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GIGABYTE 1050 TI OC EDITION VS MSI GAMING X 1050 TI GIGABYTE : Boost: 1506 MHz/ Base: 1392 MHz in OC Mode MSI : Boost 1493 MHz /Base: 1379 MHz in (OC Mode) temperature and noise at the end MSI GTX 1050 TI 4GB GIGABYTE 1050 TI 4GB OC MSI 460 4GB GAMES DISHONORED 2 TITANFALL 2 INFINITE WARFARE BATTLEFIELD 1 Processor Core i7 5960X (Haswell-E) 4.4 GHz Memory 16 GB
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CandyTech (10 months ago)
Thanks for 1000 likes | Checkout the NEW 1080 Ti here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2i1dtVISHU
Nexxi (30 days ago)
CandyTech can you give the song name
Carl Chuah (9 months ago)
Mr.X Noodle (3 days ago)
The msi has no blackplate which triggers me. And i'm probably getting it just because it costs 20 dollars less and matches my red and black build
Dr kadir (13 days ago)
You should compare between same level like g1
Странно... Везде во всех тестах обыкновенно msi выигрывает, хотя может тут испытания в играх процессорозависимых тестили... Вообще инфы по железу никакой дудки. Пустое видео...
ZENTRIX (27 days ago)
What's the song called I really like it
TitanShield TP (28 days ago)
How many Gigabyte for both graphics cards ?
Edward Antón (1 month ago)
woou imprecionante 1 fps de ventaja y vale 20 euros mas jajajaaja
Richard Urbanec (1 month ago)
Comparing 1050Tis is exactly what I wanted to know. But why did you include the RX 460? Due to its lower clock speed it can't really match these two.
WelX DH (2 months ago)
I have gigabyte gtx ! Thanks for vid now i know that its a monster 😀
_Tajemný Medvěd_ (2 months ago)
Msi is better than gygabyte
We1on TM (2 months ago)
НАЁБЩИКИ 1 фпс разность Мммда
Чеснок RUS (2 months ago)
Еееееееее msi кручееее
no name (3 months ago)
хейтер msi бл какие то непонятные испытания
anik 9 (5 days ago)
no name этот хейтер ебаный наверняка работает в компании гб)
Fry (3 months ago)
Stop trying to persuade people to buy one over the other and just fucking go for whatever is cheaper at the time. If you are here and you have so much money that you dont care about the price just go and get a 1060 or 1070. And you can buy me a 1070 while you are at it.
duc phat (3 months ago)
Only 1 fps :v this is a scam
We1on TM (3 months ago)
Гигабайт заплатил, неверю,
david fischer (3 months ago)
this song sounds like the god that failed but without copyright xd
OfficialNoob (3 months ago)
*Gigabyte is Best*
zllFelipeSKULL (3 months ago)
Baba ovo da gigabyte
Android Mods (3 months ago)
what the heck? my msi gaming x 1050 ti has a boost clock of around 1750 mhz. i overclocked it upto 1950 mhz on core clock and 4500 mhz on memory clock
pablo ducmelic (4 months ago)
gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4G or msi GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC
LeoLionGames (4 months ago)
That seems really suspicious that it almost always was one frame down
Egor KA (4 months ago)
гб гавно)
Edson Correa (4 months ago)
The vga used in the test is the gigabyte 1050 ti g1?
ScratchGamingYT (4 months ago)
just 1 higher fps
Shadorlo (4 months ago)
Minecraft ?
Amritha Nair (4 months ago)
will the Gigabyte 1050ti 4GB work on the Gigabyte H110M-S2 motherboard
McAwesome gamer (4 months ago)
Literaly dafuk In every single game the difference is 1 fap per second. Loominateh confirmed anyways.
Asif Nawaz (4 months ago)
gigabyte suck fan problem
LoKi (4 months ago)
i buy msi
PeeNzo (4 months ago)
ta od gigabyte jest oc czyli podkrecona
mr damr (4 months ago)
1 fps what ?
GoAway (5 months ago)
not best 1050 for gigabyte ! Why not G1 gaming?
Deepak Panwalkar (5 months ago)
Msi is the best as it gives very good fps in most of the games and also looks good in the cabinet as it has lighting
Muhammad Anwar (5 months ago)
Gigabytes 1050 ti is the best choice
Yzix ™ (5 months ago)
gigabyte and msi only 1fps diff ._.
Microsoft Ultra (5 months ago)
Zotac 4gb gtx 1050ti ddr5 oc best👍
Usama Faizan (6 months ago)
Is there any difference in display result and colour between these cards...i personally think that msi colour and display quality is better than gigabyte but im not sure...
Spud799 (6 months ago)
Barti KOX (6 months ago)
Msi сосет
Manjurul Islam Mahim (6 months ago)
waht is best card gigabyte gtx 1050 ti or msi gtx 1050 ti plz reply
JustB4R1 (6 months ago)
Manjurul Islam Mahim Msi
Mr.GentleMaN (6 months ago)
Gpu temperature?
Mr.GentleMaN (6 months ago)
Bartosz Horbanowicz (7 months ago)
Nice sponsored Gigabyte benchmark !!! I don't believe that MSI Gaming X which has better clocks lost with Gigabyte... LOL
JustB4R1 (6 months ago)
Bartosz Horbanowicz True ,bro
sfmathan mathan (7 months ago)
who is best msi or gigabyte
HermesTrimegistus (2 months ago)
A) Can you read? B) Can people responding with MSI read? Gigabyte seems to be cooling better than MSI and 1 FPS better than MSI in mid resolution like 2k and below.
Tomi Ski (2 months ago)
Yorgun Oyuncu 2 (4 months ago)
Gigabyte better 1 FPS and max temp 64°C (MSI 67°C) and gigabyte more quiet
JustB4R1 (6 months ago)
sfmathan mathan msi
by4Rymix-_- (7 months ago)
What is better MSI or Gigabyte?
Goku KN (30 days ago)
pls tell why msi is better..? u can see msi temperature is higher than the Gigbyte.. im confused..😕
ManiakJeFain _ (1 month ago)
JustB4R1 (6 months ago)
Rymix • Bedwars Msi
MrMethadrine (7 months ago)
Although i prefer Gigabytes aesthetics,i d go with the msi due the better cooling.I have heard many weird stories about Gigabytes fans and temperatures..Plus their software usually sucks.
Trần Thanh Tùng (7 months ago)
1 fps loll
Destro geek (7 months ago)
Z- SERIES (7 months ago)
Zotac gtx 1050 ti OC edition is best choice in price range... .13,000 rupees
Thicc Boy (7 months ago)
show us the gameplay next time other than that good vid
amin ejjebari (8 months ago)
Petr Vošický (8 months ago)
Msi win
Ateeq Almansoori (7 months ago)
Petr Vošický looks like youre not wearing your glasses
Yingli Liu (8 months ago)
I select the msi just because is more cool than gibgate, I dont care about a little more of price
Krzesik 98 (8 months ago)
Idiot this is no really testing msi is win gigabyte is suck
Gnraaven EG (8 months ago)
Nvidia wins
Reyizsel (8 months ago)
EthanGaming YT (8 months ago)
Zulfikar Akasah (8 months ago)
Really? Are you Gigabyte fanboys? HAHAHA
X-Trailfeed chanel (8 months ago)
Ууух пиздаболы у меня msi я 60° ниразу не лицезрел
Captain Cunuck (8 months ago)
What about over clocking ability’s cause I want to buy a gtx 1050 it with a 4 pin connector so I can over clock the living out of it?
Exo Kill Zombie (9 months ago)
When you oc the msi more than out of the box there is better performance
Temazi TwtichSubscriber (9 months ago)
hahahah nice facke gigabayte bad company msi GOOD
Cringey Cookies (8 months ago)
Temazi TwtichSubscriber are you retarded good sir?
Bubbla 124 (9 months ago)
Which do u recommend
Nibagg (8 months ago)
Bubbla 124 gigabyte
Devil 1911 (9 months ago)
Doesnt 1050ti gaming x boost up 1797mhz on core, and fans doesnt spin up after 60*C which rarley goes above that, and max temp are 65.
Eduardo Henrique (9 months ago)
Lucchi Kurokami¡!¡! (9 months ago)
Gtx 1050ti ou Gtx 1060 ?
ENVENOMED (9 months ago)
We have to also look at the price diffrence cause the 2 cards run about the same
This is wonderful!
YungOrphanz (9 months ago)
is it bad if i get two of these
Cringey Cookies (8 months ago)
Levi Haitoua giveaway?
Dark Soul (9 months ago)
Looks like the MSI is optimized for the 2560x1440 res
dz small gamer (9 months ago)
The msi gpu is more beautiful than gigabyte gpu
DZ Gamers for life (9 months ago)
Nice music
Peter Cruz (9 months ago)
Anyone reading this, all cards perform the same.
Tech Majestic (9 months ago)
Gigabyte and asus are the best
Ant1 (10 months ago)
1 fps higher -_- what the fuck
LuckGrip252 GT (10 months ago)
I bough Gigabyte GTX 1050Ti, built pc. Then 2 months later i saw this vid and decided to watch so now im like "Wut? I didn't know about Gigabyte that much and bough it, and it is better than MSI. Just more 1FP and temperatures aren't that high. Avg 58 for me on 2560x1440 ;D
wasimodoone (10 months ago)
What if i have a msi motherboard, is it not better to get a graphics card from msi as well?
wasimodoone (9 months ago)
Spotty Videos (10 months ago)
wasimodoone It doesn't matter :-)
ZoroGamerTM Offical (10 months ago)
which is better, Galax gtx 1050ti or msi gtx 1050ti ???
Baron (10 months ago)
I only have a 768p monitor saw can I run all this games in ultra settings with this GPU?? high FPS?? 60+FPS??
Blake Westerside (10 months ago)
I want to play this song on guitar hero
Michael Johnson (10 months ago)
Comparing the msi gtx 1050 ti to the gigabyte is really a battle of cooling. And the msi twin frozr design on a gpu is one of the best.
Julius Lacsamana (10 months ago)
bro my desktop specs is.. i3 4170 4gb DDr3 RAm gigabyte 1050 2gb ddr5 OC do you think I can play ultra in csgo with this specs?
Gab Navarez (3 months ago)
best snipa (4 months ago)
buy core i5 8400 then it will run like a beast
best snipa (4 months ago)
Like a butter but just save ur money for a new cpu
Mr. GamingBoy (6 months ago)
yes you can
Julius Lacsamana (10 months ago)
bro i already have fury hyperX 4gb memory card with part number HX318C10F/4... buying another kind of that is the safest way to making it dual channel with no compatibility issue? same part number is like same speed right dude? im just a newbie I need alittle more advice for my own satisfaction cause im still alittle bit confused... Thank you so much bro.
Gabex Videos (10 months ago)
Choose OC mode! Msi have best cooling system! specially with gaming x version
VERNIKSPARKOUR (11 months ago)
really big difference 1 fps
ZemKa Tv (2 months ago)
VERNIKSPARKOUR factory overclocking
Carry is Here (4 months ago)
bogi2k6 hahaha
bogi2k6 (6 months ago)
hahahhah yeah but rx 460 is best hahah
MeEstoyMeand0 (6 months ago)
Lordy Bounge (11 months ago)
ZapBoy (11 months ago)
I got the msi gaming x version, it's a beautiful beast
Nikorain (11 months ago)
But msi cost a lot more lol.
Raily ;3 (11 months ago)
gigabyte top!!
Artego Karleonne (11 months ago)
Реклама гб
Дениска качек (11 months ago)
rx 460 температура меньше чем у 1050? че за даун делал видео, у нее в обычное на 10 градусов температура выше, что уже гласить о нагрузках.
Ananthu G (11 months ago)
Oh one more thing guys should i get a 3rd party cooler for cpu if i don't overclock ?
ümit çağlar (11 months ago)
good test. thanks.
xYasinPvP (1 year ago)
1 fps wtf
john calanog (1 year ago)
Wow what a big difference of 1 fps
X -Us (1 year ago)
Music name pls
OLIN PRODUCTION™ (1 year ago)
Plus music
More Gun Free Man (1 year ago)
The whole point of getting the Gaming X is that it will overclock more reliably compared to regular 1050 Ti, thanks to the power pin. In other words, there is zero point in doing a "vs" without actually overclocking anything. The models without a power pin will see problems with hitting the power ceiling, and then going into a throttling loop, once you've manually OC'd them. The Gaming X will not have this problem. This is the difference and reason for the extra price, not some minor difference in their stock performance.
Goku KN (30 days ago)
More Gun Free Man Good valuable points about the 6pins.. thanks..😊👍
h4rdware 23 (1 year ago)
junst a one fps but msı has twin frozer after burner

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