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Anorexic Bearded Dragon

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It has been well over a month that my Bearded dragon has resisted all foods. From greens to horn worms and everything in between. Any ideas? Please help! Thanks so much!
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Soda Lishus (1 month ago)
I’m so sorry I wish I could help did u go to the vet?❤️
John Murray (6 months ago)
When was the last vest visit for this guy? On that visit, how did the fecal check comeback?
Julie Taube (5 months ago)
John Murray Thanks so much!
John Murray (6 months ago)
Yup, sounds like it might be time! Can't hurt and a vet will have a better idea to look for! I wish you and this guy the best of luck!!!
Julie Taube (6 months ago)
John Murray it has been awhile. 9 months ago and he checked out well at that time. I will take him back this week. Thanks for responding.
I barbuti Fidel & Sidney (6 months ago)
Hello, first of all you should know if it's poop... if he doesn't poop I suggest you take a bath to your dragon with warm water, at the beginning he will move but as soon as he gets used to the water, after a few seconds he will poop and return to eat, tryor camole, I spoke to you from my personal experience but the right advice I can give you is to contact a specific veterinarian
Julie Taube (6 months ago)
He is pooping but very little and I am assuming it is from the fruit that I have been able to get into jia mouth. I give him baths every other day. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

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