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Wittenoom - The Abandoned Blue Asbestos Mine Ghost Town & The Residents Who Refuse To Leave

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Wittenoom - The Blue Asbestos Ghost Town & The Residents Who Refuse To Leave Devils Dust Movie Trailer - The Killer James Hardie Asbestos Company & Bernie Banton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0REkJuPi1zw Devil's Dust is a two-part Australian television docu-drama mini-series on the ABC which first screened in 2012. Based on journalist Matt Peacock's 2009 book Killer Company, Devil's Dust was researched and developed by producer Stephen Corvini for over two years prior to the series' production. Through the factual case of Bernie Banton, it recounts the tragedy of many Australian workers and their families afflicted with asbestosis and mesothelioma in the twentieth-century asbestos mining and processing industries. Though the extreme health risks of exposure to asbestos dust had been documented for many years, manufacturer James Hardie persisted in large-scale use of the material, aided by inadequate regulation by state health agencies. BEFORE he died an early death at 61 in 2007, Australia knew Bernie Banton as the smiling man with asbestosis who carried an oxygen bottle wherever he went. We didn't know all that much about him at first, just that he was up against the polished legal might and political clout of building materials manufacturer James Hardie. I still remember the company's name stamped on sheets of "fibro" in the local hardware yard. I had no idea the lives of thousands of Australians might have been jeopardised by asbestos in materials such as this. Or that underfelt made from shredded asbestos bags under old carpet leaked pain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil%27s_Dust Banton seemed an ordinary bloke, a former factory worker, who soon became the widely recognised face of the legal and political campaign to achieve compensation for the many sufferers of asbestos-related diseases. But, as this two-part series reveals, there was more to Banton than many of us realised as we watched the emerging folk hero on TV waging his seemingly losing battle against the corporate figureheads of the James Hardie company. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/review/no-clean-sweep-as-miniseries-devils-dust-tackles-bernie-bantons-asbestos-story/story-fn9n8gph-1226513068301 Bernard Douglas (Bernie) Banton AM (13 October 1946 – 27 November 2007) was an Australian social justice campaigner. He was the widely-recognised face of the legal and political campaign to achieve compensation for the many sufferers of asbestos-related conditions, which they contracted after either working for the company James Hardie or being exposed to James Hardie Industries' products. Bernie himself suffered from asbestosis, Asbestos-Related Pleural Disease (ARPD) and then finally peritoneal mesothelioma. These conditions required him to carry an oxygen tank wherever he went. The 2009 book Killer Company details Banton's fight against James Hardie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_Banton Bernie Banton on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjhzvzoo0sk Banton brought an action against Amaca Pty Ltd before the Dust Diseases Tribunal of New South Wales https://safetyatworkblog.com/2012/10/30/devils-dust-australian-movie-on-asbestos-and-corporate-morality/ Exposure to Deadly Asbestos, Pesticides, Illegal Dumping etc - The Dangers, Examples, Advice & Warnings - James Hardie Australia ( Mesothelioma ) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhyT97-KaZ_04EsHUmFurL1vLBSdMtzzR Devils Dust - Deadly Natural Blue Asbestos Facts & Dangers - Products of Asbestos - Mesothelioma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eKi4_AM6l8
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Text Comments (60)
David Anderson (1 month ago)
Great film - thanks for the introduction to Wittenoom.
Your welcome mate, it is beautiful country up that way
TimonSuricata (4 months ago)
can't wait to move there, the places should be cheap, or free, the gov won't even go there anymore, ill bring solar power for all!
Liam Woodland (4 months ago)
This is like watching an interview of people who refuse to evacuate a from a wildfire or hurricane. Just too daft to recognize its a 30 year delay effect hurricane.
Steven B (4 months ago)
Think about how great this place was to visit when your lugging round an oxygen bottle
Elaine Dalton (6 months ago)
who the hell would wanna live there
Emma Wilson (8 months ago)
He sounds very Essex/ London (man in the Caravan)
Tarix819 (8 months ago)
Don't enter the blue sky mine.
tlc urnotalone (9 months ago)
How sad.. 😔
I am hoping to go here this year Tracey.
shadow fang (11 months ago)
i have worked in demolition for 10 years and have to deal with asbestos on a daily bases i cant believe from my experience why someone would want to live here, im from the uk and heard about this town today on an asbestos awareness course, seriously it is bad shit
Thanks Mate, yes it is deadly, many have never heard of it and are being exposed to it everyday, it is a big cover up.
Kurtis (11 months ago)
Wow, the guy at 8:03 went deep, nature contact is more precious than human contact. That is so true my friend.
cheers mate, hopefully i'll go up there next year to revisit
Ruthlessly Lee (1 year ago)
So blue asbestos... If you are exposed for lets say a week here it will eventually kill you?
shadow fang (11 months ago)
1 fibre can kill you, imagine the size of a human hair 20,000 fibres can fit on 1 hair, so the point is you will never breathe in 1 fibre your more likely to breathe in billions of fibres with every breath, it will take between 10-60 years to kill you if you contract asbestosis but if you get mesalthemiona you may die between 10-30 years
it is just luck of the draw mate, some people are exposed by it in a minute, an hour or a day, year etc and get it and some are exposed over many years and never get it
Kris B (1 year ago)
2016 the town pop is only 3.
Hoang Tran (1 year ago)
the most easies country to live is Vietnam i'm almost beacause of the Asbestos i remarked Jesus cries i'm finish
Hoang Tran (1 year ago)
that ever went to live here i watch 72 dangerous places to live and it is most about hitting on australia so watch out don't ever live here
chris j (1 year ago)
it really is a wonderful place to visit. go often for swimming and camping. majestic and magical.
hopefully one day in the near future I will return mate and get up there and do some awesome videos, maybe mid this year when it cools down weather wise!
[email protected] (2 years ago)
I've watched the video and I respect and pray for the folks who still are alive. My life has been altered forever, because of working with asbestos products. I have little doubt most of us never knew the truth about the silent killer. I've lost many relatives and good friends because of the lies we were told. For a long time here in the USA, they salvaged some life in the manufacturing and sales of joint compounds and other building products. The stamp on asbestos products here were labeled  "NON-ASBESTOS" . What this term means is this; we add no asbestos to our products. However, mining of quartz, gypsum, mica and other minerals used in the fire-proofing and joint compound process, still leaves a significant amount of the material in our finished for sale containers. Asbestos occurs along, ingrained with or otherwise attached to minerals that are essential to satisfactory production of these products. The stuff is still killing people and will continue to do so, until this method of production is changed forever. I hope I live long enough to see my grandkids grow up. Peace be with you!
Greg Nolen (3 months ago)
[email protected] i hope you dont develop asbestosis is or any asbestos related cancer or disease
Alex Kimi (11 months ago)
[email protected] Sirs! Much respect to you both. I'm watching this on Boxing Day, 2017. Reading your comments makes me appreciate every day, and I hope for the very best for you both.
[email protected] (1 year ago)
That would be Joint Compound, used to tape and finish drywall. It comes in 5 gallon containers. I'm not convinced that isn't still being introduced.  Fire rated Wallboard used mostly in a commercial setting, hallways and areas that need extra fire containment for evacuation purposes. That was loaded with it. Also, metal, wood and other types of doors, labeled "Fire Rated" contain slabs of asbestos. Most aren't bored or trimmed (cut-off). In commercial situations, floors are rarely level, and for a door to swing properly the bottom has to be cut down. During that process the asbestos fibers saturate the air. The very same for steel doors! Ceiling tile, floor tile, black floor tile glue and caulks of many types. Steel beams that are the backbone of high rise buildings, have been sprayed with a thick layer of asbestos so in a hot fire the steel won't melt and the load above, crashes down. 9/11/2001, World trade centers 1 & 2, when the jets entered the buildings, the asbestos covering the steel was blown off leaving the steel exposed to tremendous heat. That's why the buildings fell. For me, I believe the terrorist knew this would happen. Careful planning went into this horrific plot, they had to know because they needed fully fueled jets! I hope this helps!
wobblyboost (1 year ago)
Hey mate, thanks for your comment. I know you don't wanna name the company or anything , but I was curious when you said 'containers' were you referring to shipping containers, the sealants for them? Or just general trade containers, if you don't wanna be specific that's cool, but I'm curious, having had my near fatal death with the big 'C' i'm always looking for what to warn people to avoid. There's carcinogens in so much we buy, like, ridiculous, on purpose seeming levels. Anyway if you can let us know the type of container, not the company, I'd be really grateful. It's news to me that asbestos is an unavoidable part of many sealants and adhesives, but doesn't surprise me in the least. Just can't trust any company bigger than a single family with your health, just marketing and profit to nearly all of them.
Mountain Bouncer (2 years ago)
I worked in the mill at Wittenoom Gorge packing asbestos fiber into bags. The mill was a cloud of dust and we were supposed to wear those flimsy little dust masks as if that would do any good. When I made enough money to move down the track, off I went. The place sure looks different now. The video brought back lots of memories of my youth.
Todd (6 months ago)
How old are you bro?
Ruthlessly Lee (1 year ago)
How old are you?
Calm that DOWN (1 year ago)
Mountain Bouncer how old are you now
huyghes vanessa (2 years ago)
very very intersting doc!!!!! i have been at wittenoom in 1992 great memories thrue people....thrue life....australia the best....
BassGoesBoom1 (2 years ago)
Heard there was only 3 left there now
FSTV (8 months ago)
BassGoesBoom1 yes i heared that one died from the abestos
Zoolt Pool (2 years ago)
Where's Mario? Just got back from Wittenoom first time vistit, probably one of the best experiences I've ever had!! It changed my perspective 180, not what the government perceives it to be!! this place really gets you thinking...
TheCamshafter (2 years ago)
Interesting video, seems a idyllic place to live. I salute these people remaining even though I guess the elderly folks may have passed on in the last 10 years.
TheLostNedKellyGun (2 years ago)
The old digger with the vintage LandCruiser - LEGEND!
TheLostNedKellyGun (2 years ago)
I enjoyed that very much, thanks for the upload. Heartening to see these strong-willed people developing an even stronger love for their town, despite (and probably because of) ..the government's attempts to erase it from the map. The powers that be even bought the pub just to demolish it!
Fogarty Avenue (2 years ago)
This was an amassing documentary I can't wait until i'm old enough because i'm going to go to Wittenoom and it is going to be great. Room for improvement: don't use the default imovie font.
Fogarty Avenue (2 years ago)
Very cool.
dan theman (2 years ago)
My cousin lives in Exmouth on the North West Cape , would love to go back soon, was amazing to walk straight off the beach and snorkel on Ningaloo Reef, love the place (apart from the flies lol) , would love to pop into this place when back over ..
+Adventures With Wild Kooda Bill Nope, it's been taken off the map and there's warnings everywhere but I believe you can still enter the town. Last time I checked, 3 people were still living there. It's estimated about 30 tourists pass through there a day, and some still camp in Wittenoom Gorge
Fogarty Avenue (2 years ago)
I don't care if the is a fence I am going at all costs it's on my bucket list. >:)
I think the whole town is basically locked out now mate, no one can go there, around 20 miles from the town is locked gates... but I may be wrong... personally I would not go there, that is to the actually town. But the surrounding area is beautiful, don't forget Australia is a massive country full of beautiful everywhere, especially in the Northern Regions.
seenthelight2times (2 years ago)
Godfrey Poon (9 months ago)
Except you can see the curvature...
Yep, we live in a mysterious world... the flat earth theory has me baffled, especially what may lie in Antartica... maybe another world, civilisation, dinosaurs and it is being hidden from us.
Phil White (2 years ago)
Soft in the head, maybe?
Phil White (2 years ago)
Yes. I hope they don't pick up any illness though. Cheers.
It you went to the town, I am pretty sure you would understand their decision to live there... that is if you like pure peace and tranquility of the beautiful outback australian desert.
djpuffthethird (2 years ago)
Very interesting and moving Mini Doc Billy . Wonder if there's less or more people now ? The region so desolate and Nature taking over again. With the Asbestos Risk label , is this area protected forever . Or when the residents are no more . Will it just become pure nature or will the Government use the location for Who knows what ?
+djpuffthethird I'd say some of these people are pushing up daisies now mate see info on wittenoom here http://tinyurl.com/zjl5pw5 As of 2015 the population is now 6 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wittenoom,_Western_Australia One day I will go back there
Les Bell (2 years ago)
a great but truly sad video
+Les Bell thanks Les, where are you located mate? Australia?
DetectingArizona (2 years ago)
That would be an awesome place to camp out and metal detect and bottle dig, for a week. Have you ever been there Bill?
DetectingArizona (2 years ago)
i doubt its ever been hit by a coil to much, it would be something else, i had family members working in the Coal mines in West Virginia, USA die from black lung, and other crap they breathed in while working in the mines. 
+DetectingArizona Yes mate, I have been there in the late 90's / early 2000 and it was truly amazing...one day I will go back and yes it would be a massive treasure trove of relics, coins... you name it...EVERYTHING! Imagine detecting that old pub site! My beautiful Uncle worked on the Blue Asbestos Mine there ... and it killed him from mesothelioma
Video Taken from here: In outback Wittenoom, life is becoming increasingly insular. The government claims this ex-asbestos mining town is polluted, attempting to shut the town down by bulldozing buildings and cutting off power. Now nature is taking over. Yet eight determined residents of the once boom-town remain. Directed by Caro Macdonald Sound Recording by Elizabeth Hoyle Stills Photography by Tobias Titz Wittenoom https://vimeo.com/27845713

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