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Making a 10% Gain per Month Trading the Financial Markets?

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How much capital is needed to start trading? Charlie Burton, trader and educator comments. Is it feasible to expect to make a 10% gain per month trading the financial markets? What type of returns do you target? You seem to favour making small and constant gains? These days the way the brokers are working you can trade in pennies per pip - you can literally be risking a few pounds on a trade. Of course you can make a 10% gain but that would imply taking higher risks. If you make a rule like wanting to make 1000 pounds a day, what you are actually doing is imposing a rigid structure into your trading which sounds like the right thing to do but what happens if you underperform? And what happens if you make more? Do you stop trading? Do you like to make small and constant gains or do you target the big returns?
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Mohamed Alilou (1 month ago)
this man is excellent
Jeffrey D (1 month ago)
9/10 traders will lose iin the long run. How can we capitalize on this? Can we follow a new trader and simply put on exactly the opposite positions as him, and profit?
Dg 27 (1 month ago)
long lerm tradeing is nice the algos can handle bigger time frames . you were good in the tv programe
Vivek Singh (2 months ago)
Very well said. Today I left the market just because I made may target $100 in first hour. Later I know HOYA and IQ raced to record 52 weeks high. Felt bad.
GD (2 months ago)
Why these bite sized videos? Why not show entire interview in one video? Do you think your audience have ADD issue?
UKspreadbetting (2 months ago)
I did them like that because they are easier to digest that way - and in any case all videos are in a playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnSelbHUB6GTG5z3Zxcxa_jvlJ1Qxjs1w
Akslop Forever (3 months ago)
What a fricking bulshit
royalmontpark (6 months ago)
No the market doesn't decide how much my return is
azhat (8 months ago)
Great advice, great viewpoint, I'm really glad I've found your videos. One of the more sane persons regarding the financial markets.
Aleks Martini (9 months ago)
Some generic common sense for newbies not impressed
z forze (11 months ago)
Really good videos! Thanks
tom nelson (1 year ago)
Excellent content!
There's a lot of knowledge on your videos, thanks.
Prince Peter (1 year ago)
The times when I was up GBP 930 then had to walk way with a profit of GBP 250 because I had a daily target of GBP 1,000 so did not stop when the going was Good. Charlie really nails it when he talks about trying to impose your will on the Market, which is a very very under covered area in trading.
Devon Kyle (1 year ago)
Great non-bs advice!
Sunil Manohar (2 years ago)
Great series of videos!
Nas T (2 years ago)
You guys should have more subscribers, more marketing maybe ? These are valuable videos

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