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Convert ArcMap GIS layers to KML for Google Earth in ArcGIS.

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Walks through the process of using the Layer to KML tool in the ArcGIS toolbox to convert a layer to KML, and then use and edit the file in Google Maps. Lecture review tutorial videos from Hunter College and Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NYC) GIS in Public Health (PH 770.07), and (MPH-0005).
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Sylvester Nganga (1 year ago)
Sylvester Nganga (1 year ago)
how can i overlay a kmz file on google earth and be able to select the features such road and it displays its attributes on google earth
Skyea Chi (4 years ago)
May I know the proper way to preserve annotation from ArcGIS to Google Earth?
Chris Goranson (4 years ago)
Certainly Julian. Yes, GIS can be a bit confusing but I would suggest not being afraid to "break" anything - it's probably the quickest way to learn. Short of corrupting or deleting your data and project files (make ample copies of important data first and save copies of your projects often!) you can't really go wrong by just experimenting with the various tools and settings.
Chris Goranson (4 years ago)
Glad it was helpful! I'm glad it was step-by-step enough to follow for your needs Hoshyar.
Hoshyar Lahoorpoor (5 years ago)
Thanks for your absolutely insructive video.Very distinguished instracture which lets the viewers get into the concept step by step. Many thanks. Hoshyar.
Julian Padilla (5 years ago)
Thanks a bunch Mr. Chris for your help. For me, ArcMap has been a very confusing GIS program to use. However its tools are very simple to use, you just got to know where to find them and how to use them. But thanks again for your help. Julian

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