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Gigabyte GTX 1050ti Windforce OC review & benchmark

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If you are looking to buy this graphics card check out this link (Greece): http://www.skroutz.gr/s/10214297/Gigabyte-GeForce-GTX1050-Ti-4GB-Windforce-OC-GV-N105TWF2OC-4GD.html
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Text Comments (36)
rocky brown (29 days ago)
How did u get a backplate on this card ???
ZenMaster's TechStuff (29 days ago)
rocky brown It came like this in the box, but it is nothing special just a plastic cover
V. Gaming (1 month ago)
Very good video
V. Gaming (1 month ago)
ZenMaster's TechStuff (1 month ago)
Thank you very much :)
skylow TM (2 months ago)
can we use it without connecting the 6 spin connector?
Rasco Summer (23 days ago)
Ok Thank you very much,im leaving a thumb up just for this
ZenMaster's TechStuff (23 days ago)
+Rasco Summer If it already has a 6 pin you dont need the adapter!! Just connect it straight to the card
Rasco Summer (23 days ago)
I don‘t understand, my power supply has a 6 pin cable so why do i need an adapter
ZenMaster's TechStuff (23 days ago)
+Rasco Summer There is an adaptor from molex to 6pin in the box!
Rasco Summer (23 days ago)
Is the connector included in the video card?
David vargas arenas (3 months ago)
como mínimo q procesado necesita
Publix (4 months ago)
lol toulaxiston milas kala agglika :P
Kayfee shaharear (5 months ago)
I get 70fps alltime in gta5 Spec : core i5-8400 +gtx1050ti + 8gb ram
Haseeb Shah (8 months ago)
Can I overclock this overclocked graphics card?
InfiniteDesign91 (2 months ago)
I own this one. On my config it overclocks automatically usually to 1700Mhz-1800Mhz. You can manually go higher but my card gets unstable above that range.
ZenMaster's TechStuff (8 months ago)
Surly you can try but i don't think there much room there to go! Have not tried it my self. In any case try using msi afterburner if you are going for it.
CorneredTarget (8 months ago)
LOOOOOLZ i didnt even expect a review from a greek person i am greek too and i randomly found you Γειαααααα!
ZenMaster's TechStuff (8 months ago)
Nice to be found :P Γεια σου και εσένα και καλή χρονιά!!
silvio C. (8 months ago)
Ρεεε μηλα ελληνικα
MegaBuzzedGaming (10 months ago)
the card comes with what???LOLOL
ZenMaster's TechStuff (10 months ago)
You know, that round thing with the mirror side :P XD
KTR (1 year ago)
My gigabyte gtx 1050 ti overwatch low 35fps
Verbo (6 months ago)
NO WAY . according to my knowledge it can easily run ow at 75-85 fps (ultra).try upgrading your drivers. also check if your cpu is bottle-necking the gpu
wAx TRAMAN95 (10 months ago)
Verify your drivers
KTR (1 year ago)
Pls say me overclock(oc)
Your Name (1 year ago)
I heard this card lifespan is very short is your 1050ti still running? Or is it dead?
InfiniteDesign91 (2 months ago)
I have my one for more than a year now. Still works and temps rarely go above 60 celsius.
Atomic Dounut (9 months ago)
Your Name where did u hear that , its total opposite its cool as ice so it can outlive you
ZenMaster's TechStuff (1 year ago)
It works just fine my friend! :)
Playingwith3D (1 year ago)
Nice, my processor teamed up with the GPU I just upgraded to from the gtx 650. This will buy me a year or two more out of my comp before I have to do another build. Couldn't ask for a better review. Greetings from Canada and Thanks.
ZenMaster's TechStuff (1 year ago)
Greetings my friend!!! Very happy you enjoyed the video, have a lot of fun with your new upgrade! :)
Dimitris Zournatsidis (1 year ago)
"Primitive frisby kinda thing"? CD-ROM 4 LIFE
Achilleas Dimaridis (1 year ago)
Πςςςςς Τι γαμάτη κάρτα!!!

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