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Can You Mix Different PCI-E Risers on your GPU Mining Rig?

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Text Comments (54)
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
Up Next: AMD Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8G & Pulse RX570 8G UNBOXING! more videos to come over the next few days! Stay tuned!
Deividas Milinauskas (1 year ago)
oh.. ok thanks, I have 8x480 and mining ethereum, so I don't need to upgrade my cards then :)
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
same hashrate as 480. no point to buy this card... any added core clock speed comes at the expense of higher watts
Deividas Milinauskas (1 year ago)
I'm waiting for the radeon rx 580 ethereum hashrate, can you say me what hashrate you can get in eth with rx 580?
todd lord (4 months ago)
just for a small mining rig can you use pcie x16 slot with a card in it and a riser or does it all have to be on the risers ?
thghho (6 months ago)
Hi, Can you please give your views that which of following rig will be more powerful and how much in percentage? Rig-1: One GTX 1080 cards, rest same hardware/software configure as Rig-2. Rig-2: Two GTX 1060 cards, rest same hardware/software configure as Rig-1. Thanks
Cryptomined (6 months ago)
for mining what? check whattomine.com they have GPU selectors for 1060 and 1080
Ahmed Shawky (7 months ago)
I need to know what is the best type riser As some pepole argue they the sata risers is not good and must be avoided Please advice
Marxlino (8 months ago)
Hi there, What's your recommendation how many pcie riser to powered by 1 single sata/molex cable? Thanks in advance. :)
DarkLinkAD (10 months ago)
I tried a molex powered riser, with circuit board like shown here. Dropped fps from 60 to 27. Do you have a link for a particular edition/revision/version of the 16x-16x Molex powered ribbon cable???
zacktube100 (1 year ago)
I'm working on my first mining rig with the Z270-p motherboard and Nvidia GPUs. Using only GPUs in the PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX_162 slots works fine but a third using a version 7 PCI-E riser in the PCIEX1_1 slot is not recognized. My troubleshooting brought me here because a friend who builds computers for gamers but not miners said that the PCI-E connections must all be the same. Any suggestions?
zacktube100 (1 year ago)
I figured it out. My problem was that I needed to set the PCH configuration to GEN1. I looked at this earlier and thought I should I should set it to GEN3 for good measure. So, I'm using the PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX16_2 slots with the PCIEX1_1 slot. Due to the global shortage of risers and that the only place they are made is probably China, I'm waiting for the rest to come in the mail.
mem emmo (1 year ago)
Hello Cryptomined I have 5 -asus strix gtx 1060 6g gaming -what risers and power supply i need on them ? and Asus PRIME z270-p what processor ? Thanks
Eric Nyotosetiadi (1 year ago)
I'm confused which one to choose the riser. Just tell me which riser is stable and fastest
DarkLinkAD (10 months ago)
The USB versions dropped in game FPS for my RX 480 from 60 to 27 and I couldnt manage to utilize more then 10% load on the memory controller. Im not sure what this means for crypto currency
wingzero1912 (1 year ago)
there is nothing like fastest riser. All risers have same speed. It's the riser with a diode and capacitors you should opt for. In short ver 006 and ver 006c are good enough
Eric Nyotosetiadi (1 year ago)
What version of riser is the best and lost stable?
Harry Hightower (1 year ago)
you can but why ? ... imo i would only use the ones with PCI plugs and use a splinter and use one pci plug per card . it's safer
Tudor Renegade (1 year ago)
I don't know how you can use those molex or sata risers, I tried it with molex and the wires got very hot after 5 minutes of use. I had to disconnect, I have ordered 6 slot risers for pcie, hope I will get good results.
Sure Lock (10 months ago)
I keep seeing people say stuff like this but personally I was able to get 4 1070s running on a single SATA cable with no heat problems, but I couldn't set all of them to use 80% power, one always had to be at around 70%.
BravoCinematografica (1 year ago)
What about non-powered ones? Did they test ok?
Hello, I have one question, I just bought 2 rx480 gpu PowerColor and 2 rx580 gpu Power Color. Does these 4 rgpu will work good on the same motherboard? thank you very much
Lorn Roberts (1 year ago)
My car door had to replaced, but I couldn't match the color - so it would never work. ;)
Gareth Wood (1 year ago)
Im about to build a setup using 6 molex powered usb risers. Im using 2 RM850x psu but i only have 4 molex strings in total. Would it be safe to connect 2 riser molexes in the same molex string because ive heard using the sata to molex connector is dangerous?
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
yes its a pain to read through all the different opinions over the years. the guy i get my frames from sets up 100's of rigs so I'm sure what he says is fine. thats what I will do anyways.. ill plug 3 GPU and the risers for those GPU into one PSU, and hten another 3 GPU and their risers into the secondary PSU, and link the PSU with a dual PSU link cable
Gareth Wood (1 year ago)
Slowly coming to the same conclusion as i read the forums. Thanks for the reply
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
I have heard mixed opinions on if its ok to mix or not. The guy i get my rig frames from says it does not matter where the USB risers go or the GPUs, he said its fine to mix them. myself I think I will power the GPU and riser from the same PSU. I think there is a lot of confusion on this subject due to ribbon risers... but I believe with USB3.0 powered risers that it does not really matter where what goes where.
Gareth Wood (1 year ago)
Total I have 4 molex strings and 4 sata strings. Ive heard that i have to power all the usb risers from the psu that powers the motherboard is this so? Or can i power 3 riser/gpu 8pin from one psu and the other 3 riser/gpu 8pin from the 2nd psu?
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
do you have any extra sata strings? I mean if its all you got, then you gotta do what you gotta do . personally i never had a problem with it, but I have seen people melting the molex/sata extenders.
Rain Bitcoins (1 year ago)
The heat coming off those must be serious
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
yeah it is, and its getting hot out during the days... not sure what i will do during the summer... probably have to run the AC for a few hours a day in the mining room once its 30 degrees C outside.
Lukáš Blecha (1 year ago)
LOL. Of course you can mix the risers. It is just a riser. Cable. Nothing more.
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
hehhe lol yes :) but some people are unsure if its stable, but yes its cool
skotias J (1 year ago)
6x rx480 8gb with your flashed bios mobo is killer z81 7 gpu on eth 2 cards doing only 28 hash claymore 9.2v I'm out of ideas for 29. like rest ..undervolt 31 manual fan manual clock frequency on wattmine all on same flash all Samsung nitro total 174.5hash
Espartaco Martin (1 year ago)
Hi man, first, sorry for my bad english and thanks a lot for your work its helpin. im new at mining, i have a question, why you i just buy these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NBIOXNQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 what do you think of those? are they good? im planing to usit for my first rig in a MSi z270 a-pro motherboard with 5 rx 480 saphire nitro 8gb and 1000 psu.
SilentNights (1 year ago)
i bought blue ones, i think they are the best for now
Dagobert Duck (1 year ago)
I also use thoese grid-shelf-racks, you can see it now on a video on my channel. :)
Dagobert Duck (1 year ago)
Thank you !
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
Dagobert Duck (1 year ago)
Not only th grip in the PCIe-slot is a good feature, also the fact that it has a sata connection, most newer psu has mostly power sata connections... AND the cheap sata to molex adaptors you get within the riser cards are not very high quality and save... BEST WAY (what is very logical) is to use PSU connections driectly on the risers without adaptors...
Dagobert Duck (1 year ago)
!!!! WARNING !!!!!: One other Riser I have had a big Prblem I would not recomand buying this, it has (PCE164P-NO3 VER 004, PCE2PCE-NO4 VER 004) writen on it, dark blue pcb cards, has a light blue PCIe-slot and some kind of spring-lock, a molex conection. So what happen is that i installed the new riser, then after switch on everythning it had a short circuit in the card for the Motherboard very close to the pins, so I checked it a bit late 3-4 second after I smell some burning smoke, I switched it directly off but it has burned a little bit my pcie slot (x16) on the motherboard. The motherboard slot still works but maybe the slot has reduced longevity now... So I'm not 100% sure if it will work longer time, and if it is save anymore... And I can not sell the MB like this... I'm pretty sure it was short circuit on the riser card, you can even see the source of heatment, very close over the connection pins on the pcb (15-17pin) But I could also bee a bad installation but this is less probably... I also have to say that I also use 3 or 4 of them and they work... So it's maybe a quality problem on that series...
Dagobert Duck (1 year ago)
The red sata riser V007 is the best i have so far (Has grown in price the last weeks... in some shops...), I have mixed risers on my rigs... I also noticed that this red sata Riser V7 has thicker card, so it is tight in the pcie-slot... I had even some time problems to get them out of the slot... haha...
Roberto Cubero (1 year ago)
Can you tell me the Temps of your GPU in that Rack/configuration pls
Enrique Dos Santos (1 year ago)
any thoughts on the MSI z270A pro carbon, there are guides claiming it can hold 6 cards, but im not to sure
rock80metal (1 year ago)
What model is this motherboard? Is there a 7-digit card?
Czapokx (1 year ago)
Mike ™ good question
Mike ™ (1 year ago)
What are the best z270 7 gpu boards? I am aiming to build one, I already have plans to get the Intel Pentium G4560 Kaby Lake as the CPU for it.
rock80metal (1 year ago)
thank u
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
the one on the left hand side with 7 rx470s is a "Z97 MSI Gaming 5" Motherboard. there is a Z97 MSI Mpower that also has 7 slots, and there are a couple of Z270 boards with 7 slots like the Asus Z270-AR and a strixx board, and the Biostar Z270GT7 just to name a few of the more affordable ones.
Ivanov Vera (1 year ago)
Nice thanks and like.
Kentar Salim (1 year ago)
very wall
Now You Know (1 year ago)
When I try to overclock my 6 ASUS Strix 470 4GB's with MSI Afterburner. It doesn't give me a bump in M/H. Also, It only affects 1 card, even though I am changing the settings on another. I have checked the box to synchronize settings. I have done the BIOS mod, using Poliaris Bios Editor. I am running 16.9.2 drivers. Would you happen to know a fix for this?
TAVOBUS (1 year ago)
first disable mining of the card before Oc, Oc it and apply sttings, then enable that card on the miner and you will see bump hashrate( Im using claymore and wattman)
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
hmm well im not exactly sure, but you can try to reset wattman or afterburner and try again... I dont have any asus cards.

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