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How To Manage Your Node.js Servers Using Forever

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In this video you will learn how to run Node.js web servers indefinitely in the background and manage them using the npm package forever. Full Blog Post: https://askmacgyver.com/blog/tutorial/how-to-manage-your-node-servers-using-forever
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Blake Edwards (4 months ago)
Great video, careful throwing your server's IP on the internet!
Blake Edwards (4 months ago)
It just reveals information about yourself that does not necessarily need to be on the internet. It makes you an easier target if someone wanted to get at you. For example, a tutorial like this may contain someone's OS, different versions of software running on the machine, and other valuable information to a malicious actor. That type of information may be useful when exploiting that person's machine remotely or give you a datapoint to perform some type of social engineering attack. For example, if you were to obtain an email used by someone to rent a VPS, you could send a phishing message to them pretending to be the company renting you the VPS and steal the credentials. All in all, putting personal information on the internet is not a good habit to get into!
Macgyver (4 months ago)
What's the risk out of curiosity?
Guilherme Pereira (1 year ago)
Thank for video! I Finally learned how to use forever!
ridespirals (2 years ago)
The reason why installing globally makes a difference, is that the local node_modules folder isn't part of your path. You can still require() things in your local code, because node itself knows to look there, but if you try to run a command like "forever", your shell doesn't know what that command is, because that local node_modules folder isn't part of your path. The global install location, however, is part of your path, so installing a module globally means you can now call it directly from the command line.
Macgyver (2 years ago)
Thanks for clearing this up!

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