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Put a Desktop GPU in a LAPTOP… The CHEAP WAY!

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Text Comments (3890)
TheOtherGuy (1 hour ago)
This videos still interesting, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t apply to YOU
cody roberts (6 hours ago)
the beast would work well in a desktop with out pci-e lke my pos hp110-419
tony stark (8 hours ago)
can you use a separate pc as a egpu
Varunan Alberto (16 hours ago)
Or just buy a desktop with a ryzen
wayne Hemanth bekfort (17 hours ago)
i liked it very much
Domino_Dancing (19 hours ago)
Welp... great concept at least!? Good video, as always (well, except when you painted everything black)
vikum shehara (20 hours ago)
subscribe me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaEdxHLBy0M
Gabriel Augusto (21 hours ago)
Can we do SLI with beast and PCI Express port?
SMARTWORK (23 hours ago)
Can you sale me that GPU ?
Byzantine 1381 (1 day ago)
Laptop is for bussines , desktop is for evefything !
ThE-Old -Man (1 day ago)
So that is mean i need 2 grafique card
milad shakeri (1 day ago)
4K is beautiful
Rud Raksh (1 day ago)
Can we use these method for 4K movie streaming to a 4K tv?
koky179luckyn0ob 1 (2 days ago)
Have it try it it works.. gta 5 from 10/15 fps on internal graphics (lenovo g560 i think.not sure now ) with egpu and gtx 460 went to 30 fps with smooth picture.no studdering like with internal gpu.but it aint plug and play .u have to also buy program 9$ i think egpu.io nando evan on facebook for support.
That one Novakid (2 days ago)
Honestly I would still go with thunderbolt, I'm crazy about gaming and all but wow, I don't want to disassemble my whole laptop and other fancy things just to play one game
Sergiusz Olszewski (2 days ago)
How about using mPCIe port occupied by a 3G network card? This one is not essential for a laptop...
NZ4R KaLarY (2 days ago)
i hate you and the way u learn people -__-
xcrakkyx (2 days ago)
But will it let me play Farming Simulator 19?
riso ondruska (3 days ago)
0:11 that acting....
Nine 66666666 (3 days ago)
$2000+ dollar laptop become rubbish with external gpu :) Bad idea.
Diogo Fontes (4 days ago)
soooooo the solution is to buy a laptop wich has a good gpu already
DeathsTacoIsHere (4 days ago)
pause at 3:33 if you want to have nightmares
Nacho Cho (5 days ago)
"We also grabbed a gtx 1080"
Ammageddon89 (5 days ago)
150 bucks? i payed 25 for mine
Anime surprise club (5 days ago)
Wouldn't it fry a pc motherboard down?
HyperDark (5 days ago)
If you gave up then why is the title of this video saying "The Cheap Way" I mean, you didn't show us the that you've accomplished your goal.
Parkour guy sam (5 days ago)
Parkour guy sam (5 days ago)
Hi Linus just a quick question, would it be possible to modify a desktop motherboard to connect a graphics card to a laptop?
Dazz (6 days ago)
*thinks to my self* " so I can play games that normally my laptop won't let me play" * sees that i need to open my laptops case* " fuck this, im out"
_ (6 days ago)
check common grounds...
Niall O'Brien (6 days ago)
wish I could do that with my alienware 17.
Obsidian Craft (6 days ago)
Where I buy the cable?
KURT GUSCHO700 (6 days ago)
Rocko Yao (6 days ago)
And i am here using my i3 with intel graphic hd
Gen0 (7 days ago)
Title says cheapest way possible....then ignores Expresscard and PCI options and selects NVME interface then pulls out Gaming laptop with 2 NVME slots because nothing else would support it. And how is a 10th gen Nvidia card the only thing faster than a Triton 700 laptop GPU? couldn't you just use a 980 or AMD card? It's not like the latter isn't all 5 year old GCN cores even now.
Johnny dick (7 days ago)
My laptop is alright I guess. 2.8 ghz which can go up to 3.5ghz. 8 gb ddr4 ram. But the thing I hate is my gpu. Radeon r5 m430 with 2gb vram
Rick Suarez (7 days ago)
i feel like the only reason this vid was put out was to do the advertisements so he can get paid.
live2game7 (7 days ago)
My set-up worked with a GTX1050 Ti. The only way to enable it without Error code 43 was to install old drivers (modded for compatibility, because the 1050ti wasn't around back then) then without restarting the computer, installing the latest 1050 Ti drivers over the top without a clean install. After restarting the computer everything worked and I got great performance... Until.. The old modded drivers were obviously causing random contradictions with nvlddmkms.sys and crashed my computer at completely random intervals. Could be 15 minutes into Grand Theft Auto V, running Ultra 30fps (more if my CPU didn't bottleneck) or it could be 2 hours in... Random crash. Lesson here is, buy or build a desktop. I'm gonna put my GTX 1050 towards one.
NicknameSkiX (7 days ago)
Hmm wonder if this will work on the HP X360 Ryzen 5 2500U laptop? It's M.2 slot is NVME capable and it connects directly to the CPU.
Matt's Aquariums (8 days ago)
It would be great if they started making mobile GPU's that connected via the M.2 pcie socket. For upgradability oc mobile devices.
Hola (8 days ago)
what is up-gradable ram? is this an ancient technology?
mynellemail Nell (8 days ago)
Fuck Apple!
Dinesh Khand (9 days ago)
Dirty way LOL
James Roquemore (9 days ago)
Can you revisit this with a Dell M6400 or better ? They have a built in video card that is removable but is geared towards CAD. I would love to find alternatives for my free laptop to make it better towards gaming.
Alfred Kaufmann (9 days ago)
This is much funnier if you picture Linus wearing a helmet with a flashing red light. :-)
Awesomeface3455 (10 days ago)
When you are slow starting to run out of content lol🤣🤣
Abdelkader Elbachir (10 days ago)
Whatever 😒😕
Akira Marvell (10 days ago)
linus holding that laptop with one hand gave me a few gray hairs oml
DarkDrake (10 days ago)
Can you try change CPU solder laptop for other CPU?
afzal Ahmad (10 days ago)
Please give me a graphics card please I can't afford it
KingDiamondBones (10 days ago)
Worthless the cpu is still bad
ben russ (10 days ago)
i needs one that goes to an MXM slot not an M.2 slot
Cube Gaming Express (11 days ago)
why not fortnite
GAME ZONE X (11 days ago)
LINUS you r awesome
Zacronzer Zetto (11 days ago)
Yeah this is really intended for older gen laptop which does not have thunderbolt. As exp gdc have few alternatives way to be used, such as the mini Pcie, expresscard and M.2. Most laptop atleast have a wifi card installed on the Pcie slot so you can guarantee it will somewhat work, though you will most likely need ethernet or wifi dongle, I find that it is quite a hassle for newer gen laptop especially with gpu, since you need to “hotswap” the gpu. Still it serve as a good alternative to revive older laptop.
rhys boehm (11 days ago)
I believe MSI has a laptop docking station that uses desktop graphics cards. However, not sure if it uses thunderbolt or some other method.
Detian Verdun (11 days ago)
This would come in handy if you were trying to make a grunge cyberpunk aesthetic or some crap like that, with all the exposed wires and old/new tech combo
4tniteMoments (12 days ago)
Well this suck because I have a msi GL62 6QF
Raziel Lentz (12 days ago)
Gaming laptop making companies eliminating all possible ports for the beast in 3,2,1
BoJibbidy (12 days ago)
Is there an external graphics card adaptor that will work on any pc?
Maxwell Davis (12 days ago)
Is there anything similar for u.2?
Matthew Concepcion (12 days ago)
i wish i am rich to buy those
NoOne Alive (13 days ago)
might as well get new laptop.
Chesco (13 days ago)
cenric clother (13 days ago)
It will not work thank me later
Pornhulio (13 days ago)
no gtx 970 around?
Om Dev (13 days ago)
I have gl62m 7rex will this work on my rig??
Doctor Cammy (13 days ago)
Dude. Use both Nvme slots. TO HAVE SLI! YEEEEAH!
CHUN LOK Ho (13 days ago)
I Made it, using GTX 960 it can support GTX980, but dont work with the Ti card (Chinese speaker )
Almin Salihovic (13 days ago)
Link fo EXP GDC M.2?
Tyler Furrison Tech (13 days ago)
I could actually use the ExpressCard model with my laptop XD
Thanks to explain to me that something that I didn't know the existence doesn't work
Syed Zuman Husain (14 days ago)
I have a HP laptop ( https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/6875200/model/7089867/document/c04345418/ ) which has it's mini-PCIe slot under it's motherboard. It's very tricky to open it ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryYrCMvXBrk ) and nearly impossible to make a connection from mini-PCIe to external PCI x16 slot. Also, this laptop doesn't have USB-C, but it has a USB 3 port. I want to set up a DIY eGPU system with this laptop, without having to buy eGPU enclosures from Razor, Asus etc (these require USB type C anyways which this laptop does not have). Can you try to do make a DIY eGPU setup with a similar laptop, which has it's mini-PCIe slot under the motherboard ???
jonasakabuk (14 days ago)
Your motherboard needs to be able to support running a VGA bios/uefi optrom from a pcie device, these boards usualy dont do that, usualy when you plug a gpu into such machine it will do NOTHING not show anything on the screen on any output, it will not even ignore the gpu and just run monitor output on its onboard gfx.
Ahmad Be Syria (14 days ago)
it is much better if someone can improve cpu or memory by external instrument
Ahmad Be Syria (14 days ago)
it is a good idea
Sarath Kumar (15 days ago)
If this would have never worked then why bother uploading this video
GAMER BOY (15 days ago)
linus i beg u my laptop has amd graphics but it still runs intel plz help man and there are no new tutorials all are old versions
Bryce Gillam (15 days ago)
Expect that blacklist crap from dell.
SouthernR0cker4Life (16 days ago)
Why can't there be USB Graphics Dock?
Roshana Perera (16 days ago)
Can you send me the beast 🙄 ?
Kevin H (17 days ago)
ENGLISH MDRFKA DO YOU SPEAK IT??? xD I don't speak computer English :c
Olivier Lefebvre (17 days ago)
I have a Acer Aspire es1-531 i want to boost it with a external gpu can i SPECS: Intel Celeron N3050 Processor (Dual-Core 1.6 GHz / 2.16 GHz Burst - 2 MB Cache) 4 GB of DDR3L memory 15.6 "LED display with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels HDMI output, for large format entertainment on an HDTV 500 GB hard drive Multi-format DVD burner Wi-Fi wireless communication N + Bluetooth 4.0 1 USB 3.0 port: Broadband transfers with compatible devices Comfortable and quiet typing with the chiclet keyboard (flat and insulated keys) Built-in memory card reader Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit Family
Tea-Rexx (17 days ago)
Linus its recommended you actually put the PCI-E Plug in the network slot. Dont put it in the second one if you have it, switch them around. Works perfectly fine on a MSI GT70 20c
DanexTechTips (17 days ago)
I asked for this 4 years ago linus, and you.., well better late than never
Rahilkhan Pathan (17 days ago)
Finally, does it work or not? Confused !
roger starling (18 days ago)
Is this like laptop dialysis?
Superstar Roundhouse (18 days ago)
I heard this works with the R1 alienware alpha . Might be worth trying with their more powerful extreme edition console
Mitch Reimer (18 days ago)
linus help me :(
Con_Fuzed (18 days ago)
wry1007 (18 days ago)
Nvidia shield/GeForce now... case closed
Eric Maher (18 days ago)
Lenovo graphics dock. Found it on sale for 279.99. Includes a GTX 1050. Does everything I need. Except VR.
Yuki Akahaka (19 days ago)
hay linus , cant u try this things on the lenovo thinkpad t 420... or another lenovo old laptop
mix veg (20 days ago)
by doing this can v increase hash rate of our laptop for mining purpose?
Thành Đạt Lê (20 days ago)
You talk too much
ShmaYisrael (21 days ago)
I did this along time ago and it worked but the mini PCI express was limited to only prob 500 mg and throttled it
Lisephano (21 days ago)
he looks like so tired saying PIA lol
FLEXTOR GAMING ERA (21 days ago)
I have an i5 8th gen and a gtx 1050ti with 16gb ram already😎
CasualWoWfarmer (21 days ago)
listening to this guy is like listening to a mouse trying to fuck a gpu

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