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Episode 3: How to Visualize Your Linkedin Contact Data

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Ever wonder how you might create map of all your LinkedIn contacts? Check out episode 3 of our new TechChange video series--Data Day-- in which Nick and Samhir piece through Nick's LinkedIn network data using a powerful data visualization tool called kumu to reveal key relationships. https://kumu.io/ Stay tuned for future episodes and don't forget to subscribe! Follow TechChange on Twitter at @TechChange and see our latest course listings here: https://www.techchange.org/online-courses/
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Simon Davis (2 months ago)
Nice but the problem is this is not updated automatically when I make new connections in LinkedIn. What happens when people change jobs?
Stan André (8 months ago)
Now that's a tool with huge potential! Thank you guys.
Immanuel Giulea (1 year ago)
I very much enjoyed this video, thank you for sharing your thoughts on Kumu. I discovered a new tool.
Ryan LaPrairie (1 year ago)
This was great. Interesting tool and fascinating insights. I tried it right away. You're right, it did take some cleaning up of the LinkedIn export. Any chance you could create your next vid on how to structure your data? Particularly around showing shared connections?
Wayan Vota (1 year ago)
Oh and LinkedIn Labs used to offer this automagically, but then they ended Labs.
Wayan Vota (1 year ago)
What about visualizing our email traffic? That's more telling than LinkedIn connections
Samhir Vasdev (1 year ago)
Wayan Vota I was wondering the same thing... http://samhirvasdev.com/projects#pingme

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