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Joomla Vs Wordpress

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Bender Bending Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Joomla is better.. imo
Anica van Wyngaard (2 months ago)
Thank you for your video! I loved the way you explained things, I didn't feel after 100% comfortable about my decision, even after watching point for point comparisons videos on Joomla Vs Wordpress, but now I do. Thanks again!
Elliott Mondo (3 months ago)
Well.. this is what happen when a "developer wanna be" (I call them CMS installer) do a comparison video. More people shop in Walmart than Saks Fifth Ave but that definitely NOT because Walmart products are better quality. Cheap price attract more people. That's all. Don't get me wrong, I work on Wordpress as well as Joomla! and Drupal. Good developer should pick the CMS based on client's needs! NOT based on how easy it is to find plugins and add-ons. Sometime you may even have to go with no CMS and build the site from scratch if you have to. Otherwise you will just be like this guy, a DEVELOPER WANNA BE (Read: CMS Installer).
Ryan Moore (3 months ago)
Elliott Mondo- YES! I think my next Youtube channel should be called "Developer Wanna Be" :) I think this will keep me more humble! I do develop plugins and themes for Wordpress seen on http://tesseracttheme.com - (As you might already know) Here is my new Opt In Email Wordpress plugin I am coming out with soon, Check it out: https://tesseracttheme.com/opt-in-plugin/ (let me know what you think?)
Md.Enamul Haq (5 months ago)
I love joomla
Emil Cataranciuc (6 months ago)
Open Source doesn't mean free and Free Software doesn't mean open source.
Bill Joel (6 months ago)
Wordpiss is a Blogging CMS---Joomla is a real CMS, that can also do blogging
ExtensionBase (6 months ago)
what about security? Read this post : https://joejoomla.com/253-joomla-vs-wordpress-for-security
gr d (8 months ago)
This is NOT a caparison. Personally this is how it is, smart people use joomla, unsmart people use wordpress. :-)
Dave Williams (8 months ago)
They both have their strong points, this is someone that obviously only believes in wordpress. Another 5 minutes of my life gone thinking it was going to be more informational. I have used both and prefer Joomla, but for some things like blogs, I would only use wordpress.
Colman Ryan (10 months ago)
Great video, you sold me on Wordpress, was going that direction anyway. I really appreciated the fact that there was no annoying music in this video.
Sk Kachman (11 months ago)
this guy sells wordpress websites for a living. hey ryan what do you suggest? "eh wordpress" NO REALLY
Ryan Moore (11 months ago)
I recommend you get Joomla. Joomla is the best! :)
official mohit (1 year ago)
Hello sir, can i use 2 cms joomla and drupal in one computer with database server....pls reply
VCPler (1 year ago)
My name is Mirko, I'm from germany and i'm a Digital and Print Media Designer Subject Area: Design and Technology. I work everyday with different CMS-Solutions. From Drupal, Joomla to Typo3. During my vocational training, I also worked with wordpress. I find that there are huge differences between Joomla and Wordpress. I also find that with Joomla you can create better targeted for customer pages. Of course, Joomla is more complex, but a lot more functions are available. To get the same result in Wordpress, I would have to install numerous plugins in wordpress. There are other solutions in the world of 'CMS' than Wordpress, which are even better.
LapakGua Indonesia (1 year ago)
What CMS that ebay used?
SimplerWebs (1 year ago)
Sorry but when you said that Joomla is not SEO-Friendly, that was incorrect! We've been using Joomla and WordPress ( including Magento, Drupal) for years (since the Flintstones) and when it comes to SEO, Joomla is SEO-Friendly! all you need to do is under 'Global Configuration' and under the 'SEO Settings' area, click 'Yes' for the 'Search Engine Friendly URLs', and 'Use URL Rewritting', rename your htaccess.txt to .htaccess (just like you would do for WordPress) and you are set. I am not sure whether you are really familiar with Joomla or not (but I believe you are not because you were totally wrong about Joomla and SEO). For Blogging, we always recommend our Clients to use WordPress, however, we were very successful using Joomla for Blogging sites. So unless you are an Experienced Joomla and WordPress user, I don't believe you can give an unbiased review/comparison.
xSYNDICATEDx (1 year ago)
wordpress sucks
MrMarcie (1 year ago)
my submission: if u wanna create a simple site, a blog and u wanna 'go easy' do WordPress. If you wanna go 'more techy' have some deep customizations, and you really care about advanced security features then do Joomla!. . . it just depends on your design-objectives tho!
Harsh Vardhan Singh (1 year ago)
Thanks for your suggestion
Miguel Albadawi (1 year ago)
So Bad Comparison
Carmine Bastevole (1 year ago)
you did not talk so much about jomla
Elliott Mondo (3 months ago)
Well my friend, that's because he heard of something called Joomla! but when he tried to install it, he cannot find any plugin or add-on that will help him to click the Next button on the installer screen...so he gave up on Joomla!
odunlade oluwaseun (1 year ago)
Hello. Am building a corruption/fraud leak site. which one would you advice me to use?
Ryan Moore (1 year ago)
odunlade oluwaseun The only thing that I like that's relatively cheap is the TesseractTheme.com..(free) but you're right they have that footer.. you can remove it for $30 with them...
odunlade oluwaseun (1 year ago)
Do you have any responsive templates on mind that will cost just a few bucks without that annoying backlink at the footer?
Ryan Moore (1 year ago)
odunlade oluwaseun Wordpress! For sure.
Hi Ryan, What's the URL to view Platform rankings?
Pro Cordcutter (1 month ago)
alexa, but it really doesn't matter.
Helenaville (1 year ago)
Looks like you're promoting WordPress over Joomla just so you can get us to click on the link you then provide below the video and you can then get paid your commission.  This is not a balanced Review.
Ibrahim Prof (2 years ago)
hello sir, from your explanation, It seems you advice us to use WordPress but when it comes to big websites, are you saying Joomla is better in terms of that?
Ryan Moore (2 years ago)
It really depends on 2 factors: 1. What type of site you are making and 2. what type of coder you hire for the site. I have worked with sites that get millions of hit that run on both platforms. It just comes down to what you are more comfortable with. Hope that helps.
Ibrahim Prof (2 years ago)
Thank you for explanation. I have a question sir. though I can work with HTML and CSS but this issue of CMS (Content Management Systems) are confusing me. Are both Wordpress and Joomla meant to replace designing and implementing a website using HTML, CSS and PHP/MySQL? If so, I can design use CMS to design a huge website with database connection?
Mark Simko (1 year ago)
Ibrahim Prof yes. with joomla, you can use one of several content construction kits. fabrik, Seblod, zoo. very powerful and flexible. you can go on to the code with a cck for even more control
Morel Williams (2 years ago)
Thanks! What about JoSocial vs Buddypress?
Eddie Almeida (2 years ago)
Thanks for the explanation and clearing up some questions I had.
LeeMichaels B (2 years ago)
Major Bee (2 years ago)
blog.. article based content, high text media consumption-- use wordpress vs highly customizable web application for companies, modules and homebrew site suitable for tweaking, packaging and deploying upgrades and installers use joomla.
John McCormack (2 years ago)
This is not a good "Joomla Vs Wordpress" comparison. This is a rambling monologue on how the author prefers Wordpress. No proper effort to compare the systems, point for point.
Gintaras V. (9 months ago)
there is one video of many, where differences of those platforms more efficiently explained.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK9A2ea7D30
Sk Kachman (11 months ago)
he's probably never used joomla.
Helenaville (1 year ago)
+Stephan Darbell Wrong. You think he doesn't make any money when people click on the link to his own site and then buy from him? Sounds like you do not understand even the first rule of commerce. You sell you make money. By the way, the reason no-one ever makes a video claiming Joomla is better than WordPress is because Joomla is free so there is no money to be made by claiming Joomla is better. Be careful what these videos are telling you because it is all about making money.
Helenaville (1 year ago)
You're right.  This is no more than an affiliate marketing tool to sway the viewer to click on the link provided in the 'Description' below the video.  Notice he gets the viewer to click on a site builder for WordPress so that he will get his commission.  And this is AFTER he has promoted WordPress over Joomla in the video.  Not a fair review.
Ajay Jarhad (2 years ago)
Thanks for video it has been helpful
bigwhopper83 (2 years ago)
Hi, which do you recommend for building a standard, non-blogging, site? Seems like Wordpress is for blogging only?
Michael Barber (1 year ago)
+Stephan Darbell Wrong. There is no disputing that WordPress is the most popular web site creation tool on the planet. Don't take my word for it. Take w3tech's: "According to w3tech in 2015, nearly one out of 4 websites on the Internet uses WordPress." ...and that's only grown now to "WordPress is used by 58.6% of all the websites whose content management system we know." This is 27.1% of all websites...so nearly now 1 in 3 websites on the Internet https://w3techs.com/technologies/details/cm-wordpress/all/all
Michael Barber (1 year ago)
I think there are just more resources on the Internet. It is the most popular website creation tool in the world. So basically there are gobs of help out there, blogs, and just about anything and everything written up about it.
Mark Simko (1 year ago)
bigwhopper83 I would use joomla. it has features wp doesn't have. scroll pages with free helix3 or t3 template frameworks instead of paid wp frameworks. no need for child themes. just easier with joomla.
Michael Barber (2 years ago)
+bigwhopper83 WordPress is better than Joomla. Joomla has some stuff out of the box in it that WordPress offers an extension...same with SEO. The extensions give you better flexibility and control over the stuff that is built in Joomla. I think WordPress is easier to use as well.
Ryan Moore (2 years ago)
I would use Wordpress.. Try using http://foxybuilder.com It's an instant Wordpress building site! :)
Limbo Remedy (2 years ago)
Thanks for the info!
David Maurand (2 years ago)
There is a lot of bias (and some serious misinformation) in this - this is mostly a WP cheer session and is not an actual comparison of the relative strengths of either. Each has relative strong points that the other lacks, and there are reasons why you would choose one over the other. And to clear up one piece of bogus information: Joomla has incredible SEO out of the box. More bogus "...Sony...Ebay... use Wordpress." Not for their main sites they don't, but for microsites and landing pages - a job WP is well suited for, I hasten to add. Hope that helps. This is an old video and both platforms have significant changes, Joomla moreso, but significant improvements all around. On the front end (where your visitors go) you can't tell the difference. So here's one place, at least, the world is actually getting better.
created4design (2 years ago)
+Ho Ya Joomla right out of the box is great for blogging too. A lot more beefy of a system with Joomla. You may just want to use wordpress if its a simple blog. Although Joomla is great for blogging now out of the box. no longer need k2 extension (which is a masterpiece still). But since joomla 3+ i havent needed k2 and make all the blog sites i do using joomla out of the box with a theme installed.
Mr HY (2 years ago)
+David Maurand Mhm ^^ good to know. I'll using for blogs then if need be!
David Maurand (2 years ago)
+Ho Ya Depending on your needs, WP may be perfect. And blogging is something WP is great at right out of the box. : )
Mr HY (2 years ago)
+created4design hey this is really interesting. I started learning wordpress fits more for blogs and joomla is more for other types ( dont remember exactly waht the tutorial said XDD ) how is wordpress hard to manipulate? Havent tried it yet! :D
created4design (2 years ago)
+David Maurand THANK YOU! i have used both and Joomla kills wordpress in my opinion. The backend administration area is what scares new comers though. At first glance, Joomla offers sooo many options, its scary for new comers. But you can not deny its power over wordpress. Perhaps in the future Joomla will make its administration area more .. simpler.. to gain the new comers. Wordpress easy to learn harder to manipulate - Joomla harder to learn backend but a breeze to manipulate. You can just do so much more with Joomla, i am here to stay.
hellsing357 (2 years ago)
great video ... hey its 2015 .. any plans on making another comparison ? how about Joomla vs Wordpress vs Drupal , when to use and when not to use. Great video man . Kudos
Awesome Life (2 years ago)
thank you bro!
RJ Regalado (2 years ago)
I use joomla for churches, companies and small businesses. On the other hand, I use wordpress for static brochure sites, and personal sites with blogs. If you are going to make a blog, I will recommend Wordpress, period. And I won't argue with you with that. Joomla is a website tool where you can make a blog out of it, while wordpress is a blogging tool where you can create a website out of it. See the difference? SEO is the thing you need the most. Joomla is more powerful than Wordpress when it comes with SEO but it doesn't mean that Joomla is easier to set than Wordpress. You must do some tweaking and you must rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess. I don't know why they did not rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess out of the box. SEO is ready in Wordpress right after the installation. Joomla has 3 extensions, these are components (dynamic pages), plugins (custom programs inlined in articles) and modules (simply widgets). Wordpress calls them all as plugin. Yes indeed that there are tons of plugins in wordpress than joomla, however most of the plugins you need in Wordpress is already coded in Joomla's core. You even need a 3rd party extension for wordpress just to completely remove the comment section. Joomla is easy to learn, but wordpress is easier to learn. But joomla is more powerful than wordpress. However, the more power it has, the more complicated it will be. Certainly not for people who don't know much more about computers. But the most powerful among them all is drupal, if you have the skills
Mr HY (2 years ago)
That sucks. I mean one can learn php tho. I was trying to figure out how make certain things work in breezing forms extention...need php ><
RJ Regalado (2 years ago)
+Ho Ya drupal has a very long learning curve and you must know how to code in php
Mr HY (2 years ago)
+ph34r31337 hey! could you please explain why drupal tops and " if you have the skills" . Is it complicated? Im new to this , havent looked at drupal before, only heard of it. Would love to know more!
AfricanFlightStar (2 years ago)
Great comparison Ryan, thank you!!
Dara ohuiginn (2 years ago)
Any more recent comment or update? very helpful.
Ahmad A (2 years ago)
thanks, and nice outro
Ryan Moore (2 years ago)
+Ahmad AbdulNabi Welcome! :)
Cordelia Art (2 years ago)
Very true. From experience Joomla let me down on SEO. Wordpress definitely superior. However I got better SEO rankings for my sites by building my own simple CMS and simplifying all code on my sites
Mark Simko (1 year ago)
Cordelia Art that's preposterous. must have been something you did wrong. wp has no SEO advantage over joomla since the panda update devalued trackbacks and linkbacks.
RJ Regalado (2 years ago)
+Cordelia Art Did you turned the "Search Engine Friendly URL" On? How about "Use URL Rewriting"? Did you rename the htaccess.txt file with .htaccess?
Christian kunchev (2 years ago)
Thank you man, you helped a lot!
Frederick Rick Stralow (2 years ago)
I liked this video it was pretty informative explaining the two. I am more familiar with Wordpress, just heard of Joomla today. Hey, I live in Gun Barrel City, Texas, it takes a while for us to get stuff out here:-) This video is almost 3 years old, just wonder if you have an updated version, if not I would like to hear what you think in 2015? Thanks again. #Stradog
Nikola Nikovski (2 years ago)
+Brandon Slack I absolutely agree with you.
Frederick H. Stralow (2 years ago)
+Brandon Slack I appreciate the quick response. Yes, I am sure things have changed a lot in 3 years, just in year the changes that happen is crazy. The good thing I guess is I really haven't used Wordpress enough and never used Joomla so it should be easier to pick up Joomla. Since
Brandon Slack (2 years ago)
Joomlas change a lot in 3 years, its a completely different CMS. New interface, cleaner code, more intuitive and light years more secure. Being a developer for Joomla since it was Mambo back in 2004, its interesting hearing the comparisons made between the two. At its heart Wordpress is a blogging platform. Over the years its been modified and stuffed with features expanding its function, however its still at its core a blog. Most businesses start with Wordpress because its popular and most people who dont program can be "web designer" for a day. Overtime, they realize its limitations with stuff like user permission systems. I see more people frustrated with Wordpress and moving to Joomla because at its heart Joomla didnt try to be Mambo (blogging CMS) it forked and made a path to a robust true CMS platform that's intended for business use. Even from a security standpoint, Wordpress has a significantly higher exposure level to vulnerabilities. I'm constantly dealing with WP sites which have been hacked. In the end if you haven't taken a look at Joomla in a few years it would be good to do so. From a developers point of view Wordpress hasn't made any big advancements in their platform and it shows with the number of sites in the wild that are hacked and the number of businesses looking for something easier to use.
Justin Anderson (2 years ago)
This post was incredibly insightful.
SinbliminalSinSation (2 years ago)
not impressed with joomla at all, wordpress either TBH, alot of junk really. The CSM UI itself is horrable on both.
Daniel Castaneda (2 years ago)
+SinbliminalSinSation What would you recommend for something with moving graphics and animations?????
Sid b (2 years ago)
Dear Ryan, I want to add buy back and repair tabs to my website. I am using woocommerce and I want to add sell and repair tabs to my add to cart option with every product.
Zubair Ahmad (2 years ago)
ryan. thanks for your recommendations. i am new to wordpress though dont have any past experience of programing or anything else. but found very good tutorials on youtube. well, i am just intrested in to build a realestate website with company portfolio and want to linked some maps and properties with that site. like if a user comes to my site he will upload his or her property details. he can search for lettings or can do rent. but a bit confused about which platform shall i go with for my this project. Wordpress or Joomla which hosting plan shall i go with? i searched a lot on internet and found different companies with different promises. can you suggest any? i found siteground, ehost and hostgator but confused which is best. because i dont know about technalities and i already told you i am not much familiar with programming. so can you recommend any hosting company with easy to use cpannel and friendly cms? your suggestions will highly be appreciated. thanks and regards, Z A Khan
Nikola Nikovski (3 years ago)
Ebay using Joomla, not Wordpress as you say.
anongopinyonmo (3 years ago)
I prefer Joomla.
Toro De Tor (3 years ago)
What you are saying about SEO is not correct. On joomla you can set your metatags for each page (SEO) - in wordpress you cant unless you download some stupid plugin ... and then go take a lok at your sourcecode - thats just bad. Wordpress is for someone that doesnt care about details (most of them dont understand the details). Wordpress can do everything - but cant do anything right!
Babak (1 year ago)
+Toro De Tor Joomla it's more complex, but it's better than joomla. Wordpress it's for beginners or simple sites.
feelinkink (2 years ago)
+Toro De Tor not to mention the security updates that are needed every other week on WP.
anongopinyonmo (3 years ago)
+Toro De Tor I agree.. wordpress has a lot of bugs especially on editing or creating articles that is why I prefer Joomla.
Tina Bouwer (3 years ago)
Hi Ryan, I want to develop a webpage for a home care company . i have never done this before i am even learning how to get and why i need at domain name :( ! I want a very nice page that with time and experience  i am hoping will become a interactive amazing page . should i use Joomla or Wordpress 
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
Tina, I would honestly go with Wordpress. And if you are going to go with them I would get a FREE Wordpress site at http://buildawpsite.com/ Here you can build an AMAZING site you would probably pay over $3k in less then 10 min :) All you need to do is get a cheap domain name and hosting after you get your site. (The site will guild you through this) Here is a video I did on domain names and hosting to help you better understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaXcdyBnwbw Hope this helps :) Ryan
Adeline Tang (3 years ago)
Are u related to Tyler Moore?
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
Yeap! He is my brother :)
Alexandru Mihai Coroi (3 years ago)
you are an employed, right? but tell me, for beginner, who don't know too many about a website, which is actually better for learning how to build and how a website works? I appreciate that, because wordpress seems for me a little complicated on the editing part.
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
Self employed. Wordpress has more videos and online help. :)
cellocarlos (3 years ago)
Everybody says the same thing - "wordpress is easier but joomla is more flexible" but nobody says what exactly "more flexible" means. What can I do with joomla that I cant with wp?
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
If your high-level programmer than the answer is absolutely nothing! But if you don't have time to program and do not want to do any "high-level"  techie stuff then WordPress is more"flexible." By definition what we mean by "flexible" is you can add a lot of plugin modules on top of Wordpress. There are a lot more modules available to the public for word press and there is for Joomla! Plug-ins such as social media plug-ins, e-commerce plug-ins, forms, calendar plug-ins and so on... :)
Freerk Bethlehem (3 years ago)
What about Drupal?
Saša Simić (3 years ago)
+Ryan Moore Worked with Drupal and as they say "ine size fits all" but comparing to Wp or J! It is like learning to be an astronaut.
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
Yes good question. What about Drupal? I should add this to my videos :)
Nelamid DD (3 years ago)
The whole point of a website is SEO???
Ahmed Adel Khater (3 years ago)
My only take on WordPress is it's limited support of multilingual websites, Especially RTL support. I know there are a lot of plug-ins out there for this problem , but most of them are either expensive to purchase or very difficult to deal with a huge content and pages. So .. what do you think is better at this point ! .. my answer is definitely Joomla.
Joseph Harris (3 years ago)
Wordpress is Best in the world wordpress Free available  Plugin themes Easy to use Every Support Available easy Customize  i think who use wordpress doesn't matter  matter  i use easily everything available 
vytautas busma (3 years ago)
Is the same if you compere Ferrari against Vauxhall . Imagine you need to fix broken car witch car have more spare parts to fix. When i use WordPress i feel limits in WordPress. When you use Joomla you fill limits in your self ;) 
Brandon Slack (2 years ago)
+ErM3nDa have you actually interacted with Joomla 3.x - its far superior then wordpress's back-office. Night and Day difference.
Conor McGregor (3 years ago)
I use wordpress all the same, but they say that joomla has more funtionality than wordpress
Inicie tu se vi bote bu bu TT jb ni bui
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
Honestly it just depends on what you are trying to do. But a good programer can pretty much grant the same functionality in both applications. I would look into what you feel the most comfortable with and look at the plugins on both ends to see what you really want in terms of a site, first. You might find there are some extensions you like better in Joomla then Wordpress.. It just depends.
Shell Hatch (3 years ago)
Very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Ryan I am using TemplateToaster software. and its amazing. With the help of TemplateToaster you can create your own reponsive WordPress Theme and Joomla Templates.
are Ryan Moore and Tyler Moore related?
jackendy cherenfant (3 years ago)
+Ryan Moore your brother is great with wordpress
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
Yes Tyler is my younger brother :)
Jimit Mehta (3 years ago)
 hi Ryan, what is your view point on comparison between Joomla and Wordpress as of today after your above video created in 2012. Appreciate your feedback in terms of user friendliness user interface, Extension store (free & paid), stability, reliability and cost vis. Thanks a lot,  Jimit
Joakim Gulbrandsen (3 years ago)
So two years in the making - still going with wordpress over joomla? I cant decide, i am familiar with wordpress, but i think joomla looks a bit more professional for a new page. But it will need custom themes, just as Wordpress needs. I am torn. :p Joomla also seems more intense, its way more things you have to do with Joomla to get it up and running.
Mark Simko (3 years ago)
yes, honors gives you much more control over your web site. Video is wrong about Joomla's seo. JoJo's seo is built in. WordPress is an add on. JoJo's is still far ahead of WordPress on features. WordPress is better for blogs and simple sites. WordPress needs more plugins because it is basic. To me, worthless is a blog platform forced into a cms. like a square peg trying to for into a round hole. not a comfortable fit at all
Olav Alexander Mjelde (3 years ago)
I left Joomla for WordPress many years ago. I do mostly WP development with my company :-P (even WP Multisite).
Canabee Extrimo (3 years ago)
Just changed my site from joomla to wordpress. I feel wordpress is much more easier to use than joomla. Straight up wordpress is much cleaner than joomla. However joomla will tend to better if your wish to customize your site.
Kerim Timirbulatov (3 years ago)
Hey Ryan what beach was the right after the video what city seems really awesome.. thanks by the way, it really helped!
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
Kerim, that ocean area in the video was "Playa Del Carmen, Mexico." I love it there! If you have the chance I would highly recommend you go :)
UV films (3 years ago)
Is Joomla getting better with SEO?
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
UV films, yes  they are.
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
+August Burns Very true. But for a Short video I wanted to give my over all top down view.. But yes Your right :)
Alex George (3 years ago)
That's like asking if Toyota is getting better with driving - it entirely depends on how you use it
Mugen San (4 years ago)
Thank you buddy (y) Greetings from germany/morocco :)
Subhadeep Majumder (4 years ago)
Very Helpful. Thanks.
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
Ryan Moore (4 years ago)
Thanks!! :)
Richard Dale (4 years ago)
Best way to describe a plugin, it just adds extra functionality that doesn't come with the software out of the box.
linuxva (4 years ago)
Glenda Neal (4 years ago)
Ryan Moore (4 years ago)
Welcome! :)
PatrickAllenENG (4 years ago)
ebay uses Joomla?? that's good to hear
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
Yes, That is great!
spinemelter2000 (4 years ago)
I like this video because it's concise but informative. When something I need to learn is completely new to me, it helps if someone can compare it to something I already know about. What I would like to add is that I've had many job interviews for marketing jobs where they asked whether I have experience in WordPress. Sometimes companies that hire marketing people require Joomla experience, but that doesn't happen nearly as often. 
Ryan Moore (4 years ago)
Thanks!!! Yes WordPress is much more prevalent in the force. 
Ingrid Boyd (4 years ago)
For a Real Estate website which do you recommend? Especially since I'll be blogging and adding multiple listings regularly.
Javier Villarreal (4 years ago)
real homes with worldpress is good
Vero Beatriz (4 years ago)
I have used Joomla for a long time and I’m trying to learn worpdress… I am so lost, T_T  does worpdress work activating modules into positions? 
Ted Weddell (4 years ago)
+Abdulahad Musamer They are both excellent platforms. Which one is the best choice depends on the type of website. For simple blogs, informational websites, or to sell a few products, WordPress is well suited and much simpler to use. WordPress is also the best choice if you want to create multiple sites using sub-domains or sub-directories, because of the built-in multisite feature. However, for more advanced websites, such as a full featured online catalog or an online community, Joomla is the best choice. The available Joomla extensions tend to be far more advanced. Take a look at the extensions available at the Joomla Extension Directory (JED - http://extensions.joomla.org) and you'll see what I mean. If you're not sure, I'd suggest trying both WordPress and Joomla, side by side, and compare the strengths and weaknesses of each. I prefer Joomla because it suits my needs most of the time. Hope that helps. :)
A. Lee (4 years ago)
+Ted Weddell So you mean, Joomla is better than Wordpress? Right?  Thanks....
Ted Weddell (4 years ago)
Wordpress widgets (not modules) are dragged into positions from the backend, and are very difficult to manage which pages they appear on. I use wordpress for one blogging community I run, as the members prefer the simplicity. Other than that, I stick with Joomla for just about everything, including blogs. The available templates and template frameworks (gantry, warp, expose...) along with CCKs like Form2Content, K2, etc... make Joomla far more flexible. Also, the coding standards seem to be far more professional. I believe the reason so many people use WordPress is because it's so easy to install and set up, at the cost of flexibility. I can usually spot a wordpress site the minute I look at it. 
Ryan Moore (4 years ago)
Rottenham, your very welcome!
Rottenham (4 years ago)
Thanks Ryan.  You saved me some time and effort.
AnnaLR1640 (4 years ago)
Would you still recomend WordPress over Joomla for popularity or di Joomla now better? I want to design job post web site so trying to see where to go to...
Ryan Moore (4 years ago)
Oh ok.. I would start buy getting a job posting scripts first. Wordpress nor Joomla will have this 100% function. If you want I can quote you for this project you need by going here: http://www.gogoit.com/custom-web-development-questionnaire/ Or you can get a script form these guys: http://www.smartjobboard.com/
Rob Calhoun (4 years ago)
If you want to go with that option, I can help you get started.
Rob Calhoun (4 years ago)
I'd go with wordpress. I have several member sites running on the same theme and using an integrated selling platform (created by the theme design company) that allows me to build with affiliates. The theme has integrated multi-tiered membership and "drip feed" capability so people can't just get a trial or one month - download your content and cancel. I'm not going to post a link here but you (or anyone else interested) can contact me by private message for the information.
anthony kariuki (4 years ago)
As a programmer Having developed plugin for both will recommend joomla most of wordpress plugin i have examined are poorly written and can easily compromise your site , MVC structure is there for a reason not programmer putting codes everywhere on the site. Wordpress is being pushed to be something is not , it is a blog and not cms
Brian Uribe (4 years ago)
Nurul Islam (5 years ago)
thank you bro.
Martin Gradwell (5 years ago)
@HackYaaa: I googled "Drupal crisis" like you suggested, and there were plenty of results. However, all of the relevant results (at least on the first couple of pages) were dated Aug/Sept 2011. As I type this it's July 2013, so it does seem like things have moved on.
Ryan Moore (5 years ago)
Yes they are 100% free. You just got to k ow how to install them and get hosting for them :)
Ryan Moore (5 years ago)
learwbc-- Good points! Your hired!
Ryan Moore (5 years ago)
learwbc-- Good points! Your hired!
leo arce (5 years ago)
doesn't matter how popular wordpress has gotten & that their system has become more robust than the 1st few versions, there is still tons of extensions & templates & support for joomla & it's going nowhere. yes it might be trickier to setup good seo on it, but once it's done, it's done & people then just use it like wordpress & just add/edit/remove articles, pages, blogs, menus, etc. also, if you want better blogging on joomla, use K2. heck you can even merge a port of WP inside of joomla.
Bart Timberlake (5 years ago)
I work as a web designer and I made some video tutorials regarding wordpress. WP experts say that it's the most complete wordpress training ever created. You can watch a sample video from this training on my channel..
HackYaaa (5 years ago)
WordPress scales better than Drupal. Drupal is in total mess right now. So many incompatible modules, it's not even funny. Just google "Drupal crisis" Drupal developers like to say, "Well, at least we have texamony." Duh, so does WordPress. There isn't one thing that Drupal does better than WordPress.
HackYaaa (5 years ago)
It's not that Joomla is a bad CMS. WordPress has just gotten so much better (in past 2 yrs.) than Joomla or Drupal. As a coder, the problem I have with Joomla is way its javascript is written. You see many antiquated/bad practice javascripts in Joomla whereas WordPress is 100% compatible with jQuery and very up to date. Any user out there, just go with WordPress. The quality of WP themes & plugins, in terms of technicality & design, are so high, it amazes me.
Ivan Igniter (5 years ago)
If you want a simple and typical website go for Wordpress or Joomla. If you want a creative and scalable website then use Drupal.
gsmdroid (5 years ago)
Very informative, +1
Devir Duarte (5 years ago)
Is question about what kind of website you like I recomend Joomla I am web designer and joomla developer why recomend joomla because you do not need be programer to do many task on it but wordpress if you want modify something on the php files you need to know php lenaguage and about seo much better joomla you cand optimize every article module page or inclusive menus and is not question of ranking is popularity
walshamite (5 years ago)
@BPOPhillipines, your Notepad route is entirely irrational and amateur. You evidently have infinite time and no need for money. Editing with tags c/w using a layout package is a waste of effort. Putting out CONTENT is the aim, not fiddling with machinery to get it online. Would people use Facebook or Twitter using layout tags and HTML? No way. CMSs exist to let bloggers etc invest their time uploading content. Efficient site building is totally incompatible with 1990s line-by-line coding.
Steve Pacheco (5 years ago)
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7suro (5 years ago)
dude, whats your cup of tea?

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