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UFED Touch2 Platform - professional extraction and analysis of data from mobile devices

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UFED Touch Logical - data extraction from mobile devices with a one-year licence http://www.detective-store.com/ufed-touch-logical-data-extraction-from-mobile-devices-with-a-one-year-licence-1051.html UFED Touch2 Ultimate – professional extraction and analysis of data from mobile devices http://www.detective-store.com/ufed-touch2-ultimate-professional-cell-phone-analyzer-with-an-annual-licence-454.html UFED Ultimate License - 1 year http://www.detective-store.com/ufed-ultimate-license-1-year-461.html License UFED Logical - 1 year http://www.detective-store.com/license-ufed-logical-1-year-1021.html UFED Touch2 Platform is a professional multifunctional device, which allows for complex logical and physical data extraction from mobile devices, as well as subsequent data decoding, data analysis and report generation. Advanced methods of logical and physical data extraction provide access to all types of file systems or passwords, including both the deleted and the protected ones. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask us at ­[email protected] or call ­(44) 077 0919 7697
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