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Hercules, Disney's Beautiful Hot Mess: a Video Essay

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At long last, we can finally put to bed the mystery of why Disney's Hercules was kind of eh. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/loosecanon
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Dee is for Dadirri (17 hours ago)
i don't mean to be mean but your accent is very annoying its a struggle to pay attention sometimes, no offence
Matthew Watson (20 hours ago)
It's weird seeing the love for this movie in the comments because I never really liked Hercules as a kid and totally forgot about it as an adult ( The Lion King was by far my favorite movie )
Gull (2 days ago)
hunkules and the hades herc-a-derc's enchanted big fat greek christmas equivalent and of course, heracles's magical asphodel meadows
DogeatDog (2 days ago)
Problem is kids don''t know most of the reference that apparently cause this movie to have underling issues. Regardless this is my fav disney movie
Wil Boehmer (3 days ago)
At least the music is good
Bigbiz hail (4 days ago)
you just spoiled harry potter for me... and I was on the 6th book too 😭
"Bitchy gay boyfriend"
Peter Cahill (5 days ago)
23:20 Actually, Anakin's arc as a chosen one is one of the more interesting takes on the trope because while yes he did destroy the Sith as the prophecy said, that didn't stop him from becoming one one and going against everything the Jedi stood for during the latter half of his life before it could even be fulfilled. And it wasn't even out of obligation and duty to do so either, but out of his own volition to save Luke, his son. Say what you will about the prequels, but I think presenting a subversion of the prophesy trope was a pretty good idea.
neomt2 (5 days ago)
I think your review is confused here - you are picking this apart as an adult - watched it as a kid - loved it - nothing at all bad - still my fav Disney movie - the point was to recover what he thought lost - thats why he didn't care about money - it wasn't helping him so he is frustrated obviously and very sad his goal hasn't been met - he was told the things he was doing were GREAT but in reality they truly didn't matter. He ends up in a depression - you seem'd to gloss over that Meg betrayed him and when Phil told him he just couldn't take it along with not reaching his goals. Your review is missing the point of the story - and you sound a bit jaded :/ esp with drinking while giving a review (gag or not) on a childrens cartoon...anyhow - :) keep well
Willam Stevens (5 days ago)
Nope. The second you sat down and started eating Funyons, you lost all credibility. If you were hungry you should have eaten beforehand. The rest of the argument doesn't matter because you clearly didn't care enough about what you were saying to put the bag down and wait until you finished your video.
Provoganda (6 days ago)
Modern superheroes lile Superman very similar to Jesus anyone? Whoops, Lindsay says it a few moments later ^^
lakydei (6 days ago)
Hercules is great, maybe people just didn't apreciate pop culture references at the time. Nowadays it's more common and valuable. Also, Hercules doesn't know how to become a true hero or what makes a true hero, so he tries any possible outcomes that he can, one of them is to be grossly popular, so popular that he's like a superstar and his greedy trainer takes advantage of that to get rich. It's not Hercules who wants to be rich, so his character arc can't be grow from egocentric to humble.
BaronNate (6 days ago)
even eating funions…..so beautiful :)
my video's are trash (6 days ago)
Hey, that mashup wasn't bad at all!
August Muhrbeck (6 days ago)
Hercules is personally my favorite disney movie
Sorrowdusk (7 days ago)
I feel like this is a product placement for Corona Light, when you totally should have done Modelo Negra -but you do you.
Film Doctor Studios (7 days ago)
9:57 this sounds great! Except the whole Uncle/Nephew thing... 🤢
The Danger Club (7 days ago)
I came for the funyuns!
Aaliyah Hall (7 days ago)
9:50 - 10:06 I agree with everything that has been said!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED this romance!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
jagardina (7 days ago)
I just noticed this is 2 years old. I need a current picture before I agree to go on a date. Hold up a newspaper so I can verify the picture is recent.
jagardina (7 days ago)
I think you set your expectations too high. Great review though. Are you available for dating? I promise to never exceed your expectations. Or to always fail to meet your expectations. Depends on your expectations.
Time to learn to animate to make that Beauty and the Beast movie
mukkaar (8 days ago)
I remember really liking the game :D
¿Do Geese See God? (8 days ago)
Please neeeeeever eat into the microphone again.
Creasing Singer9 (8 days ago)
Beautiful and brilliant sign me up
vubhuhjkbhubohjb (8 days ago)
300 times better than the remakes
sam ara (8 days ago)
I'm sorry, but you're wrong.
Jo L. (8 days ago)
Ur plot hole has a plot hole. Hades was never invited to the party for Zeus and Hera’s new born son. Goes to show how little contact they keep with hades. *drinks ketchup slowly*
Jo L. (8 days ago)
I mean tbh i understand the whole it doesnt accuratley represent Greek mythology to the degree that it kind of bothers me but it never bothered me enough to say this movie was bad in any way. The point of the movie was by no means trying to tell us all about greek mythology but rather adapt it too a disney style and retell it too a younger demographic. I mean you could say that with all the fairytales when all of those stories were “disneyfied” and overall rewritten for children it became more favorable. I still find the movie enjoyable. It’s animation and i dont expect it to be in depth unless of course its anime or avatar (no not the blue people).
Lucas Ferretti (8 days ago)
19:16 and he this is also a comedy
Captain Phasma (8 days ago)
Personally Hercules is still my favorite Disney movie. 🤷‍♂️ I know it’s not the best one, but hell if it isn’t one of the most entertaining. Too bad Disney just swept it under the rug and acts like it didn’t happen
Valkaria (8 days ago)
Your thumbnail is how I looked watching this whole video
Berry Cake (8 days ago)
She sold me on those Funyuns
Nance N (8 days ago)
This movie was entirely underrated. It just didn't fit the Disney mold. I've watched this and The Emperor's New Groove dozens of times and will continue to for years to come!
Jagji56 (8 days ago)
Technically, Luck is Prophesied. They thought t was Ankin/Dath, but it was actually Luke. We just did not know he was until the Prequels.
VanillaCakez (8 days ago)
I've met the perfect woman
Benjinater 066 (8 days ago)
Where do I belong? This sexy lady is where I belong
Bianca GlezB (8 days ago)
I quit watching the video bc the noises of you chewing and opening your goddamn potato chips bag annoyed the hell outta me. That was super unnecesary. Thumbs down 👎
Alan Smith (8 days ago)
Subscribed solely for talking a out werewolfs of London y I don't know just made me happy
annageo (8 days ago)
adults obsessed with disney are some of the most pathetic people
StrasbergProtégé (8 days ago)
People complaining about other people appreciating art are more pathetic if you ask me
Alannah (8 days ago)
So if sacrificing yourself makes you a true hero then I guess Meg is a true hero too huh
Nami Burali (8 days ago)
I only recently found yoru content. but: I like this place. I want to stay and watch the lady drink Corona's and talk about things.
Champigne (9 days ago)
Angry Orchard and Corona Light? Yuck..
Baron Thundercunt (9 days ago)
Say what you like from an adults perspective but as a kid I absolutely loved this movie. Lion King was always my favorite and Tarzan was another one up there but Hercules was among my top movies as a child. I never thought it was even considered considerably worse than any of the others until I saw this video. I would say its more likely that something effected the sales not related to the actual quality of the film since the primary demographic for these films is children and a child is no way near discerning enough to pick up on any of the stuff you mentioned. They hear cool songs, see cool animations and laugh at stupid shit, they feel sad when they're supposed to and then happy again. That's basically all animated movies and Hercules does well in all those regards. But I would say looking critically I guess I agree with you. The main thing I REALLY agree with you on is that Hades was always my favorite character, I think he's by far the most interesting, memorable character in the film and I picked up on that even as a kid. If I've ever thought back to Hercules for whatever reason, like its been brought up by a video like this, I think of Hades first. Also, watching you eat those crisps then swill it with you're watered down disgusting half-breed beer was disturbing. Please don't do that on screen again.
Alejandra Alvarez (9 days ago)
You said you watched the TV series on college so I was curious about your age and now I want to know where do you find virgin blood to bath and stay this young looking.
Damien Ivan (9 days ago)
Holy shit, give this lady a job.
rose_anwen (9 days ago)
If you love funions so much, maybe you should try monster munch?
Jordan Jackson (10 days ago)
I was unaware that Hercules was considered "meh" by anyone.
Jordan Jackson (10 days ago)
Literally one of my top 5 favorite Disney movies.
Runa (10 days ago)
I love that this movie is being talked about, it's one of my absolute favorite animations!  I like that you mentioned the movie's backstory (which I didn't know about) and this overall is a very well researched essay, it's really, really good! I subscribed today to your channel and your videos do not disappoint! I'd like to add that that Hercules' want of belonging and need of being a selfless hero could be related to some degree. To you, Hercules wasn't selfish but, the way I see it (and I'm totally okay with being wrong), he was. Like in the bit when he doesn't care much about the children and feels happy that there's some disturbance which would result in him being seen as a hero. Maybe a perspective that shows how his want and need do build to each other would be that he feels like he doesn't belong in his own skin rather than feeling like he doesn't belong with the rest of the normal people. Like, he's the chosen one, he is intrinsically supposed to be a hero but he's doing stuff for his own selfish reasons instead (wanting to be with the gods is not the same as wanting to help others and, essentially, being a god/hero; Hercules only wants the former, not realizing at first that it would be a result from the latter). In that sense, at the beginning of the movie, Hercules only wants to be a god out of selfish reasons but, then, he gives up on that goal when he realizes that by focusing on becoming a god he abandoned Meg, which then makes him not the hero of the story, nor the god he wanted to be, but only makes him a jerk. In the end, Hercules saves Meg and ultimately does his first selfless act of the movie, becoming a true hero as a consequence. Doing that, he belongs in himself, he is finally doing what he is supposed to do, something that he didn't even know where a thing but that he was predestined to do -- the state in which he belonged all along was the state of being a selfless hero. As for the fame and fortune, you are right, it is a bit odd that it's supposed to be a commentary on the industry. Maybe they are not Hercules' end goal but are the trainer's (I forget his name). That way, it's not a motivating factor to Hercules but maybe it's put in there for the trainer's character development, I don't really know, though. Anyways, I would never have thought about this stuff before watching this and I'm sorry for any mistakes, my English is a little rusty. Great video!
Harald Lindohf (10 days ago)
Oh honey you mean HUNKULES!!!
Andreas A (10 days ago)
Hercules is one of my favourite Disney movies!
trisscar05 (10 days ago)
...I think I would argue that the point of Hercules' arc is not, in the end, the commentary on sports celebs or the hero's journey or "wealth and fame are not the be-all end-all".I'd argue that the fact he doesn't end up enchanted with fame and fortune, or being a hero, or any of that, is because what he wants is still "to belong", but in the sense of a college bound student trying desperately to figure out what to do with the rest of their life. The villagers don't accept him, he clearly doesn't have a future there, compounded by seeming bored (though generally -at first- accepting that his current parents need the help and that he's probably the only one who can or is willing to do so) with what his life has presented to him so far and in the future as a farmer.Screw it, a journey sounds fun, I'll miss my parents but they'll probably be okay right....? (Yeah no this one is weird and needed more time in general honestly.)Hey here's this temple, the gods apparently had something to do with how I came about, I should ask them, after all the gods are gods, they're powerful beings who know stuff, and they wouldn't steer me wrong, especially not the leader of the pantheon.... right?Then the idea that acceptance through being a hero will make him feel fulfilled, but that feels hollow and pointless and the fame/wealth more so, and etc. But there's this girl who isn't impressed by powers I didn't earn, even if I worked to control them; or by my money, she isn't fangirling over me, and I'm having to work to build something with her. And then I lose her, because of something I did. And if I do the thing I've been training for, I might be able to get her back. Suddenly that training and... "profession".... is useful in saving one of the few things I actually value. At the end of the movie, I think he's staying for Meg, his parents, Phil, and his pegasus friend (whose name is currently stuck in the corridors of my mind somewhere), because THEY are where he belongs. Because they are what he was looking for, spending time with them is what he wants his future to be, and anything else that ends up happening because of it is just side-fluff. I dunno, I think it makes sense, but it feels like (maybe more than) a few important bits were sacrificed to or moved by the cutting room floor gods. Feels like it actually kinda goes against the standard narrative of disney movies of the time on purpose.
Vanishing Man (10 days ago)
You know, this must be the only 90's Disney movie I didn't watch a bunch of times. Which I suppose is why I never realized it looks like ass. It's kinda baffling, really, since Disney's animated features were pretty damn consistently nice to look at. It's like no one involved really cared and then it underperfomed, and was swiftly locked into the basement of shameful step-children.
Lps Rockies (10 days ago)
4:58 lmao
Emily Gardner (10 days ago)
I think the tonal shift between the "realness" back on Earth of Meg dying and the comedic feel back up on Olympus between the Gods is suppose to indicate the the Gods never really understand the severity of what is happening on Earth; the Gods are too involved in their own contrived shit that they don't take notice to the domain they are actually suppose to care about, and that domain therefore suffers because of it. We even see Hercules, as you mention, even forget about Meg while he is up there. That makes his decision to stay on Earth even when he finally attained Godhood that more important.
brad potts (10 days ago)
treasure planet was awesome
Daisy Banaisy ASMR (11 days ago)
The joke about Hercules staying behind with Hades and it becoming Beauty & The Beast is really funny because people have drawn similarities between that movie and 'The Taking of Persephone' myth which is, basically that story line except that it's the goddess of spring trapped with Hades lol
Luz Baruqui (11 days ago)
the Beauty and the Beast had me dying
Jane Wagner (11 days ago)
its very easy to decide to hate something, rather than to accurately criticize true short comings.
Drunken Tailer (11 days ago)
You, Lindsay Ellis, are a goddess. Not like.... in a creepy way... but, rather, for the sole reason that you also realized the attempt by Kid Rock to mash his garbage song with SHA resulted only in musical aesthetes the world over going like, "Wait... that's 'Werewolves of London' ". I thought I was alone. But you get it, chick. Party on, Garth...
Precambrian Lullaby (11 days ago)
i would recommend watching treasure planet again. that movie is excellent.
kevin adams (11 days ago)
now describe the 6 act structure of a 1 hour TV drama and how a season can have a 3 act setup, or a triple 3 act setup if planned.....Breaking Bad, Battlestar, Buffy....for examples...just using the B's
kevin adams (11 days ago)
wow...forgot an actually planned series...Babylon 5
grelgen (11 days ago)
luke was the prophesied person who brought balance to the force, tho
Ro Ad (11 days ago)
Luke was prophesied, he was the true "Chosen One". But the problem was that everyone mistook Anakin to be the "Chosen One"
Alphasnowbordergirl (11 days ago)
Did not like moana. Had major story pacing problems. Great beginning weak middle and end.
Alphasnowbordergirl (11 days ago)
I actually like this movie. It was fun. I loved the muses. . . Then again they were like the first black characters in Disney that had a real role. Did that have influence over it? ... then again at the time I thought Esmerelda was black since I didn't know what a gypsy was.
Chrinik (12 days ago)
How is Herkules arc weird? He starts out wanting to figure out where he belongs. He hears from word of God that he belongs to his godly family as a god. He needs to be a true hero to become a god. He learns that a true hero does heroic things and is trained to be so. He spends his entire teenage years working towards the goal of becoming a true hero. He becomes the bestest hero that ever lived, swimming in fame and fortune, everyone revears him...but accourding to his dad, he still doesn't qualify for godhood. Herkules is confused by this. HE IS WRONG! He turns arrogant and full of himself because he thinks he's doing the right thing, but it seems to not work out... For the first half of the movie he has a WRONG image of what a hero is, shaped by the environment around him telling him what a hero is supposed to be, he then spends the rest of the movie figuring out what a "true hero" is, being self sacrificial for others. And it takes his true love dying. And him 100% comitting to throw his life away for hers to realize. If anyone had straight up told him that he needs to sacrifice himself for the people to be considered a true hero, he would have simply done so, godhood attained, arc over. But through this he also finds out he does not belong with the gods, but instead, belongs with disneys favorite cliché...love. So he was double wrong... The entire character arc resolution is that he is wrong, and he only discovers the truth after things not going his way, hardship and, dare I say, developing character...
Serena Kimlin (12 days ago)
Where else are you going to have Woods *and* Scarfe in a movie together. Herc, Meg, everybody else in that film can jump off a cliff. Woods & Scarfe are two halves of a whole in my book.
Adamatronamus (12 days ago)
James Woods is this film.
nandini upadhyay (12 days ago)
I haven't seen Hercules, but I've watched Hunchback, it's my favourite Disney movie. It seems like Hercules had way more of a tone problem than Hunchback, it just seems all over the place. The gargoyles were definitely a tone problem in Hunchback, and I felt like the gargoyles comedy wasn't good but I liked the other comedy scenes in the movie. Hercules's love nearly dies and he goes on to fight? And then high-five? And then be suddenly reminded that THE MAIN FEMALE IS DYING!? Hunchback was never that insane. I know I'm biased.
iChannelRyne (12 days ago)
I am in love with this woman
Spike EP (12 days ago)
A fair critique, but you overlooked the main qualifying attribute for Heroism in the Classicall/Hellenistic Worldview — You Have to Be DEAD to be a Hero. That’s actually what a Hero *is* : A Dead Man Who, in The Past, Made a Substantive Contribution to the founding of a Great City or Nation.... You Have to have TOMB to Venerate, which pilgrims can travel to in order to pay homage and worship you. Luke Skywalker was NOT a Hero prior to 2018 — Why? Because he was still alive. Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson are all American Heroes — Benjamin Franklin is*NOT.* It’s all about the Tomb, and occasionally the birthplace, too — The House of Hercules was/is in Thebes; his gravesite is completely atypical, as he immolated himself upon a funeral pyre as the final act in his apotheosis. So for Hercules,pilgrims would travel to pay homage at his HOUSE in Thebes instead of his tomb (seeing as how he didn’t have one. https://youtu.be/vRviWpP57ow
Volt Kreuger (12 days ago)
dang you pounded that 65 percent of a bottle of corona
Derpy PotatoFox (12 days ago)
Who put the glad in gladiator? SPARTACUS!
Arno Online (12 days ago)
I always thought Zeus was kinda hot
Technically Hades didn't keep 2 of his Bargains. the first being the promise that Meg wouldn't get hurt, sure her own death was at her hand but it was still a promise that was broken ergo Hades did nothing to prevent Meg from being hurt. and in the last bargain that Hercules made with Hades was that Meg would leave but Herc would stay and take her place. but after the deal was made and Hercules dove to save Meg, Hades suddenly breaks the bargain by saying "Oh yeah btw your gonna die trying" Meaning he had no intention of letting either leave and knew preemptively that Herc would fail.
Reg Eric (13 days ago)
Everything good except for the racism.
Jared Viljoen (13 days ago)
I have just discovered you Lindsay, I love you.
ZBot47 (13 days ago)
Proper usage of schadenfreude. Smash the Like button, and hit Subscribe.
Sammy with a Why (13 days ago)
These videos are really great and make me think about every story I consume, you make a ton of really insightful notes and you make it fun
Collecting Plastic (13 days ago)
You make me care about things I never cared about and/or forgot about.
FYC Show (13 days ago)
Funyuns and Corona? Oh my Glob.
Anıl'ın Kaleminden (13 days ago)
You didn't finish the last drop...
Blackthorn (13 days ago)
Where did the potion come from that turn gods to mortal? A thing like that seems to have much more potential than an army of titans, but hey, it was his destiny to fail anyways.
mountainhun (13 days ago)
I wonder what Treasure Planet would have been like in the 80s... Probably insane. XDD
Shane Wright (13 days ago)
Does anyone find it odd that this is the first time I have EVER seen a bag of Funyuns? I'm not kidding. No, really - I have never seen a bag of Funyuns. Is it because I'm Canadian? Did we always have Funyuns in Canada, and I just didn't know it? Does this mean I'm going to see Funyuns the next time I go to the store? I think I need help.
NewWorldSinner (13 days ago)
Timothy Hill (14 days ago)
You’re the best.
John Morrell (14 days ago)
I feel like the point of the movie (while not super great) was missed here. The whole idea is that Hercules doesn't know what being a hero is, so he confuses fame with being a hero, hence his becoming rich etc. Then he fixes his problem and learns how to be a hero, by caring about someone else instead.
BariFunny (14 days ago)
Damn, Now I want a treasure planet episode!
M Paulson (14 days ago)
Hercules and Treasure Planet are among my Disney favorites. I am finding out with this video that they didn't do well on the box office.
Jason Doucette (14 days ago)
This is why you don’t drink and “review” movies kids. 37 minutes of unending rambling based entirely on opinion.
Gibran Vega (14 days ago)
Ricky Martin did Hercules voice in the spanish version, yeah he also sang the theme song. Eat your heart out Michael Bolton.
Robbie Gabito (14 days ago)
hercules is the reason im so gay for thick men with whitish skin and curly hair and blue eyes
TaranAlvein (14 days ago)
Eh, let's be honest, original-myth Heracles probably wouldn't have kept his end of their bargain either. He could be kind of a dick sometimes. Also, to be entirely fair on the point of celebrity endorsements, I'm not sure the creators knew this, but the ancient Romans had celebrity endorsements. It's possible the Greeks did as well. Then again, with the Romans, it was mainly for popular gladiators, so maybe not.
Pers Godiva (14 days ago)
I just watched this again and I stand by my opinion that Hercules is one of the (if not THE) funniest Disney movies ever.
גיא לזר (15 days ago)
I really liked the movie as a kid and even now so I cant really look at it in any form of negative light. it kinda hurt to watch this and I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing
Justin Okraski (15 days ago)
emily cheetham (15 days ago)
I like Herculese. They didn’t do a perfect job (but they rarely do) but it is under rated. Hades is my favourite Disney villain. I personally preferred Hercules to the hunchback of notre dame.

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