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Easy D3 Data Visualizations using Raw: Visualizing Student Debt by State and Year

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This tutorial describes a simple way to create stunning data visualizations from the D3.js library using Raw, an online tool. Raw allows you to upload your own datasets and visualize them as a treemap, bubble chart, alluvial diagram, dendogram or circular dendogram, circle packing plot or a binned scatterplot. In this example we use data representing student debt by state and year, and create a data visualization representing the top ten states for 2012 according to data from College Insight. Sample datasets are also included in Raw if you don't have one readily accessible to use. Websites referenced on this tutorial include the following: http://raw.densitydesign.org/ http://college-insight.org/ http://d3js.org/
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Nils Vesk (1 year ago)
Nice vid - thanks for sharing Chris
Nikhil Sahai (4 years ago)
My Diagram is not click-able as the one showed in the video. Did you made any settings somewhere to make it click-able?
Nikhil Sahai (3 years ago)
Sorry, I dont have it as of now. I can recommend you to read more about sankey diagrams. I latter realized that this diagram was not solving all my purpose. 
Qian Yang (3 years ago)
+nikhil sahai Could you please share the clickable version?
Nikhil Sahai (4 years ago)
Thanks Chris. I managed to get the clickable version.
Chris Goranson (4 years ago)
+nikhil sahai Hi Nikhil - the video was created using an earlier version of the tool than is currently available, so it's possible that interaction isn't available within the preview window any longer (but no, I didn't change any settings otherwise to add that functionality). 

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