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5 Minute Scalping System using 200 Moving Average and Stochastics ⛏️

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5 Minute Scalping System using 200MA and Stochastics. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! This scalping strategy is based on moving averages and stochastics and can be utilised on several currency pairs. The whole point of the 200 period moving average is to define the trend - when the price is above it we want to be looking for longs only, when the price is under it we want to be looking for shorts only. The second step is that if the price is above the 200 period moving average, we are looking for the stochastics to be oversold. As soon as they start turning up we go long. This is very much a scalping strategy.
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Crystal Lewis (4 days ago)
Thank you!!
Nathan Junor (23 days ago)
Surfing the internet for similar strategies to mine, devised over time and found this. I have a few more layers to my system and it’s crushing 10% per week!
tyremalik1 (27 days ago)
I would like to get this as a EA
Karan Manku (1 month ago)
A really helpful tip to increase your probability of a successful trade with this strategy is to look for divergences on the Stochastics. If the price is below the 200EMA and you get an overbought condition, just double check for a divergence. If you see a bullish divergence while the strategy is indicating a short, skip that trade. If you dont see a divergence or see a bearish divergence, take the trade. Same applies for longs. Happy Trading!
Joshua Milambo (1 month ago)
What software are you using for those examples. I need it to test and analyze my trades
enlightenedtrucker (1 month ago)
FXCM loves retail scalp traders. They taste like chicken.
j jones (2 months ago)
What does being above or below the 200 EMA make . It actually works pretty great in crypto .
FrankieZG (2 months ago)
Not bad at all to grab some pips ! But I find it is better to define a take profit (and stop loss) rather than waiting for the trend reversal. For me works fine 1:1.5 or 1:2 risk/reward. I also find stochastic 5,3,3 is better. Many thanks for sharing !
Lew Sarten (2 months ago)
Thanks Very much for you videos, I've watched dozens of yours. Really enjoy you style of presentation, for someone starting out it's really easy to understand. Keep up the good work.
Shahnawaz Usmani (2 months ago)
Am i the only one who is spotting good profits at every crossover of price with 200 MA line
Cristian Micu (2 months ago)
1.why 200 and not 100 or 50 2. 3:12 your UNDER the 200MA and you looking for oversold STO to go long? you have no strategy my friend
Phumlani Mbutho (3 months ago)
Wow seems like a good technical strategy I will apply it 👍🏽
Peter Belmont (4 months ago)
Hello all. I'm a newbiew. I use MT4. When setting up the Stochastics, I have a few more areas to fill in that I'm not sure of. For ex), I show K at 14, D at 3. However I also have something called "Slowing" and it has a default number of 3. Also have "Price Field" and the options are Low/High or Close/Close. And lastly I also show "Fixed Min, and Fixed Max". To be able to use this strategy effectively, can someone tell me where to set the "Slowing, PriceField and Fixed Min/max"? THANK YOU SO MUCH
B P (5 months ago)
That style of trading requires a large stop.
josue Monzon (5 months ago)
Are you using exponential stochastics or simple ones. Does it make any difference? . Many thanks successful traders
UKspreadbetting (5 months ago)
A stochastic with normal settings (14, 3, 3).
rao hari (5 months ago)
Great vedio sir Can you plz tell me wht is the suitable time frame of chart for scalping
justdancing (5 months ago)
Keeping it simple risk 5 pips to make 10pips as you follow the trend on the 5min chart. Good stuff for less patient traders.
Fredrik Wallinder (5 months ago)
First, small profits are eaten up by the spread. Second, this only works in a strong trend whereas the market usually is ranging. Third, another filter you can use is the ADX indicator, a strong trend has a value above 50.
J Ernest (6 months ago)
Very helpful. Great video. Thank you.
Pawel Michalowski (6 months ago)
I use the same thing with an addition of Bollinger Bands and it's middle line is a 20 SMA I use to gage the change of direction ... in addition I use outer bands for taking profit instead of opposing Stochastic levels - this way I can stay in the trade longer and save on paying my broker commissions
krishnazee061 (7 months ago)
hi sir, u produce nice videos ever.its compulsory,previous swing should be broken when entry long or short
Straight Pippin (7 months ago)
I use this strategy with the RSI on the 1M chart. The 5M chart is TOO LONG! On the 1M chart I can get 5 or more pips in less than 5 minutes. IN & OUT!
John Brennan (7 months ago)
Great setup but to provides more trade opportunities set the stochastic to 5,3,3 instead.
Lester Tolentino (4 months ago)
John Brennan so stochs 5,3,3 is more accurate? Sorry i just want to know everything since im newbie in forex thanks
James Galloway (4 months ago)
I found that 5,4,3 is much smoother.
Gaius Caligula (7 months ago)
Maybe if you dont like the stochastic you can add a 6 and 21 Exponential moving average instead to act as a support/resistance line for the trend. When the 6 and 21 cross, quit the trade. I tested it and it worked for me :) It's just something different. you could also wait for an engulfing candle to print to confirm that the trend is still on and go in when the trend goes higher than the engulfing for an uptrend and lower than the engulfing for a downtrend. When the 6 and 21 EMA cross, exit the trade :)
Katsumi Achi (8 months ago)
Never thought of this kind of strategies, but his explanation makes sense to me. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing the strategy.
z forze (8 months ago)
Great videos man, thanks a lot
Mark Cortez (8 months ago)
Really solid strategy!
social viralize (9 months ago)
VERY GOOD STRATAGY PLEASE I NEED A DETAILS ANSWER PLEASE WHERE WILL BE MY SL please can i add any other indicator to make it more perfect please answer me quickly thanks
Abdul Rashid (9 months ago)
Hi Traders, that’s a good strategy , but I would like to share my scalping strategy which I been using for couple of years.. what I use. 1. Simple moving average 200, that’s all My strategy is to look on H1,H4 time chart to analyse the trend ,both on H1,H4 candle has to be above the SMA for confirming a up trend, then I will look into M1 and wait for a candle crossover above 200sma , I will place a buy for 15pips, my stoploss will be based on lowest fractal.. you can backtest guys, god bless everyone, cheers
Rick Long (9 months ago)
what do you do if the 1 min candle is above the 200 already?
Larry Tk (9 months ago)
Thanks! I like this strategy!
Tom B. (9 months ago)
I did a few tweaks and the strategy seems to be working quite well. Thank you very much
Gordon McCormack (7 months ago)
Hi Tom. Please share your tweaks with us??
Matthew O'Gorman (8 months ago)
What did you tweak man?
360Fargo (8 months ago)
Tom B. What were the tweaks?
social viralize (9 months ago)
please can you tell me also what tweaks you did i want to use this stratagy to earn like 5$ per day please from last 6 months my target is 5$ per day but i cant earn
ahmed zahiri (9 months ago)
hi what is the used slow k period, k period and D period in the SSO
ma.theresa sarmiento (9 months ago)
Actually I run this strategy and it turned out working well. The rule is - this is first for a "TRENDING" market. It makes sense to use the 200 EMA cross over to establish the trend strength. Oct.26 was a strong USD uptrend. Common sense would tell what happens to the opposite of the pair. However, since it is used in a 5-minute run, the episodes of little price recovery (pattern) was clearly transpiring (a different picture in an hourly frame) not really in a complete free fall thereby creating this LOWER HIGHS after the cross below EMA200 (example : long-USD/JPY & short-EUR/USD, GBP/USD, in my timezone: {UCT+8} 14:30). I'd like to believe that establishing the strength of a trend is primary in this strategy. Choice of oscillators type can be verified. I was running it using the Stochs, RSI and William's. It's the Stochs that's giving the most consistent signal.
Vijay Kumar (9 months ago)
In general we all might have heard that traders will make profit in 100 small margins trade and lose everything in one single trade. So my strategy is slightly different. What I do is, whenever the price go below the 200 SMA I will go long asa it deviates upto .3 to .5 percent from 200 SMA. In general the price is supposed to touch the 200 EMA once again. SO asa it comes back to 200 EMA I close the trade. Same way when it goes beyond .5 to .3 above the 200 EMA, I short the scrip and close at the 200 EMA. This way we can make a profit of .3 to .5 per on every trade. On an average the price will cross over the 200 EMA atleast once. So we can have 2 trades a day. Ofcourse, I look into long term, short term trend and FIB ratios from the recent lows or highs and keep track of the same. I also trade using the Pivot points resistance and support and cluster of MAs and break out there of. Anyway this is a good VLOG but you should also mention the volume involved during the time of trade and the candle stick pattern like doji etc.
johnny walker (9 months ago)
Nice one, this strategy you talk on the 200 EMA have you backtest more or less the amount of retests once it breaks the 200 3/5% ? Would be interesting to see results. Also you are talking on 5M right?
Filip Öhman (9 months ago)
This is a nice one. Although, it seems to be a good idea to look at a larger timeframe not to get caught shorting for instance a bull flag on the 1H or Daily ? Keep up the good work, love it !
ma.theresa sarmiento (9 months ago)
Great! Very timely linear trade when USD now is obviously asserting its muscle over all currencies. Very prominent with USD/JPY maybe partly because JPY is primarily fundamentally favored to be weak :)
aboctok (9 months ago)
Yes, nice clip. There's a lot to be said for KISS in trading—will give this recipe a run ;)

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