bank nifty, calendar spread protect us from loss. gives very good profit if implemented correctly, i here gave one lot example, u may take more lot. for delivery u may needs 50k , for intraday 30k for one lot spread in nifty.
Rahul Badgujar (9 months ago)
Demo dhekhao sirji
Rahul Badgujar (9 months ago)
Thanks sir
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Rahul Badgujar sure bro,

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