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Concentrating Solar Power Sparks Jobs, Technology, Investment in Morocco

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To learn more: https://tinyurl.com/y7v8ggq7 Concentrating Solar Power, CSP, is huge in Morocco. Literally, it’s huge. Panels almost the size of tennis courts stretch across acres of desert at the 4 Noor plants in Ouarzazate, providing enough power to light up Marrakesh at night. Learn how it’s done, what it means to the Moroccan economy and how it can be an attractive option for other countries in the region.
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Text Comments (26)
Easter Stedman (2 months ago)
Go to Avasva page if you want to learn how to build it yourself
md arif (2 months ago)
Mash Allah
Und Panzer Wibu (2 months ago)
wow great
Hugh Fergusson (5 months ago)
That's awesome. Good job
mediaROOM (6 months ago)
PyroRomancR (11 months ago)
nuclear is the future. not this high maintenance crap with more potential for worker accidents than coal and hydro power combined. Not to mention, what are you going to do on a cloudy day? 0 output.
rultex (5 months ago)
go and work in an uranium mine then
MsSomeonenew (5 months ago)
Nuclear is for the short term until solar farms are widely spread, then it makes no sense.
Khal Kand (10 months ago)
Fukushima !!!
Oliver Knight (10 months ago)
Take a look at my reply to @whykhr regarding the cost and variability. Could you refer us to the evidence that supports your claim on worker accidents in comparison to coal and hydropower? Certainly coal mining has a very high rate of accident and death, so this seems like a surprising claim to me.
Tarik Diamane (11 months ago)
pyroromancer They are building it in the Sahara. The Sahara! Pretty sure there is almost zero chance of a cloudy day in the Sahara.
Isabel Schedel (11 months ago)
Kaengera (11 months ago)
omg thats huuuge
Rishi kumar jaiswal (11 months ago)
It's really very great work..
whykhr (11 months ago)
This is very expensive energy. And unreliable, intermittent. With 3 hrs storage it may supply energy for 1/2 the day, they still need energy the other 1/2 the day, especially in the evening. So $1.2B for a lousy 143 MW net peak. At a hopeful CF of 25% that's $33k per kw of avg electricity. That is even more costly than expensive solar PV. Instead they could have built four 1.4GW APR-1400 Nuclear Reactors from South Korea for $20B like the UAE is doing. That's $4.0k per kw avg electricity, only 12% the cost per unit energy of the solar. Sufficient to supply 100% of Morocco's electricity supply, 24/7, night/day, summer/winter, sandstorm/calm/volcanic eruption, no need to export or storage. And twice the land area of the lousy 143MWe solar plant for 160X the electricity. That's zero CO2 electricity, much cleaner than the solar. And they can use the waste heat from the reactors for desalination of seawater, utilizing surplus nighttime electricity & heat.
Some Dude (5 months ago)
Thanks for the informative comment.
MsSomeonenew (5 months ago)
Well half the shit you said is plainly invented out of thin air...
James Rae (5 months ago)
whykhr I think of nuclear power as the best way to quickly leave fossil fuels behind, producing large amounts of power without emissions, but that we should eventually start replacing it with renewables in the future. What are your thoughts on this? The only problem is the time-consuming nature of installing new power plants, both in terms of logistics and red tape. It doesn't take any time to slap a wind turbine or solar panel somewhere. Whatever gets rid of petrol the quickest is what I'm behind so I'd like to see a "race" between new-generation nuclear plants and renewables take place.
whykhr (10 months ago)
As for why I support nuclear power and I'm against ALL energy scams, lies, myths, devious actions by Big Oil disinformation propagandists who love Oil Wars, Pipeline Wars, Petrodollar Wars, death and destruction, mass murder, evil deeds by greed-crazed evil people who don't give a damn about the good people of the Earth or the health and well-being of the Earth's ecosystems. Rape-And-Pillage is their motto and clean, plentiful, sustainable Nuclear Energy is their arch-enemy. They love wind & solar scams, because they know very well wind & solar = continue the status quo of burn-baby-burn. I'm not against renewables, hydro and geothermal are good, they are just severely limited by geography, solar and wind are good in some applications and that's fine. But renewable as a whole cannot replace fossil, not even close, and we need to replace fossil, and we need to get at that seriously now. Only nuclear can replace fossil. In fact NUCLEAR ENERGY IS THE ONLY fully scalable, sustainable clean energy solution. Like Jim Hansen, George Monbiot, James Lovelock and many others I am a rational environmentalist and care about the health of the Earth and its People. I could less about the health and wealth of the ultra-rich Bankster/Oil Barons who invented this Natural Gas/Wind/Solar Bait-And-Switch scam. And I don't get one penny from Nuclear anything. Why doesn't anyone ever question the motives of wind & solar propagandists who are really Big Oil sycophants, the Controlled Opposition?
whykhr (10 months ago)
Nope. First point capital cost per avg delivered kw is THE CORRECT COST METRIC. These quoted bid prices, strike prices, theoretical LCOE are the ultimate in financial chicanery, Garbage-In = Garbage Out. You can play with those numbers with reckless abandon by ignoring subsidies, phony interest rates, RPS, RECs, FITs, Tax incentives, capacity payments, mandates, dumping, inflated capacity factors, generous weather assumptions, ignoring deterioration, variable O&M costs, ignoring and/or inflating lifespan, ignoring decommissioning & waste disposal/recycling costs. Added to all of that, with Wind & Solar they ALWAYS ignore ADD-ON COSTS: i.e. grid stabilization batteries, 100% backup fossil generation, transmission & maintenance of all that, fuel storage cost, military protection cost of that supply chain all the way to the Middle East, inevitable ultra-expensive grid storage costs, 3-10X oversized long distance transmission cost, inevitable curtailment costs, induced cycling inefficiencies costs, economic forcing of low efficiency diesel & OCGT rather than efficient super-critical coal, hydro, CCGT & nuclear costs, added necessity of capacity payments, cost inflation of the vast material & fossil inputs to solar & wind. The ONLY sane way to do any kind of Apples-to-Apples cost comparison is to separate Overnight Capital Cost. I will grant you that basic O&M costs for solar, wind & nuclear are all similar and fairly low. The real issue is Capital Cost and ancillary costs that dominate for wind & solar. And this case is the perfect example of the absurdity or your phony LCOE numbers. The full project Noor 1-4 has a projected cost of $9B. That's for 580MW peak. At the projected capacity factor of 26% that's a cost of $58.7 per avg delivered watt of output. That is an INCREDIBLE cost. Are you kidding me? How on Earth can you claim that is 15.7 cents/kwh? Show us how you can get that. C'mon tell us by what creative accounting you can convert $58.7/watt into 15.7 cents/kwh capital cost even, ignoring O&M cost. Even the most expensive, incessantly maligned, First-Of-A-Kind, over-engineered one-at-a-time EPR EU Hinkley special in Britain is $9.0/watt of avg delivered output. Less than 1/6th the cost of the Quarzazote CSP plant. And if they just followed the UAE example with the APR-1400 that is $4/watt or 15X cheaper. And the nuclear is 24/7, night/day, volcanic eruption/dust storm/cloudy power. So what happens when you have a cloudy day or a run of cloudy weather. No problem for the NPP, you will have to fire up fossil plants with the CSP. Or climate change causes shifts of rain bands over Morocco. You have a 2:1 summer:winter generation ratio, high generation is spring when demand is lowest, how do you compensate for that variation? Answer: More fossil. That isn't remotely close to practical.
Astrid Pramuningtyas (11 months ago)
It is really great. Hopefully it's not only at Morocco but all of the world can obtain such amazing CSP. The more people who are care to this Earth the more sustainable it will be. Go 2020. Very Inspiring..
Abdoul Olaboyé (11 months ago)
Sure! You're right! Astrid.
whykhr (11 months ago)
Solar ain't sustainable energy. The EROI is too low, the intermittency problem, the vast material inputs. The only sustainable clean energy source is nuclear energy.

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