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Will other CryptoCurrencies see the 10,000x gain like Bitcoin?

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Will other CryptoCurrencies see the 10,000x gain like Bitcoin? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Francis Hunt, stock market trader and educator comments. Besides Ethereum and Bitcoin, in which other cryptocurrencies should we consider investing? What are the most promising ones? So when we talk about when to buy, but when to sell? Is there any cryptocurrency apart from Bitcoin right now in which I can put in around $1k now with the possibility of a great return, say, of $10,000 in 5 years time? I would put my money on the first 10 and just keep an eye on the top 25. ICO's by their very nature are highly speculative and can be risky. You can now actually buy things with Bitcoin and that's practical. Ethereum is now also coming into practical things. On the bigger sums you probably don't want to put a lot of money on new unproven cryptocurrencies.
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Text Comments (288)
Crypto.Blockchain (1 month ago)
this guy is smart
Walkmooner (2 months ago)
If I only had $1000, I'm not sure the top 10 is the best place to start to be honest.
H2da - (4 months ago)
If its Verge im filthy rich if its Eos or Miota im rich. Is it even possible for another coin to hit 10k. I can see Eth or bitcoin cash might have a chance. I do think Bitshare can make you rich tho.
AJN81 (4 months ago)
Sakeiun Sinn (5 months ago)
Jim Big (5 months ago)
This guy knows what he's talking about.
Thy Nguyen (6 months ago)
William William (6 months ago)
Neo is the one.
Jack Hays (6 months ago)
you guys should check out Ozziecoin. I am far from an expert however there is some volume and it is well under a penny per coin!I just bought a bunch . Cryptopia
Imran Ali (7 months ago)
The Alan Shearer of cryptocurrencies
Trixie Zetamún (7 months ago)
Everytime someone posts a misspelled ticker, or tells me a coin with 1 billion supply will be the next bitcoin, braincells in my mind do a dance of pain and cry out for mercy.
Biaggiotti (7 months ago)
IRS Coin to the moon
eric ozuna (7 months ago)
He just described TRON-TO THE MOON!
Crypto King (7 months ago)
No real tangible advise here.....
Jeff Santos (7 months ago)
“Potentially in 10 years”? I made that in 4 days.
cbok (7 months ago)
Litecoin, Stellar and Ripple for 2018
Peter Page (7 months ago)
Yaser Swire (7 months ago)
Verge 🌚🌚🌚🌚
Guido Leban (7 months ago)
Verge +1200% during 18 days. It's a bubble? And digybyte, bytecoin, dogecoin?
Big Bearn (7 months ago)
Pump and dump amalysis. Exchanges , trading and reserve banking should be outlawed .
Book of Eli (7 months ago)
And in the meanwhile he probably owns 100k worth of Altcoins.
Deepak Sharma neupane (7 months ago)
Litecoin will hit 10k in 2018
TheGreat Kurmi (8 months ago)
Aaron Jones (8 months ago)
what about Htmlcoin hybrid,
Crypto Singh (7 months ago)
karl cooke hybrid coins are good
Areau (8 months ago)
5 years eh?
England is my city (8 months ago)
he sounds like a south african
Terry Latham (8 months ago)
She got excited $$$😀😀😀
Wonderboy (8 months ago)
This guy would work a lot as a character actor.
kasra kamalfar (8 months ago)
are you guys watching ripples chart at the moment that you are listening to this guy advice?! :D guess im right :D
360K views (8 months ago)
Dear Lord Jesus please send someone to bless me with some bitcoin. Amen Bitcoin: 1KT2xxTn4ZBBDkQojzeyRrJQeFGvgfESL4
Adam The Fisherman (8 months ago)
YYY SNS (8 months ago)
XGV is the next BTC!
Peter Page (7 months ago)
YYY SNS Totally agree
Thirsty (7 months ago)
XVG u mean? how do u know?
Ed will (8 months ago)
Niko Blanco (8 months ago)
Neo, cardano, powerledger thats where my moneys at
Matt Snyder (8 months ago)
I dont think anything will top bitcoin. with the momentum is has its not going anywhere,
Jason Barker (8 months ago)
Litecoin all day.
Crypto Pirate (8 months ago)
who does he think he is?
deadend51000 (8 months ago)
If u bought around 500 usd einsteinium in 2014 u got now around 4.1 million usd.
Sundance Kid (8 months ago)
i can not understand why all the people says iota. there too much coins out. iotas you have too much. greetings from germany
Dan Man (9 months ago)
The problem is that the trillions coming in will largely go into funny money futures trading.
zxx5 (9 months ago)
Specially IOTA! Quantum computer proof! And the more people the faster and safer Tangle > blockchain
Narmer Man (8 months ago)
zxx5 my first two transactions disappeared into thin air after processing for close to a week. Sometimes my pinned addresses show up in my wallet...sometimes. The 5 iota I have left are tied up in binance and I can’t withdraw it. Pitiful just pitiful. And the partnership with Microsoft was just a fake so no thanks. What a waste of time that was trying to invest
MrReallionaire100 (9 months ago)
My question is, I'm new to this whole crypto exchange, personally I feel whom ever comes out with an app, that's allows you to use your debit and credit cards and have access to all 2000 plus alt coins..then you would see mass gains.
Thirsty (7 months ago)
what type of assets? where do u find them?
Narmer Man (8 months ago)
MrReallionaire100 the whole industry is getting its ass kicked by new investors who wanna jump on board before the ship sales. Almost NOONE I’ve talked to; DOZENS of people; have any idea about these cryptos. They’re all in the dark and they can’t see the revolution that’s happening. Me, I’m a new investor and giving myself a crash course in all this. I’ve got assets all over the internet now.
partylikeits$19.99 (10 months ago)
Honestly, holding is the best thing to do. Active investing can be necessary, but don't make your decisions on timing price movements. Only divest/invest if fundamental drivers change.
Ron Mitchell (11 months ago)
Or do some homework. Most of the coins are a joke even in the top 20, you don't need people like this. Or your just playing snakes & ladders, with your money. Fun until you find the snake. And yes I have made 10+ times what I started with years ago & it was from what I saw was moving ahead & has strong a development & I'm still putting in money, when price drop now.
soyanutella (11 months ago)
IOTA for most promising one & ARK for its SmartBridge!
AJN81 (11 months ago)
Omg will
Master Beethoven (11 months ago)
Einsteinium went up 4711% between February and June, so it's not unlikely we'll see one again. It's just staying up there..
Sergio Süna (11 months ago)
Parvez Ahmed Jalil (11 months ago)
Guys NEM will be the best one trust me... Research it! Look at the website and also the amazing development team.. I'm invested in NEM
Narmer Man (8 months ago)
Parvez Ahmed Jalil ya I would love to find a wallet for it. Desktop wallet isn’t possible for me just mobile/web. Any suggestions?
monkaS (11 months ago)
I really believe in Iota. By far my favourite among the altcoins
hellyeah66613 (11 months ago)
Bitcoin per ounce xd
hellyeah66613 (11 months ago)
UKspreadbetting haha i'm sure it is. I just thought it was funny
UKspreadbetting (11 months ago)
Must have been a slip-up. Unfortunately, difficult to correct as this was a live interview.
Josh Hawley (11 months ago)
Their is a distinction between a coin and a token, much like their is a distinction between currencies, stocks, equity, and bond or other financial products. Bitcoin functions like a currency, certain ICO tokens function like stocks, others functions like bonds, etc. One should distinguish between product types, and expect future (as yet undefined) value added opportunities to emerge on blockchain beyond the simple currency solution provided by bitcoin.
ThanksMia (11 months ago)
DogeCoins are going to fuck them all
Blaz Sustar (11 months ago)
Lisk, Ethereum, Neo, IOTA are the best. Some of them will eventually take over bitcoin.
Chinonso Charles (7 months ago)
Got lisk at $1.26 ,, it's taken over in 2018
Jared D (11 months ago)
where do you purchase currency like the ones you've listed?
Lau taro (11 months ago)
Lisk already did about 8500% from the ICO ($0.078) to yesterday price ($8).
bot (11 months ago)
you guys aren't ready for $XVG hahaha
Parvez Ahmed Jalil (11 months ago)
Krypto I hold verge coin... What makes you think it will go crazy prices soon?
TheFatAmericans1 (11 months ago)
Who is the semon demon
i grand (11 months ago)
Hit and miss, thats me. I hit with nav coin, oh well.
C. Lincoln (11 months ago)
I like your nice deep tan, girl.
Q1111 Aikk (11 months ago)
STOX will be at least 10x-50x 🌕
Holy Thor (11 months ago)
Maciano Van der Laan (11 months ago)
horrible advice. just buy bitcoin.
beautiful woman
mickel ans (11 months ago)
tony b (11 months ago)
This guy fucks.
Tra Dom (11 months ago)
WTF he didnt mention litecoin when it is faster and has cheap transaction fees.
Eastside Strong Arm (11 months ago)
NLC2 started at 21 satoshi. now over 10k satoshi. and its not slowing down what so ever.
Callum Macroni (11 months ago)
Eastside Strong Arm why don't you try investing in bitcoin and see how it goes?
Tim Eiznow (11 months ago)
Bad advice
joae1975 (11 months ago)
James Last (11 months ago)
I think TenX for credit card use. Golem for world wide super computer. Cloak coin for most anonymous coin.
Aspectrum (7 months ago)
SONM is better than golem in Super Computing
Big Dick Clique (9 months ago)
James Last i think monero is better for anon coin
Callum Macroni (11 months ago)
James Last why don't you try investing in bitcoin or other crypto currencies and see how it goes, but I'll advise you give bitcoin a try. I mine bitcoin and some other currencies, but right now bitcoin has the highest value and investing in it will be highly profitable for you.
Aaron L (11 months ago)
Punisher Joe (11 months ago)
Litecoin 🚀🌕 🤑🤑🤑
Narmer Man (8 months ago)
Punisher Joe look how right you were!!!!! Hats off sir 🎩 $300! You called it. I spent mine through shapeshifter buying larger volumes of cheaper ones. Best of luck Sir!
Luis Black (11 months ago)
The easy way is just to buy a basket of cryptos and wait. I think just buying coins in the top ten of market cap would be adequate.
David Harford (11 months ago)
1:15 Bingo. Potential for ACTUAL use. That is where you will get long term gains.
Narmer Man (8 months ago)
David Harford now enter XRP to the mainstream banking industry 😈 goes live next year. They put 55 billion in escrow with secure contracts 😐. The transactions only took seconds. When it’s listed as a fourth option on Coinbase, buckle up! 🚀
Enrico Malatesta (11 months ago)
Lisk is gonna Moon like Neo did, rebranding and SDK release soon, dont be the one who missed out
Khali Val (11 months ago)
Misses out
Mathieu Harpin (11 months ago)
Enrico Malatesta when is it gonna be?
Guilherme Braccini (11 months ago)
If you buy a crypto that is in the 0,002USD range (like many today), and it raises to 20 cents, you already got your 10,000x gain. That has happened with many coins already.
Twan Martin (7 months ago)
woops he said .002 cents not 0.2 cents (watch that extra zero)
andy stevenson (8 months ago)
TheCreepiOneHe said .002 moron
benyaminewanganyahu (8 months ago)
It's actually 100x or 99x ROI. (moron)
roomfactor (11 months ago)
TheCreepiOne thats 0,002 he is talking about you moron! Do your maths right! If you times x 10000 thats 0,20 cents
ِAndrew (11 months ago)
Lmfao moron he said .02 cents not .2 cents
Illuminati is Trash (11 months ago)
Dean Turner (11 months ago)
Cryptocurrency is the next big scam. Try buying your groceries with Bitcoin. Haha
Creator K (7 months ago)
Dean Turner haha
Narmer Man (8 months ago)
19,000 😐
Dusty’s Venture (8 months ago)
people do. Cry in 5 years. Oh and BTC? Its at 16k now. Too bad you did not buy 3 months ago.
Stephen Xen (8 months ago)
You can u mad ?
MrReallionaire100 (9 months ago)
Try buying your groceries with a dollar that tanked...coming soon😓
Da Dipsaus (11 months ago)
Mate, 10000x? No 'Altcoin' with a value as Bitcoin starts at 0.07 like bitcoin. ICO's know what they are selling now. No cheap ass 0.07 cents coins that are going to 4k.
Dex4Sure (11 months ago)
There are alt coins that could still go easily 10 000x... They are not necessarily ICO's. Many ICO's are scams.
Rikesh Patel (11 months ago)
many already have dont that
emil Kamil. (11 months ago)
5 years ??? 10000 will be next year 😁😁😁👍👍👍👍
Zidane Steiner (6 months ago)
funny seeing these price predictions in 2018
Eryyyk - (7 months ago)
False - next year is 100k ;D
engrtun (7 months ago)
Pardon her. She's just a journalist.
ProfoundMovement (8 months ago)
or now lol
Money Makin (8 months ago)
already at 11k
Brian Evans (11 months ago)
South African are smart
Pham Minh Duc (11 months ago)
Jimmy Durmody (11 months ago)
Fact: IOTA wil be in every device connected to internet
FaroutAleins (11 months ago)
what do you mean?
Alex Schnur (11 months ago)
Jimmy Durmody if its copped but what if the controlling market leaders Start their own "iota". It would be the biggest Flop for iota but its 50/50 imo
Brian Evans (11 months ago)
Jimmy Durmody thank you! Someone else has the same vision as me. I'll do everyone a favour: buy IOTA
M Ibrahim (11 months ago)
I highly recommend you guys look at Fastcoin. It's the fastest cryptocurrency with a 2 million market cap. Full disclosure: Yes I am invested.
TJ M (11 months ago)
M Ibrahim Fastcoin 160.000.000 mlh circulating suply
code6400 (11 months ago)
Buy Litecoin...
The Crypto Roadshow! (11 months ago)
If Bitcoin can do it, so can any other coin with high demand
MiStErKamikaZe08 (1 year ago)
iota is the new shit
Jan Rudolf (1 year ago)
MacDaffyCH (1 year ago)
Excellent educator comments. Please consider not to use too much click bait titles which rather harm the credibility of the good content. I almost did not click it because I expected it to be ordinary crypto youtuber scam.
willd3rbeast (1 year ago)
Verge could go up 10x in the next 12 months
Aspectrum (7 months ago)
Good call, it's already up 14,000X since January, what made you interested in Verge?
DaStefann (7 months ago)
M afg (7 months ago)
Verge is going constantly down since the last few weeks or so
engrtun (7 months ago)
it just went 20x in goddamn 1 week. lol
Parvez Ahmed Jalil (11 months ago)
willd3rbeast what makes you think it will go that high? I have verge coins too
John Bainbridge (1 year ago)
Some solid statements in here... except maybe nn ounce of bitcoin??? 😉😜
dom pines (1 year ago)
This guy doesn't get the blockchain
powertoachieve (1 year ago)
Iota will surprised all you people, Remember that.😆
Rocks G (7 months ago)
powertoachieve why does iota have such a cultish following? Are they decentralized? What is the use of it? Can someone please tell me
Oliver Aemmer (7 months ago)
You were right^^
Luis Escamado Nhamue (8 months ago)
i came from the future to confirm what you said.
Crypto Pirate (8 months ago)
u think ? never trust a well dressed man
Justin Brondace (8 months ago)
It sure did :)
misconstrudel (1 year ago)
3:05 I had no idea bitcoin was that heavy!
LISK will takeover in 2018.
Chinonso Charles (7 months ago)
Sure. Just HODL
Mathieu Harpin (11 months ago)
I see that a lot but why
Asap Rocky (11 months ago)
Universal Consulate General ur smart my friend. Its Undervalued. Glad i was in below 1,50$
tbuitendyk (1 year ago)
Monero, Ubiq, SIA
AxenJackson (1 year ago)
Safex hold!!!

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