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Cryptanalysis - Slide Attack

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This is a video companion to my slide attack tutorial. The tutorial itself can be found here: http://theamazingking.com/crypto-slide.php I shot the above ghetto-style using drawings as slides and walk through the juicy bits of how a basic slide attack works.
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Text Comments (10)
Abdullah Sy (1 year ago)
Your diagram has been used in my paper published on IEEE and JACSTR journal.. Thank you so much
Atheist _ (1 year ago)
A plain text attack seems very unlikely to be accomplished. And if you were able to get plaintext then why get the key?
Alter Kater (2 years ago)
THUMBS DOWN after the third Aahh... And stop listening.
angelicous angelicus (2 years ago)
what happens when the key is changing constantly with an algorithm ?
Abdullah Sy (3 years ago)
Greaaaaaaaaaaaat job man you really helped me! Thank you sooo much
isuru siriwardana (5 years ago)
Hey, Great job man...!!!! Awesome explanation.... Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Looking forward for more.... :)
Noor Ali Bayat (6 years ago)
Nice man...
Magician Technician (6 years ago)
Pretty awesome bro nice vid cheers
chibi2666 (6 years ago)
HI, I am looking forward to more...I hope you can add more practice exercises.
chibi2666 (6 years ago)
Nice presentation...Thanks

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