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How to trade GBP/USD (Cable): Tips & Tricks

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★ How to trade GBP/USD i.e. cable, Tips & Tricks ★ You can trade the GBP/USD at InterTrader http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/intertrader/intertrader.html ★ If you found value in watching this video, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can do more! Discussing the GBP/USD i.e. cable If you found value in watching this video, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can do more! David Paul, Financial Trader and Managing Director of VectorVest UK comments. Tell us a little about the GBP/USD relationship - its called the Cable- how do the two work. The Pound against the Dollar, the Pound is called the base currency and the Dollar is referred to as the secondary currency. In the GBP/USD and the EUR/USD, the Dollar is the secondary currency. What factors effect Cable? Tell us a little about the GBP/USD currency pair. If the GBP/USD exchange rate equals 1.46829 for instance what does that mean? Why is the GBP/USD such a popular pair amongst traders? Factors affecting the GBP/USD [any notable fundamental announcements] Role of Inflation in Trading GBP USD Tell us about the Characteristics and Particularities of the GBPUSD currency pair? How volatile is this currency? Is the GBP/USD a good currency pair to trade for beginners? What’s the best way to trade this currency? And the best times to trade? [suitable for traders who like to do short-term trades or use martingale type robots.] Mention some trading tips for trading the GBP/USD How the GBP/USD correlated to the EUR/USD? [The GBP/USD is rather sensitively to important news affecting the EUR/USD, with news such as FOMC, Non-Farm Payroll and political events in the UK…etc] Does the GBP/USD have any correlations with other currency pairs?
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Elena Wysong (4 months ago)
I would love more info on his forex training.
ASDF123000 (4 months ago)
this guy is so fucking funny
Jinryuushi (8 months ago)
I really like this guy; he's of incredible sympathy.
Kabelo Phillimon (8 months ago)
My humble applicable respect mr you.are the best
Sayian God (1 year ago)
I like this guy , his hair makes him look like the Devil😈
Nicholas Mendez (1 year ago)
I like this guy, I hope he comes back again.
Gannfan (1 year ago)
I think the 1985 Feb/Mar low of 1.05 will be tested in 2017/18. Should it arrive there, I would suggest Mr Paul is probably correct to view cable as the currency of choice for the ensuing half decade.
Zack Van Heerden (1 year ago)
I am going to defo look to get long on that 112 low :)
diego7jl (1 year ago)
Lol me too hahaha

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