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3 Common Psychological TRADING Mistakes

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See more at www.SkyViewTrading.com A large part of successful trading comes from mastering your mind and your thoughts. Sadly, many traders are making psychological mistakes and don’t even realize it. Let’s talk about the 3 most common psychological mistakes traders make… We’ll also include some suggestions for you if you are struggling with any of these. Enjoy! Adam Thomas www.skyviewtrading.com cut losses option profits trading strategy strategy trader trading mistakes biggest mistakes traders make how to best trading strategy option strategy option trading options stock trading forex trading
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Sky View Trading (1 year ago)
We're back! Leave a comment and let us know any psychological trading mistakes you've struggled with and how you deal/dealt with them!
Diego Fry (6 days ago)
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Aaron Giles (23 days ago)
Sky View Trading
A H (2 months ago)
Bro, why no more videos. Thanks for helping the community. Your hard work is greatly appreciated
Dr. Gabby (8 hours ago)
Mr Dennis Mcneel's stipulations based on technical analysis of trading patterns are always perfect. He handles my trades and makes lots of profit daily.
Justice Maydew (1 hour ago)
Dennis continually keeps his "A" game. That is the only way such an expertise can be developed. Truly remarkable standards for a trader.
Jadran Baldo (7 hours ago)
Dennis trades tough, precise and strategically, a true analyst!
Dr. Gabby (7 hours ago)
The complexity of Mr Dennis' strategy I believe is what gives it it's versatility I think the schematics would differ from other options strategies.
Bruno Rignault (7 hours ago)
nice of you to think to testify to Mr Dennis progress
Justice Maydew (7 hours ago)
Victory against constant loss... I like his methods because of how time effective they could be. Dennis always exceeds my expectations by the end of each trading period.
Emmanuel Meribole (1 day ago)
#2 is right af
ahsanullah shanto (5 days ago)
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yehshuah Hahmehsheah (6 days ago)
say if a options strike price is say 1.00 and it's in the money let's say it's a call for 1.10 therefore .10 in the money why can't I just buy it and sell it right back for the .10 profit. does it have yo do with ext. value.
Adriano Ribeiro (6 days ago)
Diego Fry (6 days ago)
This is a great video but it still seems like gambling. You need more than that. Check the internet for the *Lukka Binomial Strategy*, it was created by *Lukka Semenov* he will help you as he has helped me. I now make thousands weekly thanks to his strategy.
chris s (7 days ago)
chris s (7 days ago)
im the sad money guy when it hit 9:30am
Tomas Iglasias (7 days ago)
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Ed Horlick Bullecer (9 days ago)
This video is very informative. Thank you for sharing this, sir.
LAPAROLEDEDIEU \o/ (9 days ago)
One of the best psychological analysis of the market trader's mindset
Nicholas R. Garvey (9 days ago)
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xxlordxx6191 (11 days ago)
Just Chil (19 days ago)
You are awesome !!! Thank You so much for sharing with us...Keep it up :)
Trading Menu (19 days ago)
Mindset is everything when it comes to trading
synthartist69 (22 days ago)
He's talking about me!!
Zehra Eskintan (22 days ago)
Aaron Giles (23 days ago)
Praveen Kumar Rajan (27 days ago)
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Matthias Willy (27 days ago)
Mr Jordan is great, one of the best traders in the business, i started off with $3,500 and in 7 days that multiplied to $10,000, blew my mind really.
Evelyn J Brock (27 days ago)
Amazing! would love to invest in this.. hope $1000 would be good enough for a start..
Carolina Ines (27 days ago)
Mr Jordan's trading methods are the best, works great for me and i manage to make over $8,500 weekly. he's an awesome person and i'm sure you too would enjoy working with him.
Édouard. Clément. (27 days ago)
if you're looking to hire an expert trader then Mr Jordan is the man for you, he's a top top trader.
Hossam Ibrahim (1 month ago)
Do u ve classes for beginners who ve zero knweldge about stock trading
suresh Kumar (1 month ago)
I never put stop losses inearn more amounts in one month but now that unclosed trades are eating my whole profit and capital too....Kindly do as per this video
Michel Stuart (1 month ago)
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Trumps Hack (1 month ago)
You still need a system which has some sort of positive expectancy in order for you to be profitable in the short term. This video helps if you really know what you are doing already.
akshay junghare (1 month ago)
U sold it... I already subscribed
akshay junghare (1 month ago)
Lori Favela (1 month ago)
I want to trade, but don't know how. I need to papertrade. Thanks for this..
Johnson Wright (1 month ago)
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En Gucci (1 month ago)
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bobby bousche' (1 month ago)
8:00 you can compare that to players at a casino table playing baccarat
Evan Prest (1 month ago)
Disagree about the airplane example. If you don't take any more flights, chance is zero. Then assume every flight has equal chance to crash, 1/x. So if you take a thousand flights in your life, your chance adds up to 1000/x. Somebody who never flew nor ever will is 0/x=0. I'm not sure this is really gamblers fallacy.
Lolita Johnstone (1 month ago)
good video, thank you!
Flip2 Futures (1 month ago)
Good video. I enjoyed the content
Audie Quiboy (1 month ago)
micheal patterson (1 month ago)
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REally fine video - gratias.
Awesome. Thanks for video
ashashree us (1 month ago)
Ken Man (1 month ago)
Wow, this explains everything I'm doing wrong. I thought I'm the only person with this problem.
ved prakash verma (1 month ago)
Great research on trading psychology pls make more on trading mistake s
Neilrrc37 (1 month ago)
Amen brother...
Ian Mc (1 month ago)
Off Topic: I have an options question. Say I buy or sell an option contract...am I matched with a specific buyer/seller? If I decide to sell a put, place the trade, someone on the other side agrees to buy it at the agreed strike price. Does that specific person exercise/assign the contract? I'm asking because if this specific person is not assigning the contract, this would be incredibly unfair to retail traders (as I'm seeing it). Meaning smart money would not be assigned first and vice-versa, hence giving smart money a chance the option will never be assigned. Am I thinking right on this?
Joey Love (1 month ago)
Chat rooms cost me $1000
Salty jr (1 month ago)
This is why speculators will nvr win at anything, because they dun do anything.
Dude D (1 month ago)
So shit, the fomo?! "This has to be the one" in your mind that means 1) take every trade you see... dude wtf, this retarded statement does not make sense?
Milli Hakimiyet (1 month ago)
This is just retarted if you fly a lot your odds of getting crash is increasing. Because if you never did fly your chance to crash in the plane is ZERO every number you fly your chance to crash in the plane is increasing. however coin example is right. which is i agree
What is the probability of a coin giving heads 10 times in a row?
Cadillac Sungkar (1 month ago)
cool, please kindlye check my video too
Tad Ka (1 month ago)
Seriously impressed with this video. Subscribing.
Lud Wig (1 month ago)
Vikkianna Bryce (1 month ago)
very good video sir i love it can u do one about best brokers
The Stuffed Vegan (1 month ago)
Great video.
nilo par (1 month ago)
i have all these problems..now i know why i keep on losing..too bad for me. but now I know...thanks tradeciety. more power and continue to educate us
Jassius Clay (1 month ago)
Thank dude! Everything that you said happened to me this week. I was doing good but when I started watching rich traders on YouTube I automatically started loosing
Iftikhar Ali (2 months ago)
Great video. Please sent me those other videos at [email protected]
Chiefly Chieftain (2 months ago)
I've made all of these mistakes.
Gergo Vigh (1 month ago)
Six months ago after signing up in Swing Trading, I emailed Dmitry Vladislav on ([email protected] .cc) this was the best $3500 I have ever spent investing, and this was the best i have ever achieved in a week 1850 (pips) wish i was earning $8760.86 per week. I stand by this comment, i made series of mistakes too without guidance , Your mentoring and teaching capacity is immense and worthwhile. if you still do not know this strategy yet, please you can search the strategy on internet and know better for yourself., so you avoid mistakes in trading. i'm happy to share
Teringventje (2 months ago)
Why trading and get your ass fucked by professional institutional investors that beat you big time? better just long-term invest if you wanne make money.
Sharief ALNajjar (1 month ago)
sree thampi (2 months ago)
Great video! thanks a ton!
Ranjit Panigrahi (2 months ago)
Learnt something today. Thanks.
Ankit Narayan (2 months ago)
why these kind of channels are not suggested...instead stupid videos are continuosly suggested..i needed this suggestions thank you so much
Mandirigmang Oso (2 months ago)
Number 2... how about cutloss?
Traders Friend (2 months ago)
Great video!
Believe Coin (2 months ago)
Dangerous beliefs in crypto is HODL lol
Believe Coin (2 months ago)
I daytrDe crypto thx
Bryan Weigel (2 months ago)
It took me a minute to realize that this guy is talking about trading options. He doesn't really clarify it in the video. I was thinking that this was the most retarded crap i'v ever seen.
The Floogiel Trading Co. (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this video! It will help a lot of traders as well as those thinking about getting into trading. Well done!
Loyal and Faithful (2 months ago)
so . . . . where is the link to the free videos????
Jake De Crem (2 months ago)
Your spot on!! Purchased a book on chart patterns encyclopedia all I do is research and this week I'm doing it on my own and I'm doing OK but as a novice I still have a few months to go for decent gains.
Lily Cohen (2 months ago)
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Robert Muniz-CETP (2 months ago)
AWESOME Video!!!! I respect your brutal HONESTY. I have learned much from your video, perhaps I can return the favor and offer some modest tips from my site (daytradingwiththelight) Take good care and God bless you.....Robert
Phoenix Wiseman (2 months ago)
That gamblers fallacy is some philosophical shit
Miguel Angel Padilla (2 months ago)
Wow thats some damn good video i loved it !!!!!!
Neelamber Kashyap (2 months ago)
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The gambler´s fallacy happens when a trader doesn´t know how to interpretate the news so the PIPS keep going so on and so on!! That is the keypoint: Oil´s prices, NAFTA problems, Inflation, hawkish situations, etc...
Air Elegant (3 months ago)
Super useful. Let me recall, avoid: Fear of missing out (FOMO) Revenge Gambler's fallacy
Jeffrey D (3 months ago)
08:00 Gamblers Fallacy.....there is also "the law of diminishing probability". The longer a streak runs (tails or heads) for example, the higher the liklihood it will end. This was tested against one million roullete wheel spins. . If you look at a run of say 10 reds in a row, the liklihood that the next decision will be black is closer to 70 percent rather than 50 percent. This is based on thousands of runs of 10 in a row. If the run is only 3 in a row, it becomes closer to 50 percent. . This 'law' cant be proven obviously. Some believe in it, some dont......
AF Ghosting (22 days ago)
Jeffrey D. Each spin is independent, and so the probability each time is the same. I dont remember the proof, but i remember it from stats in college.
Jad Elamrani (3 months ago)
Flying a lot does increase probability of crash and is not part of the Gambler's Fallacy... You have a higher chance of getting heads on a coin in 100 tosses rather than getting it on 1 coin toss.
Hayden Harris (3 months ago)
Trading is guessing and I want to know how I am wrong.
Srinivas Nidadavolu (3 months ago)
Nice explain https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ntierscorp.stockscan
Lol i love revenge trading. Get help with https://www.cryptocurrencycoinpicks.com/
Chandan M (3 months ago)
#2 Is so true. Please post more videos it'll be very helpful for new traders/investors like me.
Augustine M.K Lansana (3 months ago)
murug anand (3 months ago)
good one.
Zainul Abid (3 months ago)
AVLRECORDS (3 months ago)
usynn stradler (3 months ago)
Do you even trade Bro?
JessT96 (3 months ago)
I dont fully understand gamblers fallacy. At face value, it makes sense because everytime you flip a coin it does have a 50 percent chance of landing on either side. But if you flip a coin 10 times, as soon as you've landed 5 heads, each time you flip another coin after that, the chance of you landing another heads goes down with each with past 5. So knowing that, if you've landed 9 out of 10 as heads, then the chance that you'll land another head should be a small percentage? I agree it's still 50 percent on that flip but if you're using probability, wouldn't it be less? Haha I'm confusing myself.
Abhijit Deore (3 months ago)
Sir i want to see all three remaining videos
nilbert pacheco (3 months ago)
I am struggling in forex trading. I discovered my mistakes now. This is great video. Thank you very much.
Patel Vidhu (3 months ago)
Most part time traders lose money because of fomo trading.
fariz fasha (3 months ago)
Glad that I found this video, because loses always devastate me and makes me go for revenge where I even ended up even worse than before
Desmond Low (3 months ago)
Revenge trading made me laugh so hard. I didn't know such people exist in trading lmao
firas ezz (3 months ago)
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akarna69 (3 months ago)
Sandesh Dhuri (3 months ago)
I lost £ 6000 in Indian stock exchange
R0man 009 (3 months ago)
Courtney Garman (3 months ago)
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Technical Call (3 months ago)
Mastering the mind is not easy. If you mastermind then you can do wonder in every part of your life. Nowadays my mind is busy in making Youtube videos. lol :)
Raahi (4 months ago)
Thank you Sky View for helping reinforce my thoughts.
Robert Gipson (4 months ago)
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davala fx (4 months ago)

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