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How to install AMD Graphics Driver

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http://www.nicolas11x12techx.com/ Nicolas11x12 showing you how to install an AMD Graphics Driver. AMD Drivers: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download
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Terraforce (4 months ago)
I think I must say this 'cause our video maker didn't mention it... Some Radeon Cards are not compatible with Win 8.1...so if you have 8.1 and going for Radeon Card...make sure to check first if its compatible so you don't waste your money on it, or you can just put Win 7/10 instead and buy it if you think its worth the trouble.
Puddybelly (4 months ago)
New subscriber u got it mate
Will Andrei Quetua (5 months ago)
after installing it i restart my computer and now what
Ahsan Khan (6 months ago)
thanks man
NotFBI (6 months ago)
i have 230 series but there is no such option only 200 series 300 series and 400 series, what now?
Iany Lacerda (6 months ago)
My graphics was like potato graphics. Now Thanks. I have like an boss graphics
Rave (8 months ago)
bro i install amd hd 5450 driver but the display adapter still shows 'standard vga driver' help
Khan Sports (9 months ago)
EMpathiZe (9 months ago)
only reason im here is because I updated my r9 380 4gb and now its just showing a black screen.
Critical Gamer (10 months ago)
It doesn't show green tick sir
Promila Sharma (10 months ago)
Sir I have a laptop should I have to choose desktop pls reply fast
Rana Wasif (10 months ago)
Thanks bro its work for me you are genius /..............
Anis Balouch (10 months ago)
While installing my pc just shut down and restarting ?
SimpleName (10 months ago)
real mvp
ALL ROUNDER HPS (11 months ago)
What if I don't know which graphics card is this(which series)
Zarsha Shaikh (1 year ago)
I am having problem during installation of my Graphics card it works fine on my old dual core PC but i bought new optiplex 980 and tried to install the graphics driver but when the screen goes black it crashes PC going black screen forever saying that gpu has recoverd..? how to solve this?
AR Talks (1 year ago)
carl johnson (1 year ago)
And how do I update it???
DELROY GUTHRIE (1 year ago)
thanks bro
Vivek Subba (1 year ago)
What is the series of amd radeon hd 6670 please reply
Danzen (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot. I just wanted to ask that In going to get an amd rx 560 is that the r5 series?
Mahikalpa Oshan (1 year ago)
All Ati Amd Graphics Drivers Pack Free Download-http://yabuilder.com/2i6s
My screen red is too low to click on any buttons, oof
Janco Scholtz (1 year ago)
Hey and what if you put in your RX550 nad the oc gives you a black screen
fucking layer
bitch ass (1 year ago)
What if it isnt even detecting my graphics card
Anirudh Yadav (1 year ago)
its r9 m375 what will be the series
Mohammad Ahmad (1 year ago)
subham debnath (1 year ago)
thanks bro
Digital Ghost (1 year ago)
Can someone who see's this please tell me. The Radeon 550 2gb model, is it Windows 8.1 compatible? Because I can't find the option for it on the website, and Google hasn't been helpful.
Arty (1 year ago)
how to know what type tour pc is
Milan Wagner (1 year ago)
work it ?
xd illuzionZzz (1 year ago)
Someone tell me if it actually works
Mahikalpa Oshan (1 year ago)
ALL ATI AMD DRIVERS PACK DOWNLOAD LINK-- http://yabuilder.com/2i6s
Howland Reed (1 year ago)
Dude,you saved me..thank you so much..
Sprul SA (1 year ago)
The Scientist Ammar did this make your FPS go up ??
Bear - PUBG MOBILE (1 year ago)
It did not told me to restart😐
Bear - PUBG MOBILE (1 year ago)
Heni Bal (1 year ago)
I have AMD PRO A4-3350B AUP Radeon R4 Graphic 2.00GHz play help 😭
Heni Bal (1 year ago)
I have AMD PRO A4-3350B APU with Radeon R4 Graphic 2.00GHz play help 😭
dniparxo (1 year ago)
Im facing a problem with my graphic card its an amd radeon rx 560 and when i tried to install the hardwear on my pc i couldnt get a video because the screen was balck ! Then i connected my screen to my motherboard (vga to vga) to download the drivers from the site of amd but couldnt do it because it couldnt find the hardwear ! and im stuck with this problem what can i do ?
Farouq Syed Abdali (1 year ago)
I have radeon r4 graphics but it won't show that particular card
VIDL Channel (1 year ago)
Creeper TNT (1 year ago)
The 2:10 paragraph after clicking finish the computer does not show up on the "install manager" table. Why?,please help me
Egg. (1 year ago)
How much time should it take to download and what is the size of the file?
mrprofix (1 year ago)
How is possible that after I installed it videos lag on my laptop and you can't even play games anymore ?
cool beans (1 year ago)
Thanks bro, didn't realize it was that easy. My screen stoped flickering
Ocarina kid (1 year ago)
*******damn it you **********
EggSploiter (1 year ago)
mine is hd series ;D it's soo cool cuz you'r not lagging in the game
Hadi Handoko (1 year ago)
i have R8 version,, how ??
Lucyna Jankowska (1 year ago)
Dont listen to the haters, keep up the good work!
ArmKingGamer (1 year ago)
Blue Hacker (1 year ago)
I used radeon hd 7750 help
Farhan Castro (1 year ago)
i have ati radeon hd 4730 and can't find it by the way
mimicha Nano (2 years ago)
i always have a many problems with my pc, i want to broke it but it's my favourite
Mp1Maater03 (2 years ago)
my driver is not there it says i have R6 and its not there
Lollipop (1 year ago)
wait u said u have r6 do even know what rainbow six is bruv stop saying u have u dont even know how to play the game so u should shut up
abdel wahhab abdoun (2 years ago)
auto detect for ur drive http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/auto-detect-tool
FraX (2 years ago)
thanks for help. i know this video is old... sorry for my english :)
LeNoWay (2 years ago)
i install drivers but after 2 black screen i have a blue screen fatal error: KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_ERROR pls help me
ScrapPhantom (2 years ago)
i love how the second i stopped watching dis vid the file downloaded
abdel wahhab abdoun (2 years ago)
it's work
Harley Hugz (2 years ago)
My Pc Is Windows 7 How i can install AMD Graphic Driver????
Arshad Shaikh (2 years ago)
Thank you soooo muchhhhh!!!!!! You saved my money!!!!Thnx :)
Anonymous (1 year ago)
please help me
Kashish Dedha (1 year ago)
if this works with me i will subscribe yours and nicholas channel but if not i will dislike you both
EnderBenBen (2 years ago)
omg ty i though i would have to pay 100$ to update it or buy a new one
MtjaSaik (2 years ago)
lol im so stupid idk how to see the product family your product have r that shit
6sxo pe (2 years ago)
help please the amd catalyst doesnt install the display driver
Abdul Ghani (2 years ago)
Remus3 D (2 years ago)
if i have a notebook i shold check notebook graphics at min. 0:41 ?
6sxo pe (2 years ago)
My Driver Is AMD Radeon HD 7600M
e 0 (1 year ago)
My driver is AMD RADEON HD 8570 and it is said to be quite decent,but the freaking drivers man... Everytime i install them ,on restart,it stays black and my mouse being the only thing visible not to mention that it blinks and when you try to move it,it resets in the middle.How the fk do i fix this.I cannot enter safe mode cuz my new pc is so confusing
6sxo pe (2 years ago)
mahmoud abdelgwad No It doesnt i dont know how to fix it as well
mahmoud abdelgwad (2 years ago)
did it work ?
harry jai (2 years ago)
is it necessary to install gaming evolved app wgen installing amd drivers will it cause any effect on my games or not please give me your helpful suggestions
harry jai (2 years ago)
somebody please help me directing how to install amd graphics driver i need some help give me suggestions
harry jai (2 years ago)
mygraphics is amd when ia m trying to install it it took a llong time to install and current progress appears nothing what should i do so that it wont took yhat long time
Paula Tejando (2 years ago)
traduz para mim
billyjhonne gachi (2 years ago)
ALTAF KAZI (2 years ago)
my amd RADEON GRAPHICS has been error need help pls my all game no open problem how to sovle
sxpreMacy CS:GO (2 years ago)
why i havent " AMD display driver " in the installation package ?
MsA309 (2 years ago)
When I try to install a driver, instead of that Catalyst window I get "AMD Software has stopped working", what do I do?
MsA309 (2 years ago)
But I have the Catalyst on a cd which I got with my PC, but even though I install it in my device manager > display drivers it says Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
syed arbaz (2 years ago)
how to check whether it is installed or not ...and is it correct for my pc
yoloo (2 years ago)
For anyone who uses linux or other operating systems, here's a link that automatically detects the driver for you http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/auto-detect-tool
abdel wahhab abdoun (2 years ago)
it's work auto detect
zhin wong (2 years ago)
plss do not -click-
EnderBenBen (2 years ago)
do not click
I have a problem. My PC had Radeon HD 8670M with 1GB Graphics, but when i restore my PC now i have a Radeon 8330 with only 512 MB. You know why?
Electro[] (2 years ago)
i will send you message if works and if works you have a new sub _ one new like
Electro[] (2 years ago)
Electro[] (2 years ago)
is for finishing......
Electro[] (2 years ago)
it appears black screen and come back to normal
Electro[] (2 years ago)
i wish to work if dont im fucked up
TyronezGaming (2 years ago)
what will happen if i didnt unchecked the amd gaming evolved app
elenita13 (2 years ago)
un peazo de like k te llevas de mi parte amigo!! gracias ... pasate por mi canal .
Zoah Highlights (2 years ago)
Please help me. I have a problem. I installed win7 64bit. I want to install a driver on the notebook but I have a problem that the original driver remains there is called the "Standard graphics adapter with VGA resolution," You do not know how it got around it? Otherwise I Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5470
Zoah Highlights (2 years ago)
Eq Prophet Nope
Duriiel (2 years ago)
that s my problem too, did u fix it?
Adless (2 years ago)
Can i delete all the driver data which is left when i installed it?
Andrew David (2 years ago)
+Nicolas11x12TECHX on step 3 you determined you had to get the R9 2XX Series how do i check exact details of mine to know what i should go for, When i checked my one it only tells me AMD Radeon(TM)R5 Graphics. Im also getting a graphics driver for my windows 8.1 laptop...?
Geles [RHG I] (2 years ago)
Thanks ^_^
seira (2 years ago)
What should I do? Every time I attempt to download the drivers for my rx 470 my computer restarts and is never able to fully install the drivers
seira mine too
Noopkin (2 years ago)
Mr.Killa (2 years ago)
my computer comes with three amd graphics driver and i can't find any one of them!
Phanton Beats. (2 years ago)
Thank you man helped me alot
Soy (2 years ago)
csgo sometimes stutters and also frame drops occur. Sometimes the game also crashes. i want to know the cause of it, is it the driver i installed or is it my graphics card? my graphics card is the r9 290x
Soy (2 years ago)
what's better? radeon softwatre or amd catalyst?
Lollipop (1 year ago)
i get 120 FPS and VAR in any game on ultra settings i use the latest AMD readon and the drivers so its fast
Electro[] (2 years ago)
radeon . my experience in radeon is so good i have with this driver 40 fps in warface with ALL MAX
Rilind Tasholli (2 years ago)
Radeon Crismon is better than catalyst
El Triste Coco (2 years ago)
When I did mine, everything worked but my pc freezes as soon as it starts up. I am forced to boot in safe mode and delete drivers and retry.
Montana 001 (2 years ago)
El Triste Coco oh. Okay
El Triste Coco (2 years ago)
@Montana 001 YT I assume so. I have AMD processors so I am unsure.
Montana 001 (2 years ago)
El Triste Coco I am asking you this cus obviously you dis it and it worked. I am planning on putting the Graphics card Amd 6970 2gb with an Intel core i7 am I allowed to put Intel processors with AMD graphics card.
Hazosh (2 years ago)
well i did it many times. In a few days my graphics driver does a lot problems such as graphics driver lost. I have been doing the tutorial that you have been showing to people. But it keeps happening to my PC. I couldn't find the problem why the graphics driver keep lost everytime.
101010 101010 (2 years ago)
i have AMD RADEON (TM) R6 graphics but when I got to the amd driver website I cant find my graphics card there for some reason ?! help ???
Avi (2 years ago)
so my laptop has intel hd 4000 graphics. if i install this by ur step, i will be able to get new drivers
HAKLI OYUNCU (2 years ago)
teşekür ederim

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