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Iron Condor Options Trading Strategy - Best Explanation

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www.SkyViewTrading.com The Iron Condor… Don’t let the name intimidate you. It’s actually pretty simple and is one of the most powerful option strategies that exists. The strategy consists of a short call and put, and also a long call and put as protection to limit our risk. This way, we are able to sell option premium even with a small account and with very little risk. Watch this video to learn how to trade the Iron Condor to make a low-risk non-directional trade that allows you to collect option time decay and also capitalize on high Implied Volatility. Also, make sure to sign up for our FREE 3 Video Lesson Series at www.skyviewtrading.com! Follow us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/skyviewtrading Like us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/skyviewtrading Adam Thomas Sky View Trading how to trade an iron condor iron condor tutorial what are options option pricing options explanation stock options option strategies Iron Condor Iron Condor Option Strategy option trading basics option time decay
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JackalXD (7 hours ago)
so if you are sell options you want it to be out of the money if your buying option you want it to be in the money
wannabe trader (1 day ago)
Isn't it possible to do just one side of the condor? Or am i missing something? For example Sell otm put, buy otm put for protection?
john kwiatkowski (1 day ago)
you would be looking at something more towards a call or put spread rather than an iron condor in that situation
JackalXD (3 days ago)
What is a put and call?
willnburger (7 days ago)
What broker is he using?
Diego Morosoff (1 day ago)
Kunal Amin (11 days ago)
very nice way to explain, expecting more videos for iron condor.thanks
Chris Kay (1 month ago)
Is it possible (if the options you go short are American options) that you could lose more than $300 on this trade (my mental math says $800 but I'm not certain) if the stock price goes wildly in one direction then wildly in the other?
Diego Morosoff (1 day ago)
no, you cant lose in both sides if goes widely against you, you may close the leg that has full value and then hope the other leg come back or just expire worthless
As Above So Below (1 month ago)
good job you made 200$ and spent around 20-30$ in commissions. Congratulations you can trade complex options strategies as a hobby and in effect lose all your capital.
Vinaykumar Kandakur (1 month ago)
Wonderful logics.. Thank you so much.. please make more videos...
Curtis Harrison (1 month ago)
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Dinno Tie (1 month ago)
If it was anyone else, I'd say it was blatant virtue signalling, but having worked with him for over a year now, i know you're talking about a man who is true to his cause.
michael smith (1 month ago)
please sir i have lost a lot help can you kindly share how i can contact this person you talk of i will be glad
Gibbs Tiffany Gibbs (1 month ago)
He is exceptional , best signals, highly recommended.
HUDSON LIAM (1 month ago)
Mr Reid Hoffman trades with so much experience.
Ramirez Rhee Jürgen (1 month ago)
👀👀 Hello who is this your trader?
Danny Chiquito (1 month ago)
Not a good idea doing this strategy on a very Volatile stock.
Sky View Trading (1 month ago)
Not true. The volatility is already priced into the options.
samherb1 (1 month ago)
Great video. I'm just learning about options trading and you make it very clear, unlike most other videos I've watched.
Zhuvachka Bubulgum (1 month ago)
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William Larry (1 month ago)
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William Larry (1 month ago)
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Adrian O'Neill (1 month ago)
One of the best and most gifted trader Keith Rooker . he have help me alot in trading so well .
Andrew Marcos (1 month ago)
hope they are no issues with profit payment with mr Keith Rooker .
Scott Dawkins (1 month ago)
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Phillip Bowen (1 month ago)
That’s very impressive to hear . It’s not easy . I have lost much no doubts . But I will want a good trader . Please how can I contact him ?
Thirumalai (1 month ago)
In the example what would be the P&L if the Spot price of the stock at the end of the expiry is less than $60, i.e. $50, as per my calculation the value is $3000, please confirm whether my understanding is correct?
Diego Morosoff (1 day ago)
no, at first you recive the credit (which is the most you can make) and then wait till expiration. you want to close it next to 50% or a littli bit less
putatdaun (1 month ago)
You are awesome. Keep it up buddy
James full time trader (1 month ago)
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sativa shiva (1 month ago)
This is the best explanation/ tutorial I've see. Wonderful. Subscribed. Ty
D. M. (1 month ago)
Are there other platforms to trade options like this besides robinhood?
Fluctuation (1 month ago)
ThinkOrSwim, and my personal recommend Charles Shwab. Robin hood is dumb af.
DaeguKyle (1 month ago)
This is only partially true. It is true for European style options, how about American options where there is assignment risk?
mohammad altamash. (2 months ago)
Brilliant explanation to a fairly complex strategy. Would be glad to learn more on how one can adjust positions when the stock price moves in the opposite direction.
Tarek Soliman (2 months ago)
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Joseph Sorensen (2 months ago)
1) can you get rid of the iron condor prior to expiration? 1a) is this wise or it is better to wait? 2)What does TOS expect me to do when the option expires ITM or OTM?
Diego Morosoff (1 day ago)
yes, you can close it when you want, i like to take a little more than 50% of gains and close it. in this example with only 30 days if you wait too much you would have a big gamma risk and your pnl will come wild, id bail out early. if the option expire otm nothing happens, if you let a call expire itm they will assign your call and you end up paying for the shares and assigment fees cheers
Mohamed Taryam (2 months ago)
Great effort and video. I have a question , let say expiration is after 15-20 days , do we have to sell the iron condor before expiration or on the day of expiration they will calculate the profit/loss
Diego Morosoff (1 day ago)
you have to buy it back, remember that you sold the iron condor. close the position to be sure, and if you are going to the end be aware of gamma risk
Chris Jones (2 months ago)
Finally, an easy explanation. No one cver explained how you made money or showed the TOS side like you did. That helps a ton.
flying frenchman (2 months ago)
I am very rusty but isnt there a risk of early assignment if the stock goes up or down in a big way? how to manage?
flying frenchman (1 day ago)
+Diego Morosoff thanks Diego. Appreciate the reply.
Diego Morosoff (1 day ago)
yes, you cant let it happen, you just close for a loss, or roll the leg that is being threatened
Celine Anderson (2 months ago)
I like the videos, unfortunately it looks like they stop uploading videos. Is this company still in business? Why did they stop uploading videos, does anyone know?
goodfella024 (2 months ago)
Just curious, do you want the options to expire when trading an iron condor?
Carlos Caplos (3 months ago)
If i sell option, do i need to wait till its expiration to make money? Or can i buy it back anytime?
Richard Servello (3 months ago)
but how is the capital only $300?? If a naked call exercises you have to sell or buy the stock....right?
David Morales (3 months ago)
Now we know why tesla collapsed it was not elon musk smoking weed
jeevan Tej (3 months ago)
its like business trading...great job bro
Nathan Leniski (3 months ago)
Excellent video.
El Raphael Hudson (3 months ago)
You have made this so much easier to understand. Great job!
Margaret Curry (3 months ago)
Thank you for this informative video.
Max (3 months ago)
Whats the intro song?
Banderson9988 (3 months ago)
watch on .5x
yolo dolo (3 months ago)
in order to profit you let all of them expire?
Warren Henning (4 months ago)
If markets are efficient, that should apply to option prices, as well. In other words, the option prices should take this and any other trading strategy into account such that after accounting for commissions this should not be profitable. So how is it possible to have an edge?
YOU MITCH!! (4 months ago)
Just getting started and your videos has helped me so much
Donald (4 months ago)
I'm selling my option strategy for 300$ I've made 10k in the last 11 days. If you don't believe me I have screenshots and proof. My option strategy requires medium capital to invest and has a 80% success rate. Message me with serious inquiries.
paulo moura (4 months ago)
Im from brasil and love this video
Eins Azanon (4 months ago)
do you wait for the options to expire past the due date? Will the money be collected automatically ? If it the options expires and it remains in the iron condor's range, do i take my profit?
Spices Collection (4 months ago)
Hi. What is the difference between vertical spread and iron condor ?
Spices Collection (4 months ago)
Hi. Does every options order you place gets filled every time ? For example if u trade forex and cfd your limit orders have to be filled (there has to be buyer and seller). Does option work the same way ?
Bees Wax (4 months ago)
risk reward ratio like that, will make you lose over time
Bees Wax (1 month ago)
+Fluctuation I get it now
Fluctuation (1 month ago)
not really. You do realize the greater the range the stock can trade the better the odds are for you?
Kelvin Martins (4 months ago)
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Praveen Che (4 months ago)
hello ....... thank you can you please make same topic on Banknifty ( Indian market ) please or any topic !!!!!
yolo dolo (4 months ago)
so to make money you have to let it expire/
Ville Hyytiäinen (4 months ago)
Rule number one: Never bet Tesla stock to stay flat
Jonathan Rullman (26 days ago)
NIO is the new Tesla, made +400% over the last week on it 😮
Sky View Trading (1 month ago)
haha just an example :)
kuneeya kanna (1 month ago)
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James full time trader (1 month ago)
KfC (2 months ago)
It's -12% today, back down to $300
AppliedWay Company (4 months ago)
I’m more perplexed by how you animate these videos. Some George Lucas FX ish here
Music 1 (4 months ago)
It's a senseless idea.. the risk reward is completely imbalanced and off! With a $200 potential profit and $300 max loss, out of 5 trades you are forced to HAVE to win 3 times for you to just break even. Risk / reward with these normal iron condor spreads is just totally off with me.. the order has to be reversed. Go long rather than going short on those iron condor spreads. Buy the @65 and @85 contracts and sell the outer ones. You want to make sure that you need less wins to make more profits, not more wins to make more profits. Why? Because in trading it's likely you'll have more losses than wins over time -just how the trading business goes! So with the type of spread you have there, if out of 10 trades say you win $200 on 5 trades and loose $300 on the other 5 trades.. you are loosing -$500 at the end of the day. You have to flip your odds.. risk $200 to make $300, not vice versa. Try to put your risk even way lower for more potential profits. Risk $200 to make $800 for example (find the right timing between IV and TimeValue to achieve this type of risk / reward) .. a 1:4 risk / reward is a smart move. Meaning that for instance if you risked $200 to make $800 and out of 10 trades you loose 7 trades and win only 3 trades, you will be $1,000 in profit here even though you lost more and won less! If say you end up winning 5 trades and loosing 5 you will be $3,500 strong and solid in profits! Don't allow risk / reward to be imbalanced. Over time you will be fighting a loosing battle. Sadly enough. Get the proper risk / reward ratios that can work for you over time. Trading is a probability business, not a hope business.
autodllive (3 months ago)
Well writen 100% true.
XxionxX (5 months ago)
Best stock trading videos on the net.
Alex Chu (5 months ago)
How do I sell options I don’t have? Still new to this go easy please. I’m using Robinhood.
Cauquil Ivan (4 months ago)
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UmTheMuse (5 months ago)
Oh. Good question. I'm not sure, but I think that it must be large institutions, which would be looking for a sure thing. Someone has got to want to buy/sell 100 shares of stock, rather than trade options. I know insurance companies prefer safe investments, since they're already taking a lot of risk just by selling insurance. A lot of trusts and retirement accounts prefer the sure thing as well. You're, in effect, getting paid to take risk, whereas they paying so that they don't have to take on risk. I'm guessing, though; I don't actually know.
Alex Chu (5 months ago)
UmTheMuse You just explained to me how options work, I’m asking how do I secure the money from puts I’m supposedly selling. I need another contract to sell the option at price of the date I invest in the corridor? So I’m borrowing against it, but who is going to lend it to me when they know it’s going to zero? Who is going to pay for the option when it’s worth zero at the strike date?
UmTheMuse (5 months ago)
I'm new, too, but this one I believe I know. You're making a promise to do such-and-such on a specific date. If you sell a call, you're promising to sell 100 shares of a stock at the strike price at the agreed upon date (you are allowed to buy a similar contract from someone else later, so don't feel like you have to actually buy the stock in order to sell it later). In exchange, someone will pay you for that privilege (if you pay someone else later, then you're paying them for that privilege). Same thing with a put. You promise to buy 100 shares of a stock at the strike price sometime in the near future. Either way, you will have to set aside some money to pay for this, either by buying calls/puts or holding on to some money just in case. Btw, that's what he means at 6:47 when he talks about a capital requirement. Your broker makes you set aside the max potential loss, just in case.
Austin Coe (5 months ago)
Do you want to use limit orders or market orders for the legs?
Harry Tanumiharja (5 months ago)
If we move the strike 10 points and lower the ITM probability, does it mean the Iron Condor bracket is getting narrow and we have to make adjustments if the price near the Sell prices on both Call n Put side eventhough is better Risk Reward than 30% Probability ITM?
Harry Tanumiharja (5 months ago)
Why we need to pick probability ITM 13%? how do we can for IV high or low on ThinkorSwim?
Sneekyninja007 (6 months ago)
soooo is it possible to do the reverse??? and profit if the stock does shoot up or down and lose money if it stays in between?
UmTheMuse (5 months ago)
No, I don't think so. You sort of can: Buy puts and calls instead of selling them. So, if a stock is trading at 70, you could buy a put at 65 and buy a call at 75, for example. Then you lose money unless a stock trades a fair bit below 65 or above 75 (remember to account for how much the options cost you). That said, you would have a hard time buying (selling?) the insurance parts. You're already trying to shoot the moon, right?
Deborah Eastmond (6 months ago)
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Jose Garcia (6 months ago)
love it..........this strategy and vertical spreads are the only ones I use.........I almost always just sell puts its safer and I know my risk to reward....so I just rather keep the premium...good video...........
venturagrouprealty (6 months ago)
Thank You!
Everyman Investing (6 months ago)
Thanks for the great videos!
Vivian Whitten (6 months ago)
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Raghunandan Reddy C (6 months ago)
if it is worth less at the end, why even bother to invest the money in the first place?
wtfbroskie (6 months ago)
i dont understand how if all the options goto 0.00$ you come out with money. mind boggling.
MrMentalpuppy (6 months ago)
lmao, tesla iron condor
Fluctuation (1 month ago)
Kay P (4 months ago)
yep, worst example
NorthWestRider (6 months ago)
if you buy as an iron condor, can you ultimately sell either a put or call depending on the direction of the stock to cut losses short and ride the profit a little higher? or if you guy as an iron condor you also have to sell as iron condor?
Schirmer Finkbeiner (6 months ago)
I'm using EIT Method for trading
Hunter (6 months ago)
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jinghan tan (7 months ago)
Why is the commission rate different from what i saw from my account ?? 😢
Placide Elisée Tine (8 months ago)
Thx man... Liked and Subscribed. You deserved it!!!
Schirmer Finkbeiner (6 months ago)
I'm using EIT Method daily
Mark Anderson (8 months ago)
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Jamie Lee (9 months ago)
Is there any possibility that you can get assigned even though you bought put options?
Alaric (9 months ago)
assuming you aren't naked on the call & put, shouldn't you factor inside the net gain/loss of the 200 shares you own?
Driskell Brandl (9 months ago)
I recomend *FirstMillionRoad* for trading tips and tricks with good results
Mike Okismall (9 months ago)
What happens when the contracts expire and you required by a 100 shares but don't have the capital for it?
Phuah Kok Heng (9 months ago)
I learn more detail in your explanation. Do you have a video on how to repair iron condor?
Matt Dathew (9 months ago)
very good
Kris Zellers (9 months ago)
Thank you for posting this you should be given a reward from you tube as this is the best explanation and visual presentation as most people who post here you can't see there screen which makes it worthless
Alfeomego (9 months ago)
does this work for margin bitcoin trading?
Ramen Vermicelli (9 months ago)
What happens if the stock price ends up somewhere between the short strike price and the protection purchase? For example, in the video you sell a 65 put and buy a 60 put; what if the stock price ended up at 62.50?
Mr. Pocket (9 months ago)
You would get assigned and be short 100 shares of the stock at $65 a share. That basically means you need to buy it back at a price below $65 to make a profit. If the price is at $62.50 after expiration that means you could buy to close for a $2.50 profit per share(65.00-62.50). But if the stock price keeps going up, and you still held on to the stock, you could be looking at a very large loss. For example if the price went up to $70 a share after expiration, then you would be down $5 dollars per share for a total of $500 loss.
wsia5012 (10 months ago)
What happens if the price ends in between $85 and $90?
Deepakk Chabria (10 months ago)
excellent video, explained in a very simple and detailed manner, also very well illustrated. even a layman like me can understand
Orville Pickard (11 months ago)
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Mr. Vizard (11 months ago)
This shit still makes zero sense
patiala peg (11 months ago)
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Carlos Braga (11 months ago)
best explanation for sure. great man
Dk tomanyexwives (11 months ago)
Well explain on Iron codor
Blue Skies (11 months ago)
so actually you can make more money if you don't buy the protection --if the stock just stays in the range. If you have a good rangebound stock and can combine covered calls with cash protected puts you make out like a bandit! :) You can buy te protection anytime later, if needed
Mr. Pocket (9 months ago)
"so actually you can make more money if you don't buy the protection --if the stock just stays in the range." That's what folks with larger accounts and more experience do. It's called a short strangle. "If you have a good rangebound stock and can combine covered calls with cash protected puts you make out like a bandit! :) You can buy te protection anytime later, if needed" That's an excellent strategy used all the time.. but usually with larger accounts. Doesn't work as well with small ones.
thomas bentele (11 months ago)
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Benjamin Ramos (1 year ago)
A fantastic video indeed. Home Run. Very useful and to the point.
Lenny Wiggins (1 year ago)
Will the Broker let you buy back the $85.00 C and let the $90.00 C run?
Sky View Trading (1 year ago)
Yes they will. It's called "legging out". WE personally don't trade in this way but yes, you are free to do that.
Raahi (1 year ago)
The man is very articulate and eloquent. But to me it was all French because I am new to this and the terminology is so unknown.
Lori Favela (1 year ago)
I'll have to keep watching Again and again.
galaxy905 (1 year ago)
Seriously, best option videos that I've ever seen! Good luck if you found someone else explaining a complex trade such as Iron Condor simply and beautifully as this guy just did! Great job guys. Please keep the good work up and keep the videos coming. Knowledge is the power.
Michael Perry (1 year ago)
Adam I hope you will do a video on how to navigate the Think or Swim platform. Help!!!!!
Michael Perry (1 year ago)
keep them coming Adam
Viengsinakhone Leuang (1 year ago)
the only way is up... nice intro music
Rick Jones (1 year ago)
Iron Condors sure as hell aren't working in this market environment.
ariel velazquez (1 year ago)
Best Iron Condor explanation on the whole WWWeb, thank you!
Very clear explanation!
Braadkuiken (1 year ago)
just a thing I haven't really understood about your videos. do you have all options expire? because I have seen multiple places talking about waiting till expiration date and others trading their options before expiration. also if you sell an option, can you trade this? (just to get my facts straight)
Zachary Sutton (1 year ago)
Great video! Thank you for sharing.. Question...at 2:57 when your strategy is showing, when you say you are "selling the call and put options, is the @2.00 reflecting that you are selling 2 contracts? and only buying 1 contract for each put and call? Thank you again!
stupot008 (1 year ago)
Thank you

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