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Joomla 3 Tutorial - Lesson 11 - Menus

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Get the free companion workbook at: http://www.buildajoomlawebsite.com/joomla-tutorials/the-basics/ How to create pages in Joomla using menus. * Understanding Menus * Adding a menu item to an existing menu * Creating a menu from scratch
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Bambino (9 months ago)
Love the 70s porno music in the intro, really puts me in the mood to program.
Tammy Bloomfield (10 months ago)
Hey can you help Im having problems with my directory site... main menu list not landing on a page with sub categories ...how can i get it to group the sub categories on one landing page ? Thank you... :)
333grace (1 year ago)
Am having difficulty with categories that more than one article and categories within categories. What are the settings? Is this where Text Separators would be used for menu items? Thank you!
Site Skills (1 year ago)
Not quite sure what you're asking. An article cannot live in more than one category. However you can include tags within categories which often gets around this issue. If you want a category page that displays more than one article, this is straight-forward and the settings are specified in the menu item. You can create categories within categories (sub-categories). When creating the category, you can specify if it lives at the top level or if it has a "parent". Menu text separators can be used or whatever you like. I don't see that often, but they can be helpful when creating a complex menu.
Joseph Meteor (2 years ago)
Thank you sir:) This is helpful to us. Can you post a tutorial on how to make enrollment system using joomla.?
Aqsa Latif (2 years ago)
u r great sir...thank u so much u helped me alot
kayfaHaluk (3 years ago)
When i click the article it does nothing....
Luna Litvak (3 years ago)
I was desperate to find an easy, complete and in the same way quick tutorial about how to create a menu from scratch and here I found it! For sure I will stroll in the entire classes! Thank You! 
Farida Rahmitania (3 years ago)
Good tutorial. I'm beginner and i'm so glad to found this tutorial. Thank you so much

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