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Part 3 Murchison/Gold Fields Ghost town and Ghost mine tour 2015

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A tour of the Ghost towns and other attractions around the Murchison and Gold Fields areas of Western Australia. Over 3000Kms done. Sleeping under the stars. Ghost towns, Ghost mines, ruins, aboriginal cave art, meteor crater, townsites, landscape, old stations.
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Rovlyn Hester (13 days ago)
ya need a stick with a strong to powerful magnet as most fragments will be pure iron
Diidly Pepper (1 month ago)
Hey mate just wondering the details of your suspension, I am getting some done on my 150 soon and there's so many opinions and options is confusing. Cheers
JJ's Adventures (1 month ago)
There is a lot of opinions. Lots of ebay specials etc. I went for Dobinsons all round, with airbags in the back so I can load it and pump it back up to hight. Works a treat. Cost about $2100 fitted, wheel alignment, and another alignment after a few 100os Ks to make sure.
LowRangeNick (10 months ago)
Great video! Subscribed 😀 check out my 4x4 videos 😆
ottoswinebar (2 years ago)
Nice Setup, I love that country, and will travel it on my Enduro bike this year.

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