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Gender & IDA: Fostering gender equality and empowerment

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In the poorest countries, gender inequities acutely limit opportunities for girls and women. Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls are among the most effective ways to combat poverty, hunger, and disease and to stimulate development that is truly sustainable.  IDA, the World Bank's Fund for the Poorest, has been working to expand girls' access to education and to create other opportunities for empowerment. As the largest source of concessional finance for low-income countries, IDA plays a critical role in investing in women's health and education and ensuring their equal access to economic opportunities. IDA is having a tangible impact on the ground in developing countries. Learn more: http://www.worldbank.org/ida/theme-gender.html IDA is a multi-issue institution, supporting the world's 81 poorest countries through a range of activities that pave the way toward equality, economic growth, job creation, and better living conditions. IDA places emphasis on four areas where support is urgently needed: gender, climate change, fragile and conflict-affected countries, and crisis response.
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bnbalenda (3 years ago)
Most of the world's most corrupt countries are developing countries.
thuong tran (4 years ago)
how can I make a clip like that???
Raquel Bates (4 years ago)
Yoyou436 (4 years ago)
smithyman33 (5 years ago)
of course women in the undeveloped world will live less then women in the developed world...wtf kind of statistic is that?
Kong CHHUON (5 years ago)

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