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Lesotho: New Roadways and Bridges Bring Communities Together

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Lesotho’s mountainous terrain has made it hard for residents to travel between communities, and access goods and services quickly and safely. In the South East of the country, nearly 2000 meters above sea level, a road project in an area called Qacha’s Neck, has brought communities together, made river crossings simple, and opened the door for tourism to a once inaccessible place.
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Armarni Thomson (6 months ago)
It a beautiful country me and my family go up there some times and give them food
david martin (1 month ago)
Armarni Thomson wow that's great thing
DAMU (1 month ago)
Where are u from?
John von Shepard (8 months ago)
Why not plant some tree.....
HyperColours (8 months ago)
The world bank don't care about Lesotho, they just want your government in debt.
mohlomphehi (26 days ago)
HyperColours You are spot on. The World Bank couldn't care less about improving people's lives. They are only in the business of making modern day slaves through perpertual debt. I'm sure that the mountain Kingdom is in no position to pay back the debt and that's all part of the plan. Now they own Lesotho, they will influence policy decision making as well as influencing succession debates etc.
Xoliswa Khambule (10 months ago)
Well done lesotho
Phillimon Tladi (1 year ago)
chee Lesotho le sebelitse ka ho etsa tsela eeo

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