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Solar Power in Mongolia

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Nomadic Mongolian herder families find a source of affordable, portable electricity with portable solar units that withstand their rugged lifestyle. With help from the World Bank, the solar program allows people living in one of the remotest regions on Earth to connect to a wider world.
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Hayley Kelley Voice (3 years ago)
Great.. glad our solar power technology is so far reaching.
ChinaReport.com (4 years ago)
Lovely reporting - kind of our thing completely (y)
Martin (4 years ago)
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cktung100 (5 years ago)
wish they can make big solar power heat system for the ger.and no more smog in winter in ulaanbator.it will be clean and beautiful.love them.
humphrey michael c (5 years ago)
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Solahmir Haka (5 years ago)
How about first off stop living in the fantasy that you have anything to do with ghengis khan and tartars, then we can talk about solar power.
Elaine Morrison (5 years ago)
gheorghe cojocaru (6 years ago)
make the palaces ,and fying cars , let' those people as they r a

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