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Growing Business for Senegalese Farmers

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More than 100 rural farming and commercial agriculture businesses will benefit from a new World Bank-supported project that will help to transform agriculture, boost sustainable land management, and engage and employ local communities in agribusiness enterprises.
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Beatrice Nkundwa (25 days ago)
Food helps to promote friendship among populations, therefore the farmers can work together to increase production.
Wayne D (1 month ago)
I don't understand life on earth when it's all about the rich making money from the poor. If the rich wanted water on Mars they would harness the power of the sun with solar to create water in some power in others the suns energy can be stored too. Back to earth people need power and water for basic rights and to be able to further their own development without anyone taking their profits.
zanza kuro (1 year ago)
Opening land on the hills and mountains are big no-no
Zia Arastu (1 year ago)
so much land is uncovered. need more vegetation to protect the land.

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