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Vertical Spreads: The Safe, Consistent Strategy That’s Produced 22 Winning Trades

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Jim Sullivan (19 days ago)
Looking for vertical credit spread trade ideas? Here's a real-time scanner: omnieq .com
Sankalp Anand (1 month ago)
Read this article from the same guy and save yourself from an hour long audio ordeal. Thank me later. http://www.wyattresearch.com/article/bear-call-spread-strategy/
Dan S (8 months ago)
The audio is so bad, why did this even get posted to youtube??
Harrison Murbi (10 months ago)
Jesus!! Introduction to vertical spreads begins FIFTEEN minutes into this talk!!
Dan S (8 months ago)
And it ends with darth vader mumbling into a coffee can...........
AUSTIN FIG (1 year ago)
the audio goes from semi-terrible to full-terrible only at the most relevant parts of the presentation. presentation should have been pre-recorded and then take questions via whatever archaic software you were using.
Scottie Scott (1 year ago)
getting past the audio difficulties, the lecture is awesome, as usual. Folks, try not to get too distracted by the audio problems early on in the video, like my little doggie, who gets distracted by the simplest things. Focus people. It's not that bad. Bottom Line: this strategy works wonders for steady (singles and doubles) portfolio growth based on high probability trades. This (along with iron condors) is the cornerstone of my very successful portfolio track record.
mARK SNOW (1 year ago)
Would love to get this info. But audio is unbearable.
thaaffguy (1 year ago)
The audio is horrible and annoying
Jeff Stamper (1 year ago)
Can't understand you due to bad audio.
Louis Zaza (2 years ago)
Nice presentation what platform would you have advice for UK traders?
Kurtie7 (2 years ago)
Great info and presentation----the audio has clouded certain parts, though... Thank you
Krogzax Ants (2 years ago)
Sorry the audio made me lose interest
Arts of Ancient Wisdom (2 years ago)
If I am allowed to make up options and sell to someone or something like in these "SPREADS" why don't I just make up many large numbers impossible contracts I would win for sure and sell to "something or someone" and just make money off from them? What's the rule the would prevent me from doing it? I mean, I won't buy anything, but only sell. In these spreads, I see combinations are created with BUY and SELL.
Richard Dimery (1 year ago)
Every options transactions has a BUYER and a SELLER. Both are investors (or speculators). Options are traded on their behalf by a (neutral) third party - the EXCHANGE - CBOE in US, e.g. Explicit in a trading account agreement is the definition of a "standard option" upon which each trader can assess risk. You wouldn't be able to "make up" (make a market of one) anything.
Pandagasm (2 years ago)
audio is ridiculous....
Dispatch Express (3 years ago)
audio is terrible
Dispatch Express (3 years ago)
audio is terrible
Jason Lee (3 years ago)
good content. but improve the audio please.
armitron64 (3 years ago)
so if we were to do this strategy with calls instead of puts we would look at the ITM probability instead??
David Little (2 years ago)
No - this strategy is OTM type of trade. Yes, using the same probability..
Peter Hallman (3 years ago)
I second the comment by Balvenie. You need to improve the audio.
Balvenie (3 years ago)
Good presentation, I liked this one better. However, the audio is cutting in and out after about 55 minutes, it got better towards the end.

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